Modern take on classic European desserts, pastries and artisanal Gelato ice cream. Exquisite fine dining desserts in a casual setting at affordable prices.

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Who broke my flower pot?

This was their Pot de Fleur, before we cracked and savaged it. Hidden within were layers of strawberry rhubarb compote, lychee lime granita, Sakura pump and Prosecco rose jelly. To make it more interesting, squeeze a few sprays of Yuzu mist before enjoying the dessert.

Pumpkin Avalanche ($13.90)

Non-Entree Desserts is one of those places that always somehow manage to outdo themselves every time. I had their Pumpkin Avalanche, a pumpkin variation of their famed pioneer, the Chocolate Avalanche. This dessert's inception is attributes to their menu's current, which is in fact, urban garden.

This was a holistically amazing dessert, I must say. Every component of the dish - the pumpkin lava cake (that had cinnamon sugar dustings), the almond nougatine, the cinnamon clove gelato, the chocolate crumble soil - all meshed so nicely. The amalgamation is best described as a modest harmony of flavours.

Be warned though, that this is more petite than it looks. You may be slightly disappointed with it at first, much like I was, looking at it in hindsight, the portion seemed to have been correctly calculated. For You see, the pumpkin lava cake actually got sickly in terms of texture quite fast. I realised that had the portion been any more generous, it would have reached 'muak' status, thereby shaving off its quality. Perhaps it's a reach, but I was convinced that they took no prisoners where perfecting the recipe for it was concerned.

I was a little iffy about having to pay $15 (additional 10% service charge) for this, especially after seeing the size, but thankfully, it proved to be a remarkable, edible work of art. And that leaves me with one question – could this place actually be the benchmark for many dessert parlours? (8.2/10)

Selamat Hari Raya to our followers !

Enjoy your well deserved public holiday today !
Here's a boomerang of @nonentreedesserts new pumpkin avalanche :p maybe a little too early for Halloween haha

Matcha Avalanche 🍵

Sweets after dinner is a definite must, glad we chose to walk over to this cafe all the way from Little India after our dinner to try out the famous lava cafe. I'm all for the presentation of the dish and it's incredibly satisfying to cut into the cake and watch the 'lava' spill over the ice-cream and cookie nougat crumbs. I liked the mix of textures, soft and creamy from the cake and ice-cream, complimenting the crunch from the brittle and crumb bottom. And the combination of flavours were all well-thought out. There was an ice-cream bar there too and I got a scoop of the Black Sesame: luxuriously creamy and rich in flavour. This is a dessert place I'd definitely recommend. 👍🏻😋

Non Entrée Dessert Cafe - Hosted Tasting - "Urban Garden" Themed Desserts - Sunny by Sunny Cheong (💵S$14.90) 🏵
Chamomile Honey Parfait tops it All.

Coconut Biscuit & Almond Sponge,
Core & Base of the Sun.
Ginger Lime Fluff & Peach infused Peppermint Tea,
Rays of Flavours, that brings some Fun.
Chamomile Espuma fills the Air,
Lemongrass Apricot Coulis come in Pairs. 🌼

ACAMASTIPS💮: For maximum taste & pleasure, take a spoonful of all the components in the plated dessert. This is how most of the plated dessert here are designed but as some of those avant grade ones out there, of course feel free to channel your inner Picasso. 🖖🏻

Ike (goma gelato coated in soya flour, sesame brittle, umeshu koi, matcha mochi pebble, hand roasted sencha with aged sake consommé) from Non Entrée Desserts' new "Urban Garden" theme menu.

An understated gathering of disparate elements with very strong individual personalities - the "fish" was stickily sweet in its alcoholic umeshu glory; the pebble consisted of a milky matcha core encased within a doughy, chewy skin; the black sesame gelato and accompanying sesame brittle had a grainy, granny appeal; and the aged sake consommé, to be poured by the customer into the bowl to form the titular pond (ike or "池"), was essentially a slightly woozy M18-rated soup-tea. Comes across as a thoughtfully conceived and executed concept as opposed to a calculated and soulless "Instagrammable"-geared cash-in, which in itself deserves mucho kudos indeed. 4/5

This was a hosted meal, courtesy of Non Entrée Desserts.

Pot de Fleur (strawberry rhubarb compote, lychee lime granita, sakura pump, prosecco rosé jelly, yuzu mist) from Non Entrée Desserts' new "Urban Garden" theme menu.

