[CLOSED] Non Entrée Dessert Cafe

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* This place has closed :( Please try somewhere else. * Modern take on classic European desserts, pastries and artisanal Gelato ice cream. Exquisite fine dining desserts in a casual setting at affordable prices.

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From the Burpple community

The beloved dessert bar will be closing this Sunday after years of ingenuity, with their local dishes-inspired desserts being particularly memorable.
Their creations have an uncanny familiarity to them, like this Nasi Lemak ($14.90) which found the right blend of sweetness and savouriness as well as familiar textures, which worked in the context of a dessert. Particularly loved the coconut "rice", which hid a mother lode of pandan mousse — intoxicatingly fragrant.

Chocolate Lava Cake (~$13.90) took awhile to be served, but when it came, I was so eager to eat it 😛 (hence the mediocre photos). Upon slicing the thick dark chocolate cake, warm chocolate fudge flowed nicely to coat the vanilla ice cream below 🍰 Vanilla ice cream was orange infused, which went well with the chocolate, especially since the orange taste was quite obvious 🍦
Crumbles and Almond Nougat did a good job in adding texture to this lava dessert especially since the cake and the ice cream was soft 🤩 However thought the ice cream could be more bc the cake was quite overwhelming! But still, do head down before they close :-((

Ig @goodfomood

Their version of Nasi Lemak really amazed me by the impeccable presentation and how they managed to recreate the flavours of nasi lemak in dessert form. The most amazing element is their sambal jam, which tasted like the real flavours of sambal!

Just a heads up, give them one last try if you like as they’ll be closing before the end of the month!


Beyond imagination!
This dessert has successfully replicate the richness of nasi lemak’s flavour and texture.

The savoury ‘nasi’ is made of savoury coconut while combined with green pandan mousse sweet gula melaka inside. The toppings playfully explore different textures - the sleek sambal chilli (strawberry coulis), jelly-like hard-boiled egg (mango yoghurt) and crunchy ikan bilis, peanuts and kuning fish tulip (fragrant fried onion a.k.a bawang goreng).

You definitely don’t want to miss this sweet yet savoury ‘nasi lemak’ dessert! Available til 20 Oct 2019

Paying homage to our local delights but it’s saddening to read about the closure of @nonentree at the end of October this year. What a loss to the cafe/patisserie scene yet again.

Painstaking efforts goes behind creating this dessert. Here’s the decode: Passionfruit “noodles”, coconut “fishball” parfait, Gula Melaka crumble, pineapple crushed ice, red tea jelly, mango fluff and sea coconut. So detailed to the extent that the “noodles” are made to a firm texture, though the coconut parfait was a little dry. Particularly pleased with the remaining toppings for their tropical boost, paired with a hint of smoky sweetness from the Gula Melaka crumble. If you haven’t tried any of the desserts from Non Entrée, it’s time before they shut their doors.


Made a special trip here before it closes down..Apparently many people also visited bcos by the time we reach at 3plus, the menu was only left with 3 items :(

It was located quite a distance away from Farrer Park MRT. Waited for 30mins for the dessert to arrive.

The molten lava cake was done well to create a good avalanche effect! Loved the hot dark choco cake mixed with the ice cream. Worth my trip 👍🏼