Tried And Tasted

Tried And Tasted

Our personal list of food explorations and recommendations!
Girl & Boy
Girl & Boy

Tried their steak today and everything was served at room temperature, from the mains to the sides. Would have preferred if they were served hot.

200g for people who prefer their steak thin and if you prefer thicker cuts you can go for more weight.

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We visited the Raffles Hotel branch which offered a combo menu for 2 at $128 for 1.5kg lobster, 2 mains (with some exclusions), 2 sides and drinks. The Jewel branch has a slightly different combo offer so do check out their menu if you are heading down. We topped up $4 for their non-alcoholic drinks menu; flavored sodas that we both couldn't appreciate.

Boy: Mayfair Burger in medium rare, served with a side of Truffle Fries. Half grilled lobster served with house lemon garlic butter dressing. The truffle fries were surprisingly good! They were crispy and packed full of flavor, although were lukewarm when served. Burger was just alright, but the grilled lobster hd a charred fragrance that was delightful when had with butter.

Girl: Surf & Turf lobster roll with side of Salted Egg Fries. Steamed lobster served with house sauce. Surprisingly, they didn’t ask how I wanted the patty in my roll done. It was served in medium. The lobster roll was alright, the lobster refreshing and light but the roll was not crispy nor buttery enough. Steamed lobster was juicy and cooked well. Fries were a let down as I expected a Salted Egg Yolk dressing but it was served with dried Salted Egg flavoured bits that didn’t carry much flavour.

We had the Chocolate Lava Cake to share later. It was drizzled in caramel sauce and served with raspberries. Extremely rich and decadent and a nice sweet note to end our dinner.

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We have seen the snaking queues at this branch many times, even when it's 30 min before closing so we never got to try. Finally was at Suntec on a weekday and there was only a couple in the waiting line. The eatery was quite crowded still and had many orders on hand.

We ordered the original premium pancakes with a side of Vanilla Ice Cream. The only thing good there was the ice cream which was quite legitimate vanilla flavor; you can also see specks of Vanilla bean used. Pancake was spongey at best but none of the melt in your mouth texture. The cream was the last straw for me. Both the vanilla cream on top of the pancakes and the butter cream served on the side were extremely cheap tasting. The pancakes wouldn't have been edible if not for the ice cream.

Seems like their mango pancakes are quite popular. Probably because they serve you two full slices of mango to go with the pancakes. Maybe then it wouldn't be as plain and the cream won't compliment as badly.

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I am a regular of Sushi Tei and I have been dining there quite consistently for > 10 years so I obviously appreciate the food here. They have introduced a new menu recently and various price changes, which is understandable due to inflation of food prices. We tried a few items on their new and seasonal menu and some were hits but others were misses. At the NEX branch (unsure about the others as this was not available at Serangoon Gardens), you get 50% off 2 of their curated menu of new dishes if you spend over $80.

|| Legend; 🌸 for seasonal dishes and ⭐️ for new dishes on the permanent menu ||

• 🌸Sashimi Moriawase ($32.80) in their seasonal menu was great because it’s a smaller sashimi platter that comes with ikura (I believe in their normal menu only salmon platters or bigger sashimi platters have ikura). The Shima-aji was also delicious.
• ⭐️ Aburi Ibirico Pork Cheek ($13.80) this dish was in the list of promo dishes avail at 50% off* and it was so good! The pork was a bit on the fatty side but very juicy and tender. Torched and dressed with some ichimi for a slight kick. I forsee myself having this a lot.
• ⭐️ Terikyaki Steak with Garlic ($15.80) this wasn't the best steak I have had but very affordable for the quality you get and I will definitely pick this over the wagyu. We had this in medium and it was incredibly tender. Also on promo menu.

• 🌸 A4 Tochigi Wagyu Steak ($37.80) in medium rare. The two times I had Wagyu at Sushi Tei (different branches on different occasions), I was underwhelmed and disappointed. I won’t be ordering wagyu here again. Their regular steak is about the same standard. But this seasonal menu wagyu was also served with citrusy dressings that masked the meat’s flavour, which was interesting but also slightly queer.
• ⭐️ Aburi Mentai Don ($17.80) was excited to have this but boy did it disappoint. Fwiw Sushi Tei serves up decent mentai but if you are a mentai lover go for the mentaiko salmon steak instead with a bowl of rice. This was served with miserly toppings of 2 thin salmon, prawn and scallop sashimi slices with a whole load of rice. Not satisfying at all and severely overpriced.

* Single receipt spend of $80 only, applicable from a limited menu of 6 new dishes. Only 2 dishes per table.

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You will not go wrong with this Sticky Toffee Pudding that is served warm, topped with vanilla ice cream! Rich in burnt, caramelised flavor, this dessert is just so decadent that everyone is full of praise for this.

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I like this place because the food is rather consistent and they have the some of the better service staff you will get in MBS. Generally you need to book at least a month in advance to get a dinner reservation on any day, but for weekends at a good time e.g. 7pm you are looking at around 6 weeks advance booking.

