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11:00am - 05:00pm

11:00am - 05:00pm

11:00am - 05:00pm

11:00am - 05:00pm

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11:00am - 05:00pm

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From the Burpple community

Solid bowl of prawn noodle, broth was rich and nice. Good to have on a rainy day. Portion was also decent and service was good

Great ambience and food choices to choose from. Soup was good and rich and is definitely worth the price point !

Great experience at prawn n co. Portion was generous and alot of variety to choose from. Would visit again for some rich prawn noodle!

the food was good and filling and the staff were helpful.

It's done well, very restaurant style in that it's refined, but the light soy sauce didn't do it for me and the sambal that was meant for the broth did not worth well w this, it lacked body to carry the bowl. Not that it's bad by any means, kway teow was slippery and had a nice soft bite, veggies were cooked perfectly, it's decent as a bowl, just that it's overpowered against the unholy strength of the broth

I declare this the best.

This lives up to my expectation of how a gao prawn noodle soup should be like. Too many are fortified by pork bone broths, but to the point that you only taste pork. This has the intense prawny flavour that is deserving to be called the best, and the sweetness comes through strongly, only surpassed by an even greater savouriness. At the same time it's balanced enough to be just sippable, not to the point that you would want to stop.

The sambal is really different, it's quite sour and doesn't taste too good on its own. However, magic happens when you mix it into the broth, because then it's very obvious that the sambal was made specifically to do what it is supposed to, to the strong broth. The sourness and heat works wonders for the broth, giving the already deep broth an even more complex and rounded flavour. Holy moly


P.s. I was so blown away by how different and yet how exactly right it is that I talked to the chef for a long time afterwards. She says it's more a Penang style but I don't trust her, I don't think you can find any broth that's as beautifully prawny anywhere. She uses a lot of fine dining techniques to achieve what she did, from sourcing an obscene amount of prawn heads daily, to washing the prawn broth to extract maximum flavour, and even setting the entire thing on an water bath so that the broth does not overcook through the day. Further theres a lot of R&D that went into the flavour, making sure it's not too overcooked to the point that it's more a roasted prawn flavour and losing the fresh prawn flavour.

If anyone finds anything that can rival this, this meaning a pure prawn broth that's as thick as it should be and well balanced, please let me know and I'll take you out for a meal if that happens to be the case