So there’s so much hype about Five Guys, some people say it’s better than Shake Shack, and others say it’s worse. Here’s my personal take on it.

Bacon Cheeseburger ($17)

Got this with A1 steak sauce. Okay first things first, the portions are HUGE. The beef was soft and moist, and I could appreciate that. I’d say that it’s a decently good burger, although difficult and messy to eat. That said, I don’t actlly feel that it was a jaw dropping experience. Like it’s a kind of typical sloppy American burger, fresh ingredients included, but it was too much for me. I found it greasy and overwhelming aft just consuming half a burger (keep in mind that I split it with a friend). And frankly, I’d rather eat a Shake Shack burger just cuz they have a more modern take on it and leaves a cleaner palate. Don’t get me wrong, Five Guys definitely knows what they’re doing, it’s good by certain standards but it rlly comes down to a personal preference of whether you like greasy & sloppy food. I will say though that I appreciated the bacon cuz it was rlly crispy and had a unique taste to it (I could taste hints of pork lard idk I might be wrong). That said, I’ll still rate this burger objectively assuming that I didn’t have an issue with excessively greasy food.

Rating : 8/10 (assuming I like greasy food)

Would I eat it again : I wouldn’t mind sharing it with a friend but I would never eat it on my own just bcuz the portion size and the taste is rlly overwhelming. Other than that, the price point is quite steep for a burger that isn’t up my ally in terms of taste preferences, so while it’s possible, it’s unlikely that I’ll go there just for the burger.