didn’t enjoy the food, can skip
rebecca  ᵔ⤙ᵔ
rebecca ᵔ⤙ᵔ

got these during their recent 1 for 1 promotion! i got 0% sugar for both drinks. the latte was still slightly sweet due to the strawberries and fresh milk which i enjoyed. the tea wasn’t sweet at all and actl slightly sour from the strawberries, so maybe 25% sugar would’ve been better. strawberry taste wasn’t artificial at all which was good, but bc of this the flavour was also q mild. maybe would’ve helped if there were more strawberries/strawberry paste? esp for the latte bc it looks like it was 98% milk lol and tbh the tea tastes v similar to sth you can make with a strawberry flavored tea bag so i can’t rly appreciate it.

overall i found both drinks q mid lol which is sad bc i read so many good reviews about them :( but if i had to choose one i would get the latte over the tea. the bottles are v cute though

wings were fried nicely but this sauce was not it!! the sauce was sweet and spicy but it didn’t taste like the usual korean fried chicken sauce which i was rly looking forward to. it was too smoky and idk just tasted kinda weird. luckily we asked for the sauce to be separated so the wings weren’t completely coated in this. i still dipped my wings in the sauce bc i mean i ordered it but ya it wasn’t v enjoyable. the wings tasted better w their buttermilk dill tbh 😭😭

we asked for medium well but it was way too cooked (like literally well done) and ended up being q tough bc of that. the cheese went v well w the burger though it was v strong and gave it a lot of flavour. however the cheese can get pretty surfeiting after a while (and i only had half the burger lol) and i personally prefer a burger w more sauce so it’s not so dry. for some reason i remember their fries being better last time, but they went super well w their buttermilk dill!

used burpple at their bugis outlet which sadly only allowed takeaways. the plates they used for dine-ins were so pretty so we rly wanted to dine-in but bopes

their packaging q nice if you bringing home and they pack their sauce into these cute bags so you can pour onto the cake yourself at home. the box they used can’t be disassembled though so it was q hard for us to eat bc we ate it outside. the cakes also melted q quickly

i liked this cake a bit better than their thai milk tea cake bc at least it tasted like mango but my friend didn’t like the artificial mango flavour that this cake had. there were a few cubes of actual mango in this cake but they didn’t taste that great either. the coconut sauce was v watery and also didn’t have much taste

this cake was v disappointing lol it looked rly good in pictures so i rly wanted to come and try their cakes but there wasn’t much thai milk tea taste at all. the sauce looked promising as well but it also didn’t taste like anything. the cake was just a v plain crepe cake which tasted v normal

v normal, the crust was quite hard to chew so my mouth was v tired lol and they weren’t served hot either. there were 4 different flavours but 3 of them were very similar so it was kinda like just getting one pizza. would give this a miss 🙁 the meal would’ve been perfect without this

the caramelised pastry was vv nice but i really didn’t like their apple filling as it was quite sour. esp when this is eaten at room temp it just wasn’t enjoyable

had some pistachio nuts inside which helped w the taste but other than that the flavour wasn’t strong, couldn’t taste much pistachio.

had great expectations for these and tbh i’m q disappointed :( not sure if i reheated them wrongly but i followed their reheating instructions leh idk.. seems like they might even taste better just straight out of the fridge lol but i rly just did what the box said. might give them another chance if i happen to pass by next time but will choose to eat immediately instead. buying back and reheating is a no-go 👎🏻

the cheese taste was way too strong for my liking which made it v surfeiting

i thought they would give more sauce if you upsize the pasta (so that it’s proportionate) but it seems like they don’t because there was rly not enough sauce here :( there was also barely any crab meat and the sauce wasn’t creamy or flavourful so all i could taste was bland pasta and chilli flakes

used a $25 voucher for this so thankfully it ended up being free but even so i was q disappointed w this meal ://

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