Cajun Fries ($7)

I got the ‘Little’ cup size. And wow Five Guys r rlly generous with the fries. As much as the cup was small, they filled it to more than just that and dumped extra fries into the paperbag and I can confidently say that the quantity rivals a medium sized McDonald’s fries. Let me just say, but the fries here are GORGEOUS 🤩🤩
I swear they deserve and award and idk what kind of hacks Five Guys use to make these but honestly you can’t go back!! These fries are crunchy, with slivers of potato skins still left unpeeled, adding a savoury earthy dimension to the taste. The fries were a good kind of heavy salty and spicy at the same time. I have to say that this Cajun seasoning is one of the best I’ve ever had. Compared to other Cajun fries I’ve had before, this was heavily flavoured, and the taste of paprika and cayenne rlly shined through. It lowkey had the taste of curry powder too but I might be wrong 🤨
And the conclusion that I reached is that Five Guys has fries that are better than any other fastfood restaurant. I think that the fries here are better than Shake Shack, McDonald’s, Popeyes, hands down. I don’t usually give full marks but this one takes the cake 🥰

Rating : 10/10

Would I eat it again : YES!! Y’all be missing out if you don’t try! Like I’d eat the burger at Shake Shack but come here for the fries 👌👌