Vouchers Rejected by Nicholas Tan | Burpple

TLDR: Stall owner refused to accept the mall vouchers and gave me multiple conflicting excuses why and eventually said to me and a mall staff that she had hundreds of dollars of vouchers she hadn’t found the time to claim from mall management.

Read the Google reviews before deciding to use a couple of “Category 1” vouchers (see photo) from Triple One Somerset that were expiring at Que - good reviews of food and owner took the time to reply to reviews here. Unfortunately when I asked one of the stall assistants if I could use the vouchers, she checked with another lady (the owner I assume) and I was told that the stall did not accept vouchers. I waited to speak with the lady and I showed her this photo.

She first said the promotion was long ago, but I told her the voucher is still valid today.
Then she said that the photo with her stall name under Category 1 meant that I could earn vouchers at her stall, not use them at her stall.
Then she said that she had hundreds of dollars of vouchers she hadn’t claimed.

To be fair she was probably busy and hence the multiple conflicting responses, so I went to clarify with the information counter of Triple One Somerset. The staff there confirmed it was usable at Que and kindly accompanied me to Que to clarify.

The owner’s face turned even blacker when the Triple One Somerset staff spoke to her. She looked at me witheringly and said that she had hundreds of dollars of vouchers she hadn’t claimed from management - because she had no time and told me she didn’t want to accept my vouchers. The Triple One Somerset staff told her the management office was just upstairs. The owner held her ground and insisted she didn’t want to accept the vouchers. We left and the Triple One Somerset Staff was kind enough to exchange my vouchers for another set.

Awful experience without even getting to order the food. I was definitely polite throughout the interaction and her attitude was sadly quite unbecoming, and unexpected after I had read the other reviews on Google.