🍞Peanut Chocolate Toast
📍8 Degrees Taiwanese Bistro (@8degreesatsg)
📌 Multiple Outlets
💰 $6++ ($7++ with pearls)

I would never have initially ordered this on my own accord but my friend wanted to get it, so we did and I’m so glad that I gave this a chance because it is so bloody incredible.

While I had expected the bread to be just some normal thick bread slice with a layer of pb on top, I was surprised that the bread was actually FRENCH TOAST! That made it even more tasty and the peanut butter was amazing, it was super flowy and there were small bits of peanuts for added crunch. The chocolate element was a bit lacking imo, barely tasted it over the overpowering peanut butter.

We chose to add pearls on top for $1, and it became even more amazing… was pretty surprised at the large portion of pearls given. The pearls were super chewy and not tough at all, sooo good.

What an impressive gem! Albeit a bit pricey given how basic the concept of this toast is but worth it if you’re in the market for some pb french toast and you’re lazy to make it yourself.

⭐ Rating: 9.5/10
🤑 worth the price: ye
🦖 would I buy again: yes
💍 would I marry: yerrr

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🍰 Explosion Taro Lava Salted Egg Floss Cake
📍Sherry’s Cake
📌 Bencoolen MRT Station
💰 $14

All my favourite things in one (pricey) cake! For anyone who didnt know, theres a hidden bakery in Bencoolen MRT Station, with chinese desserts akin to those from Xiao Gege Snowball Mochi and KS Baking. The stuff is pretty expensive but where else can you find these kinds of desserts?

The salted egg is pretty strong though theres not really enough to warrant it a “lava” cake. Taro is smooth and natural too and the floss adds a nice savoury flavour overall.

$14 for a small cake is pretty steep but if you can afford it, its worth a try!

⭐ Rating: 8.3/10
🤑 worth the price: ehh
🦖 would I buy again: maybe
💍 would I marry: i would date for at least 3 months

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🥤Yaxi Perfume Lemon Tea ($7.50)
A really interesting drink, it is super refreshing with a strong lemon flavour, but also a hint of herbal-ness. Though it was something new, I found myself really liking this.

🧉White Moonlight Coconut Perfume Lemon Tea ($7.50)
Very similar to the above drink, just that it is milkier with a coconut aroma. Dont expect a coconut shake because its pretty liquidy, never expected coconut and lemon to pair but it works!

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🍉Watermelon Snow Ice ($18.30)
When we were served this, we thought that this was a cake at first :p but nope its actually bingsu! Love the cute and unique presentation and the flavours definitely hit the spot too. The watermelon flavours are pretty prominent and the dessert as a whole isnt too sweet.

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🥞Honey Souffle ($21.50)
I was blown away by this pancake as it was super light and fluffy with a moist, melt-in-the-mouth texture. The pancake has a slightly eggy taste and pairs perfectly with the syrup and berries. The syrup is quite sweet though so just a little is enough to elevate the flavours!

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Overscoop has opened a new outlet in Orchard Central! Nestled on the 2nd floor, this beautifully decorated cafe comes with spacious tables and comfortable seating to chill and catch up with friends. Though they’re mostly know for their ice cream and waffles, they also offer acai bowls and salad bowls 🍦

We tried their Mochi Waffle ($8) with Cookies & Cream ($5) ice cream, plus their Teriyaki Overbowl ($12.80). The mochi waffles were really exceptional, the centre of the waffle contained a really stretchy and gooey white mochi while the rest of the waffle was crispy. The textural contrasts were just A+ and I really liked how their mochi waffle contained actual mochi and wasn’t just made with glutinous rice flour. Cookies & Cream ice cream was really nice too! It was creamy with generous bits of chewy crushed cookies. Suuuper good.

We weren’t that impressed with the Teriyaki Overbowl unfortunately, the portions were very small in relation to the price and it wasn’t very filling. I did enjoy how healthy it was, both in taste and in ingredients, but it wasn’t nearly hearty enough to justify its steep price.

Would definitely return for their waffles and ice cream, I think that’s what they’re known for too so its better to stick to that.

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La Levain has launched yet another super creative creation: the Onigiri Croissants! These adorable pastries are shaped like Japanese onigiris, complete with a strip of seaweed to complete the look.

🌱Scallion Sour Cream ($7.20)
This croissant is so fresh and savoury! The sour cream is light and creamy while the scallion is slightly crunchy and tangy, the perfect combination. Savoury croissant fans must try this.

🧀Mentaiko Cheese ($7.50)
They really do not hold back on the mentaiko! The filling is super rich and creamy with a strong mentaiko taste plus bits of roe that give the cream a unique slightly grainy mouthfeel. Its a tad salty for me but for those who love strong flavours, you’ll probably love this.

🍠Orh Nee ($7.20)
Omg where to begin with this??? This was 100% my favourite of the 4 flavours I tried! Dont expect any ordinary taro paste, this filling is jam-packed with sweet and savoury flavour. The aroma of the shallots shines through in this croissant and its perfectly smooth and delectable. So amazing, must try!

💚Sicilian Pistachio ($7.20)
The pistachio flavour is rich and very nutty, I love how the cream isn’t too sweet. I love pistachio so I loved every bite of this!

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🥦Egg White with Crab Meat and Broccoli ($20)
Nice and comforting broccoli dish. Not much else to say except its a great pairing for everything else.

🍤Dual Style Prawn ($26)
Didnt expect myself to like this so much, the prawns are really juicy and theres a crispy fried layer outside. It wasnt soggy at all and the salted egg was super savoury! Didnt try the wasabi side.

🥩Pork Belly with Red Beancurd ($12)
Really crispy and juicy, absolutely perfect.

🍖Wok Master Honey Sambal Spare Ribs ($16)
Sweet and a little crisp, and a very slight spice to it. Reminds me of sweet and sour pork.

🥬Dual Flavour Kai Lan with Chicken Floss ($18)
Was surprised at how much i liked this, it comes with regular cooked kai lan topped with a slightly crispy, kinda seaweed-like fried kai lan and soft chicken floss.