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💙🍦 Just what I need to freeze and rid my migraine that I’ve been having all day!
Definitely one of my cheap eats in Tsukiji fish market at 300jpy! Beautiful swirls on a fresh and crunchy waffle cone! #cptslowyeoxjapan

The aburi ubi texture was that of smooth ice cream!
For those of you thinking of heading to Tsukiji Fish Market and are worried if it’s still gonna be there. Fret not! The restaurants remain, only the auctioning region of the fish market has been relocated to Toyosu.

Look at that uni and ikura. 😌 this is a dream come true at Tsujiki.

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Had many snacks while we were roaming around the endless alleys in Tsukiji Market and this was probably my favourite. Can’t remember the name of the stall but it’s just opposite one selling colourful fruits on sticks dipped in liquid nitrogen. A very unassuming stall with just a table filled with sticks of warabimochi but oh my, these soft cubes were too gooooood. We got the mix stick of soybean, roasted green tea and black sesame. Each cube had their distinct flavour, all with that roasty fragrance and delicate texture with a good bite. $1 a pop? GIVE ME MORE!

📍Tsukiji Fish Market


The perpetual group of people surrounding this soft serve shop was totally understandable since the weather was so crazy hot! We got the seasonal Musk Melon flavour and although it was a bit sweeter and a little artificial tasting, it still worked well in cooling us down.

📍Tsukiji Fish Market


28°C/ feels like 37°C. DAMN RIGHT IT DOES all the more reasons to get soft serve wherever whenever (Musk Melon🍈)