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Had high expectations, given that this used to be a well patronised seafood restaurant in the larger Desaru area. Not quite impressed.


味道是脆,辣, 甜,喜次! 如果鸡翅尾端能切掉,
一口就能咬到多汁的中翅, 会更好!


Inside Four Points Hotel, probably the most modern building in Desaru Utama (centre of Desaru). It is another option for food if you're tired of the food in your beach hotel. Quiet during lunch. My Penang Feid Kway Teow is quite authentic. This is Malaysia after all.


This cafe serves pretty good buffet breakfast. I am surprised that the soft-boiled eggs are perfectly done, to the exact point when egg white turned white while remaining liquid. I love the noodle too. You've a choice of vegetable and fish soup. Of course it is really nice eating next to the pool with the sun rising above the sea.

1 foot long Sotong (squid) RM12 per piece, 6 inch long Shovelnose Lobster RM9 per piece, large tiger prawn RM5 a piece, small stingray fins RM3 a piece.

You can pick and choose your choice of seafood and they'll fry it In crispy batter.

The sambal kicap goes perfectly well with this method of cooking, 10/10 will recommend to everyone.

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There's a bunch of dishes here even in the morning (arrived at 10am), but building my own nasi lemak was an interesting prospect.

They have stalls serving other food but most were not yet open.

The decor is nice, comfy chairs, sofa's and umbrellas hanging from the ceiling, good place for groups.