Dinner with Drinks

Dinner with Drinks

Featuring Birds of a Feather, Hopscotch (Capitol Singapore), Orh Gao Taproom (Serene Centre), Mama Diam
Rachelle Ng
Rachelle Ng

A speakeasy bar that infuses elements of a traditional mama shop into their shopfront and menu which serves out iconic local favorites with a modern twist.

Their cocktail menu is pretty interesting but unfortunately the actual profile of the drink didn’t actually live up to its expectations. We had Curry Daiquiri paired with Papadum, but couldn’t really taste the curry profile in the drink. So is their Cashew Later, missing the nuttiness in the drink.

Moving on to their food menu, we tried their Herbal Bak Kut Teh Udon, Crab Kueh Pie Tee, Soft Shell Crab Bao and Duck Confit waffle. Some of the worth mentioning dishes include the Crab Kueh Pie Tee topped with tobiko, a little creamy and refreshing and their shell were on point crispy. Their Herbal Bak Kut Teh Udon, is quite a comforting bowl of noodle, has a nice mild herbal taste and would be quite shiok if it was served piping hot. The duck of the duck confit was done pretty well actually. Their skin is pretty crispy and it paired well with the apple purée. But the waffle is pretty lackluster, more towards the soft and soggy.

Overall it’s like a down the memory lane kind of experience and they do change their menu from time to time. Can check out their menu online before heading down!

Enjoy a table of refined sichuan cuisine with Birds of a Feather. Paired with an inspired beverage complementing the simple joys of sitting around the dining table with loved ones.

Their Birds Avocado & Crab bruschetta has a very unique refreshing taste with a pleasant sharp bright flavor from the sichuan guacamole and spring onion toppings.

Another of the good starters is Find the Chicken in the Chilies. The chunky meat is deep fried leaving traces of xiang la fragrance and not at all greasy.

This is probably my ultimate favorite for the night, Barramudi Chazuke. Pan seared fillet in classic Sichuan sour vegetable fish broth. It is comforting and appetizing with that little warm tangy-ness tingling your appetite.

Pairing all the food with a glass of cocktails is a wise decision. Their cocktails were surprisingly good! I had their Roman Holiday cocktail, vodka base, with mint, apple and egg white. I like how the cocktail has the sweet lingering apple flavor. A very well balanced with depth kind of cocktail.

Truly an enjoyable dining experience at Birds of a Feather!


Orh Gao started off with mainly serving unique and interesting brew which changes from time to time but has since evolved to serving some all time favorites and classics bar bites.

Where beer is no longer just boring and bitter. Alot more flavors and depth to the options available at Orh Gao. Food wise, we had their New OG Sambal Mussels which is my favorite. I like how it is a little spicy, umami and creamy. The toasted sourdough goes well with the sauce. On the other hand, their Roasted Pork Belly is a little underwhelming. Though the skin is crackling but it has a pretty strong chaota taste, which is overly on the bitter side. The meat is also a little on the dry side and lacking of the ‘giam’ pang fragrance.
But the dishes definitely goes well with their beer!

I went to the branch at Gillman Barracks before and the food and drinks there was pretty amazing! However Hopscotch at Capitol was a great disappointment. Even with 1-1 I find it so not worth it. We got the 1-1 mains and add on lobster bisque soup at $8. The lobster bisque soup was distinctly diluted and thin in consistency, in fact the worse I ever had. The linguine was bad too, it’s like tomato sweet based sauce, nothing like their description “secret house blend of local spice and lobster stock”, no spice, no kick and no umaminess at all. What a disappointing experience.

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