Here is what I usually order and enjoy:
1.) Superfood Salad is a good starter, offering up refreshing Kale and Quinoa in citrus dressing
2.) Roasted Cod, served on mash potato is a fresh, filling serving
3.) Sticky Pudding is a fantastic dessert, recommended to me by a waitress there who loves her sweets

Conveniently located beside Tanjong Pagar Plaza, this little bar top restaurant serves only 12 pax at each time. On a Monday evening at 8pm, we queued around 30 minutes to get in, but there were stools for the waiting line outside. They also serve in batches; different groups of people enter at the same time, so don't be too disheartened if the queue appears super long. The air does get quite still outside in the sheltered walkway, so prepare a fan if you wish.

The restaurant was quiet and cosy, and there is a stove placed in front of each station of 2 seats, where they prepare the Sukiyaki meat in front of you. Menu is small with 4 options (Wagyu Sukiyaki Don ($29.90), US Beef Sukiyaki Don ($14.90), Pork Sukiyaki Don ($12.90) and Pork Tamago Don($12.90)), and each don set is served together with a small Chuwanmushi, miso soup, and an onsen egg that you are supposed to beat and drizzle over the meat when your main course is served. Additional meat can also be ordered at a top-up, with options of 110g of Pork ($8), US Prime Beef ($11) or Wagyu ($25).

We ordered the Kiwami Wagyu Sukiyaki Don ($29.90) and had it medium rare — the beef was beautifully marbled and tender, the sweet sukiyaki making it flavorful. The don had some glass noodles, a slice tofu and some vegetables generously dressed with sukiyaki, which made for a nutritious meal. Overall, it was a satisfying meal we would rate 8/10. We enjoyed it and it was a good dinner, but could be better. I also wish the beef was sliced a bit thinner.

I will definitely come back again to try the other dishes on their menu!

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Went at 10pm and there was no queue. They sat us in a cosy corner away from the larger groups perhaps because we were 2 pax.

Mala was a bit too spicy even at low spice for us. We did order the chicken soup base so we mixed the two to make it more tolerable.

These are the signatures ordered and liked:
1.) Pork Meatballs
2.) Prawn Paste
3.) Black Pork
4.) Signature Beef
5.) Noodles

Other items:
1.) Chinese Cabbage
2.) Golden Mushroom
3.) Fried Tofu Skin
4.) Quail Egg

Pictured from top, clockwise: Karubi (Short Plate) 100g ($5), Wagyu Steak 120g ($18) and Karubi Prime Boneless Shortribs 100g ($14)

These were from the a la carte menu in addition to sets we ordered. We liked the Wagyu as it was really tender but the Karubi Prime appeared beautifully marbled, but was extremely tough to chew. It wasn't marinated. My personal favourite was still the Karubi Short Plate, which is very affordable, marinated and flavorful, and tender to the bite.

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Located in a coffee shop right beside Comfort Driving Center, parking is difficult. But if you manage to get a seat outdoors, the night time ambience is pretty cosy with shelters and fairy lights. They have a specific Lunch and Dinner menu, and you order via a QR code. Both cash and cashless payments allowed. Visited for a midweek dinner and waited quite long (approx 20 to 25 mins) considering that we didn't order cooked food, so be prepared to wait as they are popular for dinner even on weekdays.

Ordered the beef and chicken set with 200g of meat. Beef set was great; particularly enjoyed the Karubi that was fatty and tender, and marinated nicely. The other beef cut was unmarinated but still good.

Chicken on the other hand we wouldn't order again. It was unmarinated and served with a thigh and breast cut. Breast cut was not great as I would have preferred it seasoned.

We were also looking forward to the Donburis at first but as it turned out that is only available at lunch. However since the coffee shop is located right beside CDC, expect it to be incredibly packed in the day.


Just our opinion. The Smoked Pepper Ramen is nothing like what I've tried before and is an interesting experience. I think it was flavorful enough even though it is a relatively more watery broth than what I'm used to, with the underlying hit of pepper. Spicy ramen wasn't very special and really on the spicier side and maybe not for faint palates.

The ramen however was downplayed by the noodles; they were too soft and overcooked for our liking. I wish they allowed us to choose the hardness of the noodles preferred when we order. Sides like the gyoza and karage were well-made and good compared to most other ramen places.

Overall worth a try especially for the unique Smoked Pepper Ramen but otherwise no pull for me to come back again.

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Casual dining restaurant that serves food fast. I thought the waitress was exaggerating when she said food was going to take 10 mins but she was right. The restaurant was still crowded at that point but it was close to last order.

I had their tomato soup which was interestingly served with two buns and butter. It was flavorful and the texture was closer to purée; I liked it a lot.

The main course I had was Fish & Chips (one of their signature/ recommendations) and it was a large serving. The fish fillet was crispy and tender on the inside as it should be, and was satisfying to eat. The sides were much more lack-luster. Mac and Cheese is passable but I couldn't care for the Garlic Rice.

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