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* This place has closed :( Please try somewhere else. * *Muslim-owned

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The truffle aroma seemed to be more intense this time, which is definitely not for the faint hearted but as a truffle lover, I am sold for it! 💖 Despite the missing top layer of baked cheese crust, the macaroni bathed in the thick, creamy and cheesy pool of sauce was sufficient to get me hooked on, otherwise the aftermath might be one this is overwhelming and unpleasant. Though the price might seem steep (as compared to the other mains offered here), the portion served was justifiable and worth the bill. A copious amount of sliced mushrooms, seared scallops, garnished with fried shallots and a dollop of caviar, it was a perfect combination that I couldn’t help singing praises for. Especially adore the seared scallops that were fresh and plump, with a slight chewy mouthfeel. The addition of the fried shallots also provided a pleasant crisp factor while adding fragrance to the dish. Mushrooms are no doubt an essential (for me) in a mac&cheese, with its chewy mouthfeel and earthy note blending in harmoniously to the cheesy elements. On a side note, it’s really a great pity that @vxx.co would be ceasing operations on 7 nov and not serving mains anymore in their new location! 😭😭😭 Would certainly miss the food, ambience and service here ! .
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Unfortunately mains are only served till 5 nov, with the remaining 2 days retailing furnitures and brewing some cuppa ☕️. The smoked duck carbonara comprised of spaghetti tossed in a creamy sauce, along with copious chunks of smoked duck chopped into cubes , sliced mushrooms, topped with a raw yolk and sprinkled with garnishes of Parmesan flakes. Despite being a cream based pasta, the carbonara here was surprisingly not too overwhelming, with a substantial thick, creamy sauce that I felt would be manageable by one pax for consumption. The spaghetti was done to a slight al dente consistency, providing a pleasant firmness to the bite. The tender smoked duck slices were chopped into tiny little cubes which provided easier consumption. Along with chewy sliced mushrooms that added a subtle earthy note, the pasta was decent yet enjoyable with a good balance of noodles:ingredients as well as a suitable intensity of creaminess. .
#burpple #smitteneats #smittenchoice

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Only been once before but I love the affordable food (nett prices) & chill vibes of the cafe. The pasta was delicious and came with generous ingredients of 3 prawns, multiple squids & mushrooms 🦐🦑. Really liked the sauce that’s unique and had just the right amount of sourness & kick of spice without being overly creamy or rich. We ended up licking up any remains of the sauce cause it was that good 😂
📍@vxx.co, 20 Foch Road, S209261


Hojicha bread pudding ($9)-dont know what hojicha is but probably is a type of tea. My love for bread pudding beats my dislike for tea soooo, well i do like it 4.25/5


Should probably have visit this place earlier, since it will be closing soon :(. Cozy place, really attentive waiter.

Chilli crab omelette ($14)-not the creamiest, but hey dont think it actually fits with the chilli crab theme. Sweet and spicy, downside is bread is very stale. 4/5


With the recent rainy weather, I just want to cuddle up and stay indoor with VXX’s Butterscotch Hot Chocolate ($7). Slightly salty and sticky sweet, the concoction was not your typical gooey and rich hot cocoa. But instead a little more milky which resulted in a somewhat smoother and balanced cup, imo. Combining their house-made butterscotch with 52% cocoa and honeycomb crumble; the bits of confectionery was a nice touch - adding a crunch and another dimension of sweetness.