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Pat Jon
Pat Jon

Tamjai Samgor has opened in a small corner at B2 of City Square Mall and we decided to give it a try! We went on a Saturday evening and it was still pretty empty - probably not many knew that the restaurant existed!

We ordered the signature mala broth with mixan, alongside fishballs, sliced chicken and tofu. This added up to slightly over 10 bucks, which was pretty decent.

However, we ordered the 1/2 小辣 and we thought that the spiciness and numbness of the broth was a little underwhelming. It definitely used to be a lot spicier when we tried Tamjai Samgor during the opening of their first outlet at Chinatown Point. Hence, you may want to up the spice level if you are game for it since the spiciness at the City Square outlet seems to have been watered down quite a fair bit.

As tacos are not sufficiently filling for us, we decided to order burritos and The Gringo caught our eyes due to its unique name! This dish is a chicken-based tortilla wrap with marinated chicken, cilantro rice, black beans, pico de Gallo and cheese! The chicken was slightly spicy and added some flavour to the burrito and we liked it! However, the flavour of the chicken and black beans basically overwhelmed the tastes of the other items, as we did not taste any cheese in the wrap.

We also liked the fact that the burritos here were wrapped very tightly and served in a separate paper wrap, which made the dish really convenient to eat. Conversely, we would have created a huge mess out of the burritos served at many other restaurants!

The serving size was pretty generous, however, and we were completely full after finish the burrito. It was way more filling than it looks! The burrito costs $15++, which is pretty standard for restaurant-grade Mexican fare in Singapore and you can be sure that you will get a food coma from this. 😁

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We wanted to try out Papi's Tacos as we heard good reviews about their Mexican food! Indeed, the restaurant was fully booked even on a Monday evening and we could only dine for 90 minutes. Hence, be sure to make a reservation beforehand.

For starters, we ordered tortilla chips that came with a guacamole dip. The tortilla chips were decent, but we felt that the avocado post tasted pretty uneven - some parts were almost tasteless whereas other parts were a little too salty!

Nonetheless, it was a pretty decent dish for sharing amongst 2 to 3 pax and it was priced very reasonably at $8++ as well!

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We are back at Hans Im Gluck to try their other beef burgers and this time, we decided to try out the Scharfrichter! This beef burger contained a beef patty, topped with portobello mushrooms and rockett leaves, and were covered in a generous serving of black pepper sauce. The black pepper sauce went pretty well with the beef patty, although the restaurant might have been a little too generous with the sauce, which made eating the burger a little too messy. Also, the sauce is one of the spicier black pepper sauces that we have tried, so this is definitely something to be wary off! Nonetheless, black pepper + beef + mushrooms is definitely a combination that cannot go wrong. 😋

We upgraded the burger to a set meal and we ordered a Weissbier with our meal to have the full dining experience! For the full meal, we paid $31 and we were really full after it (presumably because of the beer). Boat Quay was fairly empty on a weekday afternoon, although you can be sure this place livens up a lot at night, so do make a reservation if you are heading down for dinner!

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We tried a new side dish at New Fut Kai today - the tempeh mixed vegetable with curry! The highlight of this dish was definitely the curry, as it was really flavourful and it was served piping hot. The curry was slightly more viscous, and it was really wonderful to pair it with the white rice. For those of you who are not comfortable with spicy food, it is worth giving this curry a try as it is not very spicy and there is an option for it to be made less spicy as well.

There was a large assortment of vegetables in the curry (including lady's fingers, potatoes, capsicum and carrots), together with tempeh (fermented soybean cake) of course.

We ordered the $14++ portion, which is more than enough for 2 pax especially if you are planning to finish all the curry. However, if you are visiting New Fut Kai in a bigger group, there is a larger $26++ portion that you can consider as well.

We were pretty impressed by New Fut Kai's hotpots in our previous visit and we decided to try another hotpot during our visit today! We got the soy milk Miso Hotpot, which fortunately tasted a lot more like miso soup than soy milk. Don't worry though, as it wasn't very salty and the miso taste wasn't very overpowering!

There was a huge variety of ingredients in this hotpot, including shimeji mushrooms, red dates, broccoli, corn, radish, black fungus, tofu-based wantons and peach gum! It was a very healthy dish and it was definitely heartwarming to have it on a rainy day. This was the $25++ serving, which we thought was just enough for 2 persons. However, if you are visiting in a bigger group, there is a bigger serving size of $38++ that you could consider as well. :)

Although we visited New Fut Kai on a weekday evening, the restaurant was still very packed! Clearly, it has been making a name for itself in the vegetarian circuit and we strongly encourage you to make a reservation beforehand!