The popping candy, soil and pebbles offered gravelly chocolate crunch in spades, whilst elsewhere the prosecco rosé jelly was a delirious, wobbly tease and the strawberry rhubarb compote an electrifying bolt of sweetly tart lightning. 3.9/5

This was a hosted meal, courtesy of Non Entrée Desserts. The dessert also comes with a perfume pump (unpictured) which you can apply either on the dish for some floral refreshment or yourself if you reek of piggy boniness from the Bak Kut Teh next door.

Ike [$17.90]

Non Entrée has just launched their new series of Urban Garden themed sweet treats! Our favorite was 'Ike', Japanese for pond, delicately put together with different elements - Matcha Mochi pebble, a thin crisp sesame brittle, Goma gelato and an Umeshu flavoured sweet koi fish just beside. The pond's water is represented with a pot of light yet fragrant Hand Roasted Sencha with Brown Rice. So many things happening but that pour helped to bring it all together. Not cloyingly sweet but refreshing and soothing!

A huge thank you to @nonentreedesserts for the warm hospitality and @burpple for the kind invite! 🙆🏻

Non Entrée Dessert Cafe - Hosted Tasting - "Urban Garden" Themed Desserts - Peach (💵S$9.90) Peach Mousse, Prosecco infused Peach Jelly, Raspberry violet & Yellow Peach.


Yuzu (💵S$9.90) Milk Chocolate Mousse, lighten Yuzu Curd, Green Tea Ganache, Almond Chocolate Sponge, coated in Yuzu Jelly. 🍋

Amethyst Brew : Butterfly Pea Tea, Cucumber, Mojito. 🍹

ACAMAS-PALATE💮: Peach & Yuzu, Refreshing & Light.
Amethyst Brew, Mojito missing You? 🥃

Non Entrée Dessert Cafe - Hosted Tasting - "Urban Garden" Themed Desserts - ike (💵S$17.90) Goma Stone, Sesame Brittle, Umeshu Koi, Matcha Mochi Pebble, Hand Roasted Sencha with Brown Rice.


A dessert that incapsulates the Zen spirit especially nested in this "Urban Garden". 'Ike', Pond in Japanese, with Hand Roasted Sencha acting as the water. 🌊
Swimming in poetry is the Light & Refreshing Koi with subtile hints of Umeshu. The Sesame Brittle adds a much needed aroma & contrast to the Universally Loved Matcha Mochi Pebble. 🤤

ACAMASTIPS & GTK💮: Non Entrée will be launching their new themed "Urban Garden" menu of plates Desserts, Cake & Drinks, Today Tuesday 2nd May at 2pm. 🖖🏻
Thank you @nonentreedesserts for Hosting & @burpple for the Invitation!

Traditional Breakfast

Traditional Breakfast? Not the usual kind!
Retro theme desserts and cakes will be available till end of the month at @NonEntreeDesserts
Check them out before gone
Singapore Breakfast (S$13.90++) |
Coconut 🌴 panna cotta "soft boiled egg 🍳 " with bursting exotic yolk,
top with gula melaka "soy sauce" &
cinnamon "pepper power" &
kaya parfait toast on the side
Topup S$4++ for a cup of white coffee ☕️ to go with it
Super light crispy toast. It was like having the usual kaya toast but icy cold version. |
Non Entree Dessert
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Note 📝: Cash & NETS only

If you watch my instagram story few months back, you will have witness how i cruelly broke the head of this kawaii bear.

:( It is so cute i just want to look at it, instead of eating it. it does not taste as good as it looks though. XD This was part of the valentines set meal from Non Entree Desert.

Rubber Ducky.

Aesthetically pleasing rubber ducky that is actually made up of mango sorbet, it came perching atop thecreme fraiche pudding, sago pearls, mango puree, taking a lemongrass bubble bath. The mango sorbet is a little hard to break in with the fork but surprisingly isn't too hard on the teeth, melting within our warm cavern with a strong sweet scent of mango. The lemongrass foam complements well with the mango sorbet and I liked it a lot. There's also the sago pearls sinking right at the bottom of the bath and have a chewy texture to it though I'd prefer if it's softer. This definitely surpasses my expectations and I prefer this more.

[Heritage Series ending soon] Tu Tu Kueh ($8.90).

This is so cute! It's like a mega tu tu kueh that looks round and cuddly. This is also my favourite cake out of the 4 we tried that day. Made from coconut vanilla, gula melaka and almond. It's not only an instagrammable cake, but a delightful one too :)

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