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From the Burpple community

From 川味园 (Chuan Wei Yuan) stall.

This was one of the most affordable Mapo tofu options that I have come across. Like all Mapo tofu dishes you buy off Sichuan stalls, this was one oily bowl of soft silky tofu which would pair perfect with a bowl of white rice. For $5.50, Chuan Wei Yuan gives a generous amount of minced meat, as the other places I’ve had Mapo tofu will almost always be stingy with their meat. While it strikes one as excessively oily, I surprisingly did not feel too bloated after the meal. Unfortunately, I did wish that this bowl of Mapo tofu had a much spicier kick β€” and perhaps this could have been requested. Nonetheless, I did think this was pretty damn decent mapo tofu at an affordable price!


Crispy Fried Dumplings with juicy pork filling inside. Recommended to eat this while it's warm.
Location: People's Park Food Centre, 32 New Market Rd, #01-1130, Singapore 050032

Decent cutlet with what seemed to be lemon sauce. The other components aren't worth mentioning. Sorry I don't remember which stall, but I know it's run by PRC folks.

Eat simi: Brown Sugar Peanut Pancake
Eat how much: $2
Eat which store: Baotianxia
Eat where: People's Park Complex, Chinatown
Eat nice not: 2.3/5
I love how it was piping hot when i first got it πŸ”₯ The flakey exterior crust was contrasted by the doughy bread-like interior holding the fillings together. I enjoyed how this pancake was not too greasy! πŸ‘ It also comes with thick chonky pieces of peanuts, very ideal for people who enjoys chunky nuts!! It also has an adequate amount of sweetness, similar to those in less sweet red bean buns.
I was rather let down by the lack of fragrance despite the addition of sesame seeds. The crust was also rather thick with a 3:1 crust to filling ratio, thus resulting in it tasting quite surfeit even after a few bites. Definitely best eaten when shared between two people. πŸ‘­ Would be cool if the sugar was molten in the bun too. :/
If you are a carby-person and miss sweet snacks from china, this would be an acceptable compensation for the lack of travel due to covid. πŸ˜— I'd also recommend the other savoury buns and pancakes which i enjoy! 🀭
IG: @eat_simi

Drumstick with pork belly rice

My favourite Braised Duck rice.

The chilli is great, ask for more chilli!!

The Duck meat is soft and tender.

The pork belly is so soft, it's melts in your mouth.

Expect a queue during lunch time, 10mins wait only.

After ordering, they will bring the food to your table.

I was intrigued after seeing @renztan post about her favourite hawker for roast duck being resurrected, so when I found myself in the area, it was a no-brainer to pop by People’s Park Food Centre to give Toh Kee Roast Meat (stall #01-1016) a try.
Ordered the roast duck, β€œsio bak” and char siew. All were good with the first two meats being my preferred, and the super juicy and crunchy-skinned roasted pork belly edging out the duck for number one position. This stall does not do sliced cucumbers or sweet sauces. Instead, they scatter some nutty boiled yellow beans (which I love) over the meats, and serve a bowl of runny, savoury dark sauce alongside (it is recommended to be splashed on your rice).
I was told by Sky, grandson of the founder of the now-defunct Toh Kee Roasted Duck stall (note the small name change due to the expanded offering), that he uses the same recipe for his duck. Since I have never had the original, I am unable to draw a comparison but it was tasty (breast meat could have been tenderer though). Enjoyed it most when paired with their customised plum sauce.