We have seen the snaking queues at this branch many times, even when it's 30 min before closing so we never got to try. Finally was at Suntec on a weekday and there was only a couple in the waiting line. The eatery was quite crowded still and had many orders on hand.

We ordered the original premium pancakes with a side of Vanilla Ice Cream. The only thing good there was the ice cream which was quite legitimate vanilla flavor; you can also see specks of Vanilla bean used. Pancake was spongey at best but none of the melt in your mouth texture. The cream was the last straw for me. Both the vanilla cream on top of the pancakes and the butter cream served on the side were extremely cheap tasting. The pancakes wouldn't have been edible if not for the ice cream.

Seems like their mango pancakes are quite popular. Probably because they serve you two full slices of mango to go with the pancakes. Maybe then it wouldn't be as plain and the cream won't compliment as badly.

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