Savouring of International, Western dishes like Italian, American & European.
Bryan Soh
Bryan Soh

Went back to school hence decided to give the fries a try. I like the mentaiko fries hence decided to get the cheese fries too.

The cheese given was generous but I still prefer the mentaiko one. Price wise for both is $5 each

Managed to get reservation and ordered few dishes such as pizza ($10), fried rice ball ($9), porchetta ($10), parmigiana ($15) & tiramisu ($16).

For the quality, I would say the price is reasonable and really worth it

Used to have it at hall 14 before it closed down. Now they opened an outlet at north hill.

Had the Double Team ($9.90) and the cornflake chicken is good. Had also the Mentikyo fries ($5) and which now they do not fry using the same batter as cornflake chicken. Prefer the old way but new way also not bad.

Had the Egg Benedict ($26) & Chilli Scramble ($25).

The chilli scramble they used chilli flakes which is a first for me. Kind of spicy for me as a brunch item.

Egg Benedict the egg was flowy and I like how there is fried onion & bacon bits at the bottom of the egg. There also offered single piece of bacon but it was dried and overcooked.

I would say the breakfast offered is not just typical English style but mixed of other continental breakfast too.

However, I think more have to be improved in terms of taste.

Ordered a few items such as Shoestring Truffle Fries & Fish & Chips. Portion is huge and delicious.

Will not mind going again but maybe other outlets.

Had the spinach tortilla ($20++) & salmon pasta ($28++) and it was flavourful.

Good to go once in a while

Ordered truffle fries, ($8.90) garlic parmesan cheese chicken poppers ($8.90), garlic and prawn pizza (12') ($25) & new york finest (12') ($27). All was decent and delicious. Used eatigo of 50% and paid total of $37.69

Had the Rosti ($10.80) as it was their signature item. I was kind of excited for it but was kind of let down. The rosti is not crispy than I was expecting it to be.

I feel that Ivan's Carbina's Rosti is much better

When I first tried their fairfax burger ($12) when they just open, it was very egg and runny. The bun was buttery and savoury too.

Fastfoward now, the egg seems to be less and not bun was dry (I assume they reduce the butter). There is this promient of garlic which wasn't there the first time I ate it. I feel that it is out of place for an egg burger.

The truffle hashbrown was like mashed potato being fried for me which does not suit my palate.

Overall, not going to patronise again

Had vouchers to clear and other than its beef steak, I really like their Baked Potato with sour cream and bacon. They also have weekday discount for ribeye steak which is also worth the visit

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Order the fruitt di mare and risotto rice ball. Overall, it is very flavourful but i find the plate flooded with sauce.

Would be good if they cut down on it

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Free burger from Shake Shack. Awesome as always.

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