We waited for the hype to die down before finally visiting eggslut, but it turned out to be pretty crowded still on an early Saturday morning. However we still managed to get a seat without waiting.

Of course we had to get the iconic Fairfax Sandwich ($12) and we got sausage ($4) as an add on. The melted cheese and creamy eggs looked really appetising and it went well with the soft fluffy brioche buns. However, getting the sausage add on is a mistake as we found it too salty and masked the flavours of the eggs cheese and even the sriracha mayo. We were also curious why the sausage is green.

While we liked the generous portion of the scrambled eggs and how aesthetically pleasing they are, we think that there are places with better scrambled eggs and this is definitely overhyped.

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Instead of getting two Fairfax sandwiches, we decided to try out something more ordinary on the menu - the sausage, eggs and cheese sandwich! While the base sandwich costs $12, we decided to pay $1.50 more to upgrade our egg to scrambled eggs!

We felt that the highlights were the brioche bun, which were incredibly soft and fluffy, as well as the scrambled eggs, which were really light and fluffy too! If only Eggslut gave us a more generous serving of scrambled eggs here, just like the amount served for the Fairfax sandwich! 🤨 The sausage was pretty ordinary to be honest and it was really similar to what you can find in a Sausage McMuffin. Thankfully, Eggslut differentiates a little by adding honey mustard, which gave a slight tangy sweetness to the sausage patty.

Overall, we felt that Eggslut was a little over-hyped and it didn't feel very worth it to pay $13.50 for this burger. It was still pretty delicious, however, so we might pay a visit again someday!

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Eggslut has been on our list for quite a while and we finally decided to try it after seeing that the queue at the shop has shortened significantly! Don't be deceived by the lack of a queue outside the shop, however, as it is pretty crowded inside and you may have to wait a while to get a table. 😮

For our meal, we ordered the buttermilk biscuits for our sides! Do note that these are the classic English biscuits, which are a lot drier than our usual everyday biscuits. The buttermilk biscuits are also rather salty but thankfully, Eggslut serves its biscuits with a dose of sweet cream that makes the biscuits a lot more yummy, as the cream masks the salty taste to quite a large extent!

Nevertheless, we will probably go for the truffle hash browns next time as we don't think it's worth to pay $6 for these biscuits.

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We are back at Cherki for their amazing modern Peranakan dishes! Today, we decided to try out something new - the Pangium Beef Wellington. This is the most expensive of their main dishes and it costs $30++! Like a traditional beef Wellington, it contains beef encased in puff pastry before being baked, but the main difference here is that the beef was seared and cooked with buah keluak, which gives the beef a slightly earthy flavour and a blackish exterior. The wellington was served alongside sauteed mushrooms.

Even though the food only took up half the plate, the dish is a lot more filling than it looks, presumably because of the pastry crust. :) Hence, it is much more filling than many of the dishes on Cherki's menu. 😁 However, our main complaint was that the beef was a lot tougher than we expected, even though the menu indicated that it was supposed to be prepared medium rare.

Cherki is still very crowded even on a Thursday evening and we highly encourage you to make a reservation beforehand. One-for-one Burpple Beyond deals are still available at the restaurant for June so do remember to use them if you are a subscriber!

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For the second beer, we decided to try a non-IPA as we didnt want to have the lingering bitter taste for all our drinks. We went for the Cigar City Guayabera Pale Ale, which actually tastes slightly sour, although our reference point might have been affected by the mango-flavoured beer we had beforehand. The drink had notes of berries, lime and tangerine, which probably gave the drink it's slightly sourish profile. Refreshing drink nonetheless and the drink was non-premium so it costs $10++!

Tap was empty on a weekday afternoon so it's a pretty nice place for a conversation over beers! However, it got pretty packed towards the evening with the working crowd.

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We are back at Tap to try out some of their newer beers and today, we decided to give the Coronado Mango Farm Hazy IPA a try. The beer is a light yellow colour and we could really taste mangoes on our first sip! The beer was really light and fruity at the start of each sip, but it had a lingering hoppiness after that. Definitely a great beer to go with for those of you who like fruity flavours!

Note that this is considered a premium beer so it costs $12++ instead of the usual $10++! Loved it a lot anyway 😁

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Pat Jon

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