Noodle Thai Thai Kitchen serves authentic Thai cuisine in a modern presentation, without compromising on the ingredients. This restaurant serves Thai noodle bowls and other affordable sets for lunch, while communal Thai-style dining is the focus come dinner time.
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327 Beach Road
Singapore 199560

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Red Ruby 5.9

Price is due to them dying the chestnuts using butterfly pea flowers so there's purple and red rubies. May sound weird when I say that the coconut milk had an unexpected lightness but otherwise rather normal. If u had to choose a dessert the mango sticky rice would be a no brainer

Phad Thai 7.9nett Add Chicken +2

Very worth it to add on meat! You get to choose between prawn and chicken but why not both? Chicken is still good but I wasn't very impressed with the phad Thai personally. Or maybe I've tasted better thats why my expectations were higher? The rest really enjoyed the phad Thai though. Otherwise, prawn included it wasn't anything special though definitely not bad

Jade Noodles With Double Grilled Chicken 6.9nett

Wow the sauce was bomb and the chicken paired with the sauce is superb. Sweet and slightly spicy with the distinct aroma of lemongrass, the sauce also complimented the al dente Jade noodles. I expected the Jade noodles to be harder than I would enjoy but it really works for this particular dish

Spicy Noodle Soup 5.9nett

This particular dish had a very fragrant chicken broth that is light while having a deep umami flavour. But I really don't taste any "spicy" in the soup at all? Did they forget to add chili powder or something? Otherwise similar to the spicy noodle dry except for the dry sauce.

Spicy Noodles Dry 5.9nett

First off the price is, well, 5.9. Not only is the food here really worth it but it's also very scrumptious. They said they want to offer authentic Thai cuisine but ironically I find their cuisine rather innovative and unlike most Thai food I've tasted.

The noodles were slightly too chewy but wow their chicken is simply amazing. Looks like normal poached chicken but it's so much more than that. The sauce packs a punch that slowly grows on you and the egg is perfect

Crispy KangKong

The owner recommended this dish to us and it is a definite must try! It's a new spin on typical sambal kangkong and really very unique - there's a dipping sauce that complements the dish very well too. Had a very enjoyable dinner - all the dishes were good (pad Thai, Tom Yum soup, etc) and the staff are all super friendly with reasonable prices. Do support this place!

Yummy and Affordable!

Ordered the Tom Yum Gong ($10), generous chunks of chicken and mushrooms! The Traditional Prawn Pad Thai ($7.90) was delicious but only had 2 prawns, ok for the price.

Yummy Thai Food

Must try dishes - jade noodle, mango stick rice! Prepared just before serving to ensure that the sticky rice are warm. The had noodles comes with special homemade sauce which is aroy mak mak. add in the chilis for another flavour dimension

BBQ Traditional Sea Salt Baked Fish

I'm so glad I listened to the recommendation by the friendly owner of this Thai eatery. Cottony-soft of flesh, the BBQ Traditional Sea Salt Baked Fish was a joy to eat. He also taught us to use the accompanying lettuce to wrap the fish, vermicelli and fresh coriander, and add on a bit of the spicy, piquant green chili sauce to enjoy it in a different way.
Our seabass cost only $22.10 nett tonight (usual price: $26 nett) because of Burpple's exclusive promotion. You can check out the details on @noodlethaithaikitchen's venue page on the Burpple app itself. However, prices of the fish may differ according to the season and market price.

"Hor Mok" or Thai Otak ($15 nett)

The "Hor Mok" hid a treasure trove of seafood in the green curry-based otak. There were whole prawns (peeled except for the tail), pieces of fish and squid as well as a "cushioning" of shredded cabbage and carrots at the base. All the seafood tasted fresh but I need to highlight that the squid in particular, was exceptionally springy and tender. The otak paste complemented the seafood nicely as it's light and slightly fluffy. I found it mild in terms of spiciness, so even those of you who usually avoid anything spicy, should still be able to indulge in this.
Oh and just to add, with every order of "Hor Mok", you automatically get a free glass of fresh coconut juice because they need to crack open a fresh Siam coconut to prepare the dish. Double happiness indeed!

Lemongrass Chicken (3pcs for $10 nett)

Available from September onwards, this is a must-order in my opinion.
Ingeniously presented with the seasoned minced chicken stuffed in a split stalk of lemongrass then grilled, the result is a marvelously tender meat cloaked in subtle smokiness. It's even better when eaten with the piquant spicy dip served on the side.
The owner of this casual Thai eatery is Singaporean but his wife who's the Head Chef, is Thai and she clearly knows what she's doing because we cleaned up every plate of food we'd ordered! ๐Ÿ˜‹

No Joke set lunch Only $5.90 Nett๐Ÿ˜œ

Spicy Chicken basil with free flow ice lemon tea. The staff is super friendly and helpful as they always try their best to ensure us a good dining experience. โ˜บ๏ธ Will come back again!

Thai For Dinner

Food 9.5/10
Staff: 10/10 very very friendly staff
location :very accessible
Will I come again:yes definitely

Finally found the bf Fav khao soi in Singapore everything was so good found the food a little too salty but the bf being from Thailand said it normal and this taste absolutely like home esp the dishes from northern Thailand so glad I found this place :) minus 0.5 0cos of saltiness and I personally feel they definitely will have space to grow and become even better :)

Lemongrass Chicken

The lemongrass was fragrant and flavourful esp when paired with the sweet chilli sauce. Overall, food was satisfying and homey.

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