Modern take on classic European desserts, pastries and artisanal Gelato ice cream. Exquisite fine dining desserts in a casual setting at affordable prices.

204 Rangoon Road
Singapore 218451


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The popular dessert cafe has a limited period Christmas menu, which also includes a “Red Velvet Avalanche” for your faeces-esque flowing lava Instagram moments (mine was a dark brown, which was mildly disappointing as I was hoping for a dark red so that I can compare the lava to v....) as well as the “Carol of the Bells” - red wine pump, spiced wine poached pear, dark chocolate sorbet atop a tart base, drizzled with a tangy chocolate sauce.

Mr lava lava..she call me matcha fantastic! Double thumbs up! Possibly the best I've tried so far in Singapore. @nonentreedesserts #matchalava #matchalavacake #burpple

- with Creme fraiche pudding, fresh mango puree, sago pearls, and an exotic ducky sorbet sitting atop a lemongrass crowd. Refreshing! #burpple

Had a long walk from Whampoa Market to Non Entrée Desserts for some yum!

Had the Yuzu cake - filled with milk chocolate mousse, lightened yuzu curd, green tea ganache, almond chocolate sponge with a coat of yuzu jelly. Artful and tasty! #burpple

Creme fraiche pudding, fresh mango purée, sago pearls, exotic ducky sorbet sat atop a lemongrass cloud 》$12.90 + 10% Service Charge

@nonentreedesserts ———————————————
FYI: It's not the actual fruit but it's literally called PEACH. $9.90.🍑
Inside is peach mousse, prosecco infused peach jelly, raspberry violet & yellow peach.
#hightea #desserts #burpple #nonentreedesserts

A dessert that really looks like a pear, and with elements of pear within. It's made up of 64% bitter chocolate and oolong creme, and contains marinated pear compote with pear liquor and chocolate sponge. In terms of taste, I much prefer this over their heritage series, as I found this pear better balanced - not too sour and that oolong also cuts through the sweetness.

Price at: 12.90$

5/5 for presentation: look at how legit the foam is!!
3/5 for taste: mainly because it was too sour for my liking

Price at: 14.90$
(Not on the menu as it's a limited edition dessert)

The taste of the panda mousse was a little too overwhelming but out of the 4 dish we got this has got to be my favorite!! 6/5 for appearance because just look at how much it resembles Nasi Lemak with the chili and the egg.

Tastes a little like the Chinese dessert "orh-ni" but upgraded with the gelato. Definitely worth a try! This is only available till the end of aug, so try it before it runs out! 😍

Limited edition National Day edition nasi lemak dessert! Well it's past 9 August now but you can still order this. Pandan mousse hidden inside coconut "nasi", gula melaka sauce & yogurt mango "half boiled egg". The food and presentation here never disappoints!

New offerings at Non Entree Dessert, my favorite joint for sweet fix. Refer to picture for prices.

Plays like a glorious, rich love letter to Orh Nee, with the crunchy tapioca cubes and coconut crumble offering teethly jollies.

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Underneath the "rice" you'll find sweet glutinous rice with a rich pandan/coconut flavour. The "sambal chilli" is actually strawberry jam. And the "egg yolk" is made of mango so be careful of the sudden sourness.
All in all, the sweetness, savoury-ness and sourness all came together. Definitely a dish to try before it runs out at the end of Aug!

The shallot-centric kuning fish tulip was outrageously savoury but binds the nasi lemak concept together rather brilliantly with a nice bow, whilst elsewhere the mound of coconut "rice" hides a secret within.


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