We are back at Isshin Machi for their Taiwanese fare and today, we decided to try out the guan Miao noodles in beef broth that was served alongside a decent serving of pork chop! The beef broth was just delightful as you could definitely taste the beef flavour, but there was also a unique herbal taste in the soup! The flavour of the soup was also not too gamey, so it made for a comforting dinner in the evening. Note that this dish doesn come with beef slices in the soup, as you will need to order the braised beef noodles for that.

We changed our noodles to the guan miao noodles, which resembled the ban mian in Singapore although we felt that the guan miao noodles were softer and slightly more springy. 😋 The pork chop was great as usual as it was grilled and crisp on the outside, and we think it was marinated very well! Thankfully, the meat wasn't too tough too. Definitely worth a try if you like both the pork chop and beef soup!

Isshin Machi was still really crowded on a weekday evening and because they don't take reservations, you have to be prepared to queue for a table. Go earlier in the evening if possible. 😁

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