Fusion of this and that.

Fusion of this and that.

The best of many worlds in a meal 🌍 Or sometimes, confusions in a meal
Chubby Cheeks
Chubby Cheeks

This has got to be the brightest-coloured dish on the menu. And it indeed was as bright as it looks. The bright orange and red hues definitely lit up the face of the hubs, who's a great fan of Asian and Seafood. The tiger prawns were grilled to perfection; was juicy and tender. The pasta was cooked to al-dente, mixed with belacan mentaiko mix which oddly went all. The mentaiko paste/gravy did not taste artificial (ie. something out of a supermarket tube) nor was it overly salty. It was a heartilicious asian fusion pasta!

So… this is how your Burpple lunch set will look like! 2 bowls of noodles (featured here’s the braised pork noodles), 2 servings of dumplings and 2 drinks! As awesome as I remembered it to be - with generous food portions and creative concoctions of tea. We finally got to try the smoked duck dumpling this time and my, it was yumms! Also, we had to order the pierogi once more because it left an impression the previous round 😂 Ohhh, they also provide a complimentary side of Korean sprouts!!


Finally got to try the smoked duck dumplings! Had missed this in the last visit and was glad to be able to try it this time! It’s a pretty uncommon flavour - usually it’s pork/chicken/veggie. This came as part of the lunch set, the duck dumplings were plump & generously filled! Duck meat was moist and flavourful, pretty sure it’s not unwanted duck parts or fats that went into the dumplings 😂 I love how the dumplings are crispy on the sides, with perfect thickness (or rather thinness) to the skin. Served with onions and some greens as garnish which I thought were necessary but definitely adds on to the aesthetic of the dish 😂

The small-ish looking serving size was packed rich with mentaiko, tobiko roe and chunks of salmon. Spaghetti was al-dente but I’d prefer for it to be more well cooked. Softer pasta blends better with the creamy mentaiko base ... in my opinion. The generous amount of mentaiko is a double edged sword tho. The dish inevitable gets cloying after a while!

It’s basically garlic fried rice Asian-style, with dark soy sauce, topped with some spring onions and sesame. Nicely seared beef cooked to medium. Not exactly a huge wow factor because I’d expected more on the ‘scorched’ bits, somewhat like that of the precious charred bits at the sides claypot rice. Nevertheless, this was a decent meal and definitely one of the better (& value!) option for lunch - esp if you’ve Burpple 1-1!

Potato Mousseline | Roasted Root Vegetables | Red Wine Jus

Just the traditional favourite, slow-cooked in red wine to achieve that level of tenderness and intense flavour. Nicely paired with traditional sides of potato and root veggies! One of the to-gos for beef well-done. HMMS. It’s supposedly a fusion dish but again, this too, i can’t see where’s the fusion but I guess what matters is a happy stomach 😊 Awesome value with Burpple Beyond 1-1!

Orange Carrot Mousse | Carrot Tarragon | Pickled Mustard Seed Jus

The name says 'local' but there's nothing very 'local' in terms of taste or presentation for that matter. (Perhaps there's some local twist to the cooking technique?) If you're expecting any hint of 'local' spices, you'll be disappointed. But the disappointment will not stay - ignoring any expectations associated with 'local' and keeping to the French origin of confit, this is a French-tabulous confit. The meat was again, fall-off-the-bone tender, juicy and very much flavoured. Despite being cooked in duck fat, it wasnt overly oily. The pickled mustard seeds added that tangy twist and crunch to the dish. The carrot mousse added some level of sweetness to the dish. Must-try! Just to add, it's probably the most affordable duck confit, thanks to Burpple Beyond!

Wagyu patty, kombu rice, panko 🍳, seasonal veggies and fries. Aww. That Spanish Asian fusion that appeals to the inner Asian palate. So, what’s kombu? What’s the craze about all-things-kombu? Kombu rice, kombucha. Yada yada. Hmms🤔 Kombu rice here doesn’t have anything much to do with fermented rice tho. But more of seaweed! Kombu is apparently an algae? And here, as pictured, is a disc of rice mixed with seaweed. Interesting combi 😋 And... what about panko? Panko’s a type of Japanese bread crumbs. So yes, the eggy here is deep fried in bread crumbs 🤩 I’m wowed - it’s a fusion of Spanish, Japanese ... and Chinese

“hmmmm, very nourishing for the body” - says the black chicken (aka the star of all Chinese black chicken soups!). Hold that thought tho! This innovative fusion dish isn’t the healthiest- with glutinous rice and foie gras stuffed within, the black chicken is easily the fattest! Personally, I don’t enjoy the dish, except for the charred chicken skin. There’s this gamey-ness to the foie gras that’s fully absorbed into each rice grain - I can’t appreciate! Of course, the entire piece of foie gras and bits of rice in immediate ‘contact’ with the foie gras went to the fiancé, a love for weird animal innards...

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Trio chocolate mousse and black sesame ice cream
‘This comes as part of the set meals. Pretty nice, nutty sesame ice cream here but the cake wasn’t mind-blowing. Not much of a surprise or creative element of this was meant to be Asian fusion!

🐌 Escargot with foamy cream & pistachio bits
Well, at first bite, it seems like really crunchy / chewy mushroom 🍄 In terms of mouthfeel - yes! Right on point. In terms of flavour- yes too! The foamy creamy pistachio-y mix were pleasant additions to the dish.

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The baby carrots 🥕 looked so cute here! Taste wise, just crunchy and a lil’ towards the bland side. The ‘keropok’ piece was a pretty deco to the dish, tho nothing incredibly ‘wow’ in terms of taste. It’s a pity the ‘natural’ flavour of quinoa was overpowered by the tangy vinaigrette-ish sauce.

My chubby cheeks speak of my love in uncovering new bites & savouring ‘em all!

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