Salted & Hung will feature a menu that has a selection of meat that is derived from all parts of an animal.

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11:30am - 02:30pm
05:00pm - 10:30pm

11:30am - 02:30pm
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Just when we thought we couldn't eat anymore, this amazing dessert was sent to our table.

Gooseberry semifredo, lychee foam and almond crisps. Light and refreshing, there was total silence on our table as everyone tucked in with contentment on their face. Thanks, Chef @drewnocente for this sweet treat!

Pasta lovers alert!

You've got to try this. Amazing pasta, of course, I should have expected this as Chef Drew has Italian blood in him. The texture was so good, al dente, the way I like it. This pasta was cut in circles, which allows you to scoop a spoonful of the hearty Wagyu Ragu, beef fat (yes, those crispy bits) and pumpkin purée into each of them to make that perfect bite. Love, love, love this.

A special which made it to the main menu!

Ordered a portion to share and so glad that everyone enjoyed it as much as I do. This is an all time favourite for me.

With all the lovely new items on their menu, I just couldn't resist temptation and so we headed back here for lunch today.

I had the smoked eel pate which was one of the starters on their weekly lunch menu. This was so excellent! Crazy creamy and buttery, it was so good with their crusty sourdough. Truly enjoyed this.

Great Main Course Option In The Set Lunch (2-course: $25++)

Just like "The Barden Bellas" gunning for a capella victory in "Pitch Perfect", every element on this plate harmonised like a champion.
The al dente discs of pasta, tender Wagyu beef ragu, smooth pumpkin mash and crunchy beef fat crumbs sure made some beautiful music together.
This winner of a main dish was part of my 2-course set lunch.

Bone Marrow ($24++)

Fell in lust today. The object of my desire? This incredible bone marrow dish by Chef Drew.
It had me squirming in my seat, all hot under my collar and gasping in pleasure (softly, I might add, as I was at a table with four others).
Everything about it was created to drive a person wild. The triple threat of seduction came in the form of melt-in-the-mouth marrow, tender-beyond-belief braised oxtail and a golden shower of crunchy crumbs of beef fat (yes, beef fat).
Who in the right mind can resist this I ask you?

Iberico Pork Collar ($42)

Ok doesn’t make sense for me not to write about a meat dish so yes the Iberico Pork Collar - juicy and smoky pieces layered with apple slices and isomalt shards made with sesame and mixed nuts (we witnessed the impressive process of making it!) which give a sweet crisp profile to the dish.

This restaurant spells trouble for quadrupeds, especially with the words “Four Legs Good, Two Legs Bad” emblazoned on its wall in front of the kitchen.

I’ve always wondered why the name “Salted and Hung”, and then I saw the chunks of meat hanging in the cabinet... in-house curing!
One of the signature starters/snacks is the Lardo ($15), white strips of cured pork fat drizzled with truffle honey and sprinkled chilli flakes. The smooth slices of lard were pleasantly light on the palate, and I really liked the sweetness from the honey melding with the fat that kickstarts the appetite - never knew I can enjoy lard so much without it being roasted or fried! These were served with cumin seed crackers for some crunch.

Peanut Butter Timtam

This has peanut butter ganache, peanut felleutine, and milk chocolate ice cream, appealing very much to the child in you. Thankfully the chef has added spikes of sour bergamot gel to balance the heavy nutty dessert.

Desserts were exceptional.

The pavlova is one that I hope to enjoy again, slightly burnt meringue cracked open with shiso granita (like a coarser sorbet) inside and vanilla ice cream, strewn with blood orange cream crumble. This is one explosive dessert that’s sweet, citrusy, and playful on textures.

Cauliflower ($10)

Cauliflower has never tasted better to me, aburi-ed then dressed with cider vinegar cream and finished with shavings of cured egg yolk. The tangy vinegar cream excites the tastebuds while the vegetable itself was well-seasoned - is that the effect from the cured yolk?? If only cauliflower can be all cooked like this!

Deep-fried Tripe ($15)

This is another must-try here. It’s crispy, but because of the natural collapsible honeycomb structure, it's spongey as well - very interesting texture!

Mini Peanut Butter Cream

Tiny parcels packed full of goodness!!! My therapist told me that I need to stay off night shades as well as nuts because it's causing my insides to be inflamed but I just can't help myself sometimes :p #facepalm #sorrynotsorry.

This dessert by Chef Drew from WGS' 2017 Best New Resto surely makes me ditch all diet plans :) It has a bit of everything, sweetness, soft & creamy textures, crunch, nuttiness, slight bitterness from the dark chocolate and not forgetting a hint of saltiness. It's gone in 2 bites so it definitely leaves you longing for more!

*Doesn't seem to have a phone number but reservations can be made online:

Arctic Char ($16++)

The Arctic Char was listed as a special on the board when I was there with friends for dinner last Saturday. Not to be confused with salmon, this also comes from the cold-water fish family, but has a comparatively cleaner and milder taste.
Chef @drewnocente put his distinctive spin on it by first curing the naturally fatty fish in citrus and salt. He then plated it, very prettily I might add, with a refreshing yuzu-based dressing, dill, pickled onions and caviar. I love how his combination had the fish dancing on our tastebuds.

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