found it q underwhelming :/ the chipotle flavour could have been strongerrr and chicken breast was aight a bit dry

came topped w gula melaka and coconut flakes which made it q sweet. this shake SCREAMED pandan it was too overpowering even for a pandan lover

TANGSUYUK ($21 - S) portion was huge for small and deep fried in a thick but crispy batter. q yummy but i found the sauce too sweet.
JJAMPPONG ($14) was the best of the 3 noodles. Soup was robust and quite a lot of ingredients were given! BOKKEUM JJAMPPONG ($17) and JAJANGMYEON ($11) were a bit bland but the taste grew on me. Portions were huge too we had to tabao HAHA

marble pretzel ($2.90)
- look damn sweet but it wasn’t! pastry was rlly crispy and layered w choc so yummy

cheesecake croissant ($2.80)
- croissant was q soggy but i really liked the cheesecake filling!! v creamy and rich

shio vanilla kurumi scone ($2.30)
- love the flavour!! it’s sweet and salty which makes it q unique

kokutou x kokutou pan ($2.20)
- idk the flavour coz it’s still sitting in my fridge HAHA but alw love the texture of gokoku’s bread

vvv big portion and rlly nice!! perfect sharing side and v worth

had to wait 30min for this dish to be prepared but it was sooo worth it🤤🤤 get this for ur main!!!

a good plate of carbonara! nth rlly spectacular and q ex but the portion is big. because there’s not a lot of cream, it wasn’t jelak and i easily polished this

forgot how much these were but they were v plump and rlly rlly good! highly rec to get this

this was a chef special! the beef was smoky and tender

mochi waffles were yummm but quite expensive. got the matcha and original mochi waffles for $3.49 each. there wasn’t much matcha taste so just get original/chocolate. i liked that the mochi was too starchy!! q stretchy hehe

the desserts were a good alternative to jiuxian/nine fresh! but also q ex ($4.30 each)

a lot of mochi was given but it’s bland on its own. the ice cream was really good though🍨🍨 we had White Crysanthmum and Soya Youtiao, both were really strong in flavour!

very worth! always my standard order of roasted pumpkin soup and caesar salad😋😋