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Bread Dinosaur
Bread Dinosaur

🥢Abalone Prosperity Yu Sheng ($48.80 / $68.80)
Pretty solid yu sheng! Comes with many abalones and your classic yu sheng ingredients.

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🍜Honey BBQ Chicken Chop Noodles ($9.80)
Another really meh dish, the chicken chop was kinda dry and the noodles were bland. The sauce wasn’t sweet or salty enough so the whole thing fell a bit flat.

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🍚Abalone Crabmeat Fried Rice ($13.80)
Quite disappointing, the rice was mushy and bland and honestly tasted like something I’d cook at home (I am not a good cook fyi). Not worth the price at all.

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🍠Purple Sweet Potato Rice Cake ($6.80)
My favourite! Tastes like nian gao, but with a sweet potato element. This was really chewy and mochi-like, must try.

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🍤Crispy Salted Egg w Shrimp Roll ($7.80)
Really liked this, the salted egg really shines and the shrimp was juicy too.

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🍞Snow Red Bean w Salted Egg Bun ($6.80)
I think the ratio of salted egg to red bean could have been more equal because there was more red bean throughout all the buns, but generally pretty solid. Fluffy buns too.

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🐰Ong Ong Rabbit Pudding ($6.80)
Found this dessert to be a little too sweet but I loved the smooth silky texture and the adorable shape.

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❤️Popping Lychee Ball ($6.80)
Don’t be fooled by the name, these lychee balls are actually filled with prawn. The fillings were super juicy and the prawns were plump, really good!

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🥟Fortune Siew Mai ($6.80)
The siew mai is topped with ebiko, which were fun to pop when chewing. Generally it tasted like regular siew mai but I liked the generosity of the ingredients.

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🥩 Beef Feast
📍ChaoNiu Hot Pot (@chaoniuhotpotsg)
📌 Duo Galleria #01-40
💰 $168++
🎁 Invited Tasting

If beef is your favourite type of meat to get when you have hotpot, ChaoNiu Hot Pot should be your next spot to check out. This restaurant serves different premium cuts of beef served hotpot style within the Chaoshan culture!

We were treated to the Beef Feast, a $168++ set suitable for 3-4 pax which includes the following:
- Neck
- Chuck
- Sirloin
- Cheek
- Blade
- Topside
- Shank
- Flank
- Meatball platter
- Beef Offal platter
- Vegetable platter
- Chaozhou Vermicelli
- Pan-Fried dumpling

All the cuts of beef were so delicious and meaty. I’m usually not the biggest fan of hotpot beef (I prefer the bbq versions) but every single cut really impressed me and my friends. My favourite cuts in particular were the sirloin and blade.

The addition of a vegetable platter and vermicelli also added some fibre to the meal! At the end, all of us were stuffed and satisfied.

To cook the meat, we got the duo Beef & Spicy Soup ($17++). While they were milder in taste, they were refreshing and cooked the meat really well. Be sure to get their dipping sauces too, which were bursting with flavour and gave the meat a nice amount of saltiness. Take note that the soup and sauces are not included in the $168 Beef Feast, so you’ll have to add it on!

The drinks didn’t disappoint either, the Ice Lemon Tea ($2.50) had a strong tea taste, unlike most other ice lemon teas that kinda just taste like sugary lemon juice. I loved the Calamansi Juice ($2.50) as well, as you can tell that they used real calamansi to make it instead of concentrate.

Groups of 2 can opt for the $88++ Calf Feast, which comes with 5 beef cuts, 2 platters & Chaozhou Vermicelli.

Quote “Foodie1001” to enjoy 1 plate of free pumpkin cake worth $6 when you order the $168 Beef Feast, valid till 28th Feb 2023!

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🍞 Bao Platter of 6
📍Ju Hua Tai (@juhuataisg)
📌 9 Duxton Hill
💰 $50++

One of the most beautiful bao platters my undeserving eyes have ever graced. Each bao comes in either a steamed or fried bun and contains a different kind of protein.

🍗 Crispy Chicken Bao
The fried chicken is pretty thick but a little on the tougher side, however I loved the lao gan ma mayo that it came slathered in.

💛 Grilled Eel Bao
Comes with salted egg sauce, I’m not a fan of eel but actually liked this quite a lot. The eel meat was tender and a little mushy while the salted egg was a nice balance of sweet and savoury.

🦀 Soft Shell Crab Bao
Batter on the soft shell crab was really tough, but the general flavours were really nice. The curry sauce was really aromatic and good.

🐚 Scallop Bao
Unfortunately this was extremely tough, the batter was super hard and the scallop was pretty small. However, I really liked the addition of the tobiko, which gave it a bit of a juicy pop.

🍖 Pork Belly Bao
Sooo good, the tender pork pairs perfectly with the crispy fried bun. The lao gan ma mayo and caramelised onions gave the whole bun a robust flavour.

🥩 Beef Rendang Bao
The beef rendang was flavourful and aromatic while the meat was tender. Also, the pickled cabbage added some crunch. Really good!

The buns are also available a la carte, personally found that some buns were definitely better than others but overall not bad!

The meat dishes were absolutely outstanding, as they were flavourful and super well-marinated. The stand-outs were the chicken wings, sliced pork belly and meat platter with various marinated meats.

We were also treated to fresh seafood, including sliced fish, baby octopus, cuttlefish, new zealand mussels, bamboo clams, lala clams, crab and fresh prawns.

Other dishes you can get in the buffet are coriander pork balls, fishball with roe, USA sliced beef and so much more.

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Talented eater Instagram: @breadinosaur

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