Salted & Hung will feature a menu that has a selection of meat that is derived from all parts of an animal.

12 Purvis Street
Singapore 188591


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11:30am - 02:30pm
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11:30am - 02:30pm
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Congrats Salted and Hung! For being the Top Restaurant for @Burpple Top 100 Awards - Date Nights Category.
This wouldn't be their most representative food, but it's the only photo I have that I've not yet posted. It's actually a very good Mascarpone ice cream. We were already feeling so satisfied from the excellent food served here, then the chef tuned it up a notch higher by serving us this mascarpone ice cream on a bed of chocolate and express crumbs, drizzled sparingly with amaretto caramel and gracediu elegantly with a piece of chocolate tuile. It's an art, but also a science since it was so well balanced.

Homemade!!! The tim tams were amazing but the milk ice cream with idk what was that mix of nuts, choco balls n cereals were VERY amazing. Can’t stop won’t stop.

Price: $16

We asked the staff about this dish “Kale” and he put it in layman language and said it’s basically a kale tart / pizza. Butter and cheese is melted on the kale and there were nuts in between. The tart was pretty crispy and solid. A unique taste fo’ sure but the butter & cheese combo was really tasty.

Price: $16

This is like roast chicken, but one that's masterfully grilled in a josper grill. The skin has a lovely scent of black garlic, while the flesh was lusciously juicy. It was really good on its own, but occasionally I would dab a little of that beer sauce just to make it fuller and richer.
I want to order this again when I never visit, yet I want to try their other grilled meats. Dilemma!
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Stuffed with copious amounts of shredded Duck and slices of house-hung Coppa, these toasties received a hot sear in butter till crisp and golden on the edges. When you thought this oily satiating sandwich could do no better; dunk it into that so-smooth-it’s-sinful black garlic aioli. So friggin tasty you’d want seconds. We actually ordered thirds.
Jhubby and I love hanging out at Salted & Hung for dinner but taken us downright long enough to finally pop by for their brunch buffet, which we eventually did and we’ve been back twice in two weeks. Gone and outdone yoself mate @drewnocente! x

Brunch runs only on weekends between 1130-1600hrs.
58++bucks/pax (free flow food)

Everyone was telling me that I must get the anzac cookies. I didn't know what the hype is about until I tried these myself. Served warm, with bacon bits in it and salted caramel. Sweet savoury warm biscuit, and I heard it's based on his mum's recipe!

These long ridged tendrils hardly make up the stuff children dream off but when served deep fried and seasoned with togarashi, Szechuan peppers and served with a side of caponata... woo they are on another level.

The peppers lend a slight spicy numbing feel while the acidity from the caponata attempts to reign it all in. While some of the dishes were hit and miss, this was mighty addictive and i could easily pop them while watching the movies.

Today I introduced a vegetarian friend to Salted and Hung and Chef Drew and team were really awesome. They tweaked some of the favourites to accommodate our requests. Here, the popular Portobello course was adapted to suit vegetarians. I couldn't resist stealing some and it was yummy!

I hardly order squid because it's often plain and not easy to spice up but whoaaaa... the grilled squid at Salted and Hung is a must order. @happygreedyfoodie is right, do yourself a favour and give it a shot. That josper oven and Drew magic at work again. With Yuzu dressing, it was so good that I couldn't stop eating it. Why didn't I heed @happygreedyfoodie's recommendation earlier?

Mangalica Pork Belly

Served with pickled cauliflower & burnt onion purée. Pork Belly was great, soft yet had a thin layer of caramelised skin that gave it a little bit of a nice chew on the edges. The pickled vegetables cuts through to the oiliness of the pork with its acidity making the dish well balanced.

Had the 3-Course Set Lunch ($35), had a few different dishes shared among me and my friend. I would say each dish is carefully thought out and executed and I appreciate that their creativity is not at all a gimmick and attentions to details (Be it the cook of the ingredients to the plating) was on point. Their desserts are pretty darn good - especially the Chocolate with Mascarpone & Coffee (Not a big fan of chocolate) but enjoyed it a whole lot.

Will be back for dinner.

If you haven't checked them out yet for weekend brunch, you should. Go in a group, so that you can share your orders, after all great food should always be shared.

The short rib which was so tender that it falls off the bone was clearly a winner but the star for me was the onion and beef fat cooked potatoes.

There's nothing quite like it. You've got to have some to know what I mean. Coppa and duck toasties that were so melt in your mouth type of good that we almost ordered a third portion! Took a lot of self discipline and restraint to stop.

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