Enjoy a table of refined sichuan cuisine with Birds of a Feather. Paired with an inspired beverage complementing the simple joys of sitting around the dining table with loved ones.

Their Birds Avocado & Crab bruschetta has a very unique refreshing taste with a pleasant sharp bright flavor from the sichuan guacamole and spring onion toppings.

Another of the good starters is Find the Chicken in the Chilies. The chunky meat is deep fried leaving traces of xiang la fragrance and not at all greasy.

This is probably my ultimate favorite for the night, Barramudi Chazuke. Pan seared fillet in classic Sichuan sour vegetable fish broth. It is comforting and appetizing with that little warm tangy-ness tingling your appetite.

Pairing all the food with a glass of cocktails is a wise decision. Their cocktails were surprisingly good! I had their Roman Holiday cocktail, vodka base, with mint, apple and egg white. I like how the cocktail has the sweet lingering apple flavor. A very well balanced with depth kind of cocktail.

Truly an enjoyable dining experience at Birds of a Feather!