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* This place has closed :( Please try somewhere else. * We sell origin Vietnamese and healthy homestyle food. Visit us at www.que.sg

111 Somerset Road
#01-K10 111 Somerset
Singapore 238164

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Their origins started in a coffeeshop at Toa Payoh before moving to their current location in 2020 and they have a pretty extensive menu in that limited space of theirs.

As we already had lunch prior, we decided to just share the Pork Bánh Mì ($8.90). For this price and the portion given, it is an affordable option in the town area. We thoroughly enjoyed every bite of this sandwich that is packed with a generous portion of grilled pork with onions, cucumber, pickled daikon and carrots and fresh burst of coriander. The grilled pork was almost reminiscence of Japanese pork yakiniku, with the sweet-savoury flavour that paired well with the vegetables and the crispy bread, a unique rendition of bánh mì that is not commonly seen elsewhere.
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📍 111 Somerset Road, 01-K10, Singapore 238164
🍴 [Self Funded]

First time trying and its pretty good! We ordered the chicken floss + egg and pork flavour, the portions are pretty big and filling. Will be back to try more items on the menu! 😁

TLDR: Stall owner refused to accept the mall vouchers and gave me multiple conflicting excuses why and eventually said to me and a mall staff that she had hundreds of dollars of vouchers she hadn’t found the time to claim from mall management.

Read the Google reviews before deciding to use a couple of “Category 1” vouchers (see photo) from Triple One Somerset that were expiring at Que - good reviews of food and owner took the time to reply to reviews here. Unfortunately when I asked one of the stall assistants if I could use the vouchers, she checked with another lady (the owner I assume) and I was told that the stall did not accept vouchers. I waited to speak with the lady and I showed her this photo.

She first said the promotion was long ago, but I told her the voucher is still valid today.
Then she said that the photo with her stall name under Category 1 meant that I could earn vouchers at her stall, not use them at her stall.
Then she said that she had hundreds of dollars of vouchers she hadn’t claimed.

To be fair she was probably busy and hence the multiple conflicting responses, so I went to clarify with the information counter of Triple One Somerset. The staff there confirmed it was usable at Que and kindly accompanied me to Que to clarify.

The owner’s face turned even blacker when the Triple One Somerset staff spoke to her. She looked at me witheringly and said that she had hundreds of dollars of vouchers she hadn’t claimed from management - because she had no time and told me she didn’t want to accept my vouchers. The Triple One Somerset staff told her the management office was just upstairs. The owner held her ground and insisted she didn’t want to accept the vouchers. We left and the Triple One Somerset Staff was kind enough to exchange my vouchers for another set.

Awful experience without even getting to order the food. I was definitely polite throughout the interaction and her attitude was sadly quite unbecoming, and unexpected after I had read the other reviews on Google.

For this item, Que has three options – Grilled Pork Bun Cha, Grilled Beef Bun Cha and Vegan Bun Cha.

Read more: https://www.misstamchiak.com/que-vietnamese-orchard/

Hadn’t been to Que ever since their move out of Johnson’s Eatery at Blk 125 Lorong 1 Toa Payoh and into their new premises at 111Somerset. Though pretty much a kiosk stall, I am pretty relieved to find that they do have some dine-in seating at the empty kiosk beside the stall since I had always preferred to dine-in to enjoy the food fresh from the kitchen.

One of the newer items on the menu, the Salmon Bun Cha is something I may actually call a modern interpretation of the classic Vietnamese Bun Cha — one that works especially well if one is looking for a healthier option with the use of fish instead of other meats. While it is no doubt that the combination of the rice vermicelli and the spicy fish sauce dip that makes it so ever savoury yet refreshing and clean, it is the addition of salmon that is cooked in a sweet-savoury sauce for flavour that makes it stand out from the other Bun Cha that I have had — the diced salmon so succulent with its moisture locked in, yet carrying a subtle note of the fish. The addition of smoked salmon also adds a savoury note typical of cured fish that leads to a rather interesting combination of flavours almost akin to having sashimi in the Bun Cha, while the addition of the Viet Fried Spring Rolls add a meaty crunch that provides a textural contrast with the other elements such as the myriad of greens for a refreshing crunch, alongside the peanuts and the shallots.

It’s really exciting to see how Que has come so far — being a relatively unknown coffee shop stall at Toa Payoh when I had first visited to being somewhat of a hidden gem tucked away in the shopping belt at 111Somerset — not only had they are pretty consistent (if not better) throughout the years, but they have also been actively innovating to provide patrons with modern inputs into classic Vietnamese fare. Wishing them all the best at their new location, and I will be back for more when I can!

Why go too far when we can have the Vietnamese banh mi in the hood. 😎 It is juicy pork belly with crunchy baguette and pickle fillings (carrots, onions we think). We love the new packaging (bamboo basket & food wrapping paper) PLUS there are plenty of green corianders to munch on. 🍀

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