A hole-in-a-hut kinda asian fusion cafe in the west! The google ratings were high and we’ve seen plenty of praises for their food going around on social media. We were naive to think that the queue would be manageable (or in fact, no queue) given how ‘ulu’ the place is. We arrived at 7+ pm and were greeted by a queue - we ended up having to leave our number on the waitlist. It was a 45mins wait before it was our turn!

The chilli crab pasta was not part of the regular menu. It’s found on the seasonal/ specials menu located at the order counter. The husband went for this, and thought that this was pretty decent. Nothing wow but a comfort for chilli crab and noods lovers. I took a mouthful - the chilli crab sauce was a lil’ too tomato-ish for me but that’s kinda a biased opinion as I’m not the greatest fan of of tomato based pasta. It was great that the pasta base was adequately spiced with chilli - the spiciness that cut through the tomato taste made the base a lot more palatable (to me). At this price point, the crab meat served was decent in portion - shredded in flakes, it was easy to consume. Of course, nothing like savouring a chill crab right from its flesh