Modern take on classic European desserts, pastries and artisanal Gelato ice cream. Exquisite fine dining desserts in a casual setting at affordable prices.

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Singapore Breakfast (S$13.90++) Traditional Breakfast?

Retro theme desserts and cakes will be available till end of the month at @NonEntreeDesserts
Check them out before gone
Non Entree Dessert
Address 🏠 : 204 Rangoon Road, Singapore 🇸🇬 218 451
Tel ☎️ : 9878 6543
Open 💈 :
Tue - Thu : 2pm - 10pm
Fri : 2pm - 11pm
Sat : 12pm - 11pm
Sun : 12pm - 10pm
MRT 🚇 : Farrer Park (NE8)
Note 📝: Cash & NETS only

If you watch my instagram story few months back, you will have witness how i cruelly broke the head of this kawaii bear.

:( It is so cute i just want to look at it, instead of eating it. it does not taste as good as it looks though. XD This was part of the valentines set meal from Non Entree Desert.

Rubber Ducky.

Aesthetically pleasing rubber ducky that is actually made up of mango sorbet, it came perching atop thecreme fraiche pudding, sago pearls, mango puree, taking a lemongrass bubble bath. The mango sorbet is a little hard to break in with the fork but surprisingly isn't too hard on the teeth, melting within our warm cavern with a strong sweet scent of mango. The lemongrass foam complements well with the mango sorbet and I liked it a lot. There's also the sago pearls sinking right at the bottom of the bath and have a chewy texture to it though I'd prefer if it's softer. This definitely surpasses my expectations and I prefer this more.

[Heritage Series ending soon] Tu Tu Kueh ($8.90).

This is so cute! It's like a mega tu tu kueh that looks round and cuddly. This is also my favourite cake out of the 4 we tried that day. Made from coconut vanilla, gula melaka and almond. It's not only an instagrammable cake, but a delightful one too :)

Nostalgic indeed.

The gem biscuit (pictured, $10.90) is crafted to look exactly like the old school biscuits that are popular back in the 90s, except that this is multiple times of the original size and price, of course. The outer layer is made of milk chocolate mousse, with apricot and almond centre. Instead of the typical icing top, this rendition came with meringue, retaining the iconic bright colours still. Despite made with these ingredients, it turned out to be less sweet that I had expected. Savour it slowly to enjoy the layers of flavours, while reminiscing the good old days.
Handmodel: @justinfoodprints

Ang Ku Kueh ($9.90).

Creativity with a human touch here. This ang ku kueh struck a cord with me and my love for Singaporean heritage food.
This is actually strawberry jelly encasing a strawberry curd centre, laid on top of a shortbread base. The taste is strangely similar to hawthorn though. Fruity, but could be too sweet for many, including myself.


These 2 words came to my mind when I first saw this - though this was nothing like the original tu tu kueh that I got excited at basar malam (aka night market) when I was a kid. Such is exactly the draw here at @nonentreedesserts - the creative chef's forte to create desserts that are delectably surprising. Full marks for the efforts!
Made of coconut mousse, gula melaka and almond, it is light, refreshing and totally perfect for a post dinner treat. Now it's time to grab the real tu tu kueh!

Eau de Champagne ($9.90).

I knew this is the one for me when I saw this elegant cake sitting in the display shelf looking like a princess.. with her white chocolate tiara, sugar daisies necklace with gold flakes, and baby pink floral dress.
But this love was short lived as I tasted her champagne infused mousse with berries and lychee interior.. 💔

"Bak Chor Mee" ($14.90)
Mango vermicelli "noodles" & pudding, with aged balsamico "vinegar", raspberry reduction "chili", sesame snow "minced meat", peanut "lard", sea coconut "mushroom" & coconut parfait "fishball".

Expectedly an unbelievable dessert reinvention of one of our local favourite hawker dishes. It took me totally by surprise how familiar the texture of the individual elements were, especially & notably the springy & firm "noodles" (swipe left to last image). My brain was slightly confused by the continuous hit of savoury notes on my palate, as I was expecting the 360 degree change with pure sweetness.
Overall an interesting creation that's worth a shot, though it's definitely one of those novelty items that's either a yay or nay. Personally not something I'd appreciate a second time, but I trust in giving credits when they deem fit - I do genuinely admire the efforts that went into "Back to the Future" theme menu, from conceptualising to launch & daily production. Have yet to try their "Singaporean Breakfast" which is also under this new menu, but guess it wouldn't hurt to try, right?

Hehehe mind bending treats for my birthday ❤ (1) Gem Biscuit ($10.90) - expensive dose of nostalgia made of milk chocolate, apricot, almond, andddd meringue!

(2) Bak Chor Mee ($14.90) - super fun to eat mango vermicelli "noodles". Pleasantly surprised by raspberry reduction "chilli sauce" while tossing this dessert 😂 + ingredients like sesame snow "minced meat" (3) Chocolate Avalanche ($13.90) - fave!!! Warm Valrhona dark chocolate lava flowing onto chocolate soil, crunchy almond nougatine, & the winning ingredient: orange-infused vanilla gelato. (4) Pandora (priceless): only one in the world from @dareren 😘❤❤ THANK YOU DEAR 😍 #burpple #dqky

Eau De Champagne

Eau De Champagne ($9.90)

Eu De Champagne @nonentreedesserts . So pretty is this dessert it felt like a crime tucking into it. Looked more like something served to a 👸🏼! Champagne mousse with red berries and litchi//lychee filling. Definitely a creation fit for celebration🍾! Champagne flavour was strong but not overpowering and the fruits complemented it well. Also loved that shimmering piece of white chocolate topping!

Tu Tu Kueh

Tu Tu Kueh ($8.90)

Take a break, have a tutu kueh! 😋 Tu Tu Kueh @nonentreedesserts is never what it appears to be. Instead of traditional flour and peanut/coconut filling, this tutu uses coconut vanilla, gula melaka and almond. Tu-good-Tu-be-true!

Gem Biscuit

Gem Biscuit ($10.90)

Gem Biscuit @nonentreedesserts . The most expensive of the lot and also my personal favourite. Been wanting to try this for a long long time! This is a milk chocolate 🍫cake with an apricot filling in the centre. The apricot was intensely sour. I guess that helped to cut the sweetness of the chocolate. The meringue on top comes in 4 colours and is the only thing remotely resembling the actual gem biscuits, one of my all time favourite childhood snack! Who else loved biting only the icing tops off those biscuits🙋🏻‍♂️?

Ang Ku Kueh

Ang Ku Kueh ($9.90)

Ang Ku Kueh @nonentreedesserts . Same name, totally different product. This is made using strawberry 🍓curd and strawberry jelly to replicate the iconic red outer layer of traditional ang ku kueh. Loved how even the turtle 🐢shell imprints are also transposed onto this modern dessert though I won't say I particularly enjoyed the taste over authentic ang ku kueh😂.

"Eau de Champagne" ($9.90)

Sadly, this dessert did not suit my taste - I found it to have a strange sourness... But there is no denying it's been painstakingly crafted and is prettiness personified.

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