Savouring of International, Western dishes like Italian, American & European.
Bryan Soh
Bryan Soh

Had the brunch menu this time round. Ordered the Lola's Breakfast ($19), Crab Cake Benedict ($19) & Lemon Meringue Tart ($7). I like that the Sourdough is toasted with butter and the bacon was quite meaty. Tater Tots was crispy which is better compared to when I had it for dinner previously. However, the scramble egg was disappointing as it is on the hard and dry side. The Crab Cake Benedict was delicious as the poached egg moist the handmade crab cake so it wouldn't be dry. The lemon meringue tart was quite flavourful to me with all the sour lemony flavour


They changed their concept since the last time I came and decided to give it a try. Even though it was a buffet sides, I didn't expect much from the mains. I ordered the Salmon Lemon Cream Sauce Spaghetti ($13.80++) which is better than I expect, there is generous amount of salmons, sauce is nice and spaghetti cooked to perfection. The sides include favourites like onion ring & mac and cheese which is good

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Had a few items such as pizza, Germany sausage, calamari & seafood linguine.

Each dish is a heavy meal by itself and not something I can eat alone. Given the portion, I would say price is acceptable

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To be honest, my friend and I initially saw the dinner menu and it looks normal even though many people talk about how good is it and wanted to go elsewhere. However, we decided to continue with the plan as if we don't go, we also don't know where else to eat.

We ordered the Tuscan Seafood Stew ($20), Grilled Kurobuta Pork Collar ($20) & Nacho Cheese Tater Tots ($11). The Tuscan Seafood Stew initially I was no expecting much. However after the Stew came, I was surprised the amount of seafood and its large choice. The sourough is really big and tasty by itself, let along dip into the sauce. The Pork Collar looks disappointing when it came as it is small and looks like just fats. However I was proven wrong once again as there is lots of lean meat and the pork although is grilled, the layer around is crispy which really shocked me. Lastly, our neighbouring table had the taer tots and I decided to get it too.

Crispynes wise is not there but flavourwise really packed the punch and the nacho cheese taste like smoked type which is delicious.

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When we arrived on a weekday dinner. The restaurant is full house and I was glad that I made reservations.

We ordered 3 different pasta, schiacciata & grilled octopus.

All the pasta is handmade and it is delicious.

Schiacciata is something I never tried before and it is not bad.

The grilled octopus is ok but I wouldn't pay $34.

The pistachio tiramisu is worth $14 but it is on the house for us as the server forgot to key in our order. Hence, it is like a compensation. It is very delicious

One downside is the menu on the table is not exhaustive. You can still scan the QR code which is on the menu. I feel that they should just create a menu with everything in it instead of asking people scanning QR code for more.

Initially, I thought that portion was going be small but it was buffer than expected. I order European which consist of pama ham, bacon, poached egg and toast.

I was surprised that pama ham was provided and it is delicious.

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I have seen and heard of this place lots of time online when it was at its old location but never had the chance to try it. Was kind of sad that it closed down.

However, when I was looking for place to eat, unexpectedly found they had moved to a new location.

My friend and I ordered the Chicken Waffle ($7.20) & 2 x Single Ice Cream Waffle ($5.20). The amount of chicken served is generous and it was juicy and moist than I expect. The waffle and ice cream given that price, I didn't expect have much expectation but the ice cream and waffles was delicious. Obiviously, can't compare to cafe but given as an American Place it is above my expectation.

I really want go and try the other items.

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Had this mac & cheese ($5.50) from Ashes Burnnit. It is quite cheesy but I feel that there is lack of ingredients. Although there is meat option for $7.50, it is expensive for that price.

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Heard many review about this place hence decided to give it a try. Ordered the Populus All Day Big Brekky ($27) & Dark Chocolate Sundae with Waffles ($19).

The Populus All Day Big Brekky consist of rosti, mushroom, egg & sausage. The rosti was dry, burnt and salty for my liking. Sausage was ok but not memorable. Egg although I would not want it to be cooked all the way, I feel the egg served was too raw for my liking.

The Dark Chocolate Sundae with Waffles was rich in chocolate but eating it too much can be jelat. The waffle feels like bakery store waffle instead of café waffle.

Overall, for the price I pay, I was expecting nicer food.

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Ordered the salmon ($16) & mixed grill set ($22) along with having additional squid tentacles ($7.50) and making it a set ($4.90).

Quality wise better than Astons. Hopefully they are able to find a bigger location as the place is quite small with only 4 seating as of now.

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Ordered their Mix Grill Platter ($15.30) (13.80+1.50 as I got pasta for one of my side).

One of my most expensive meal in NTU not in a restaurant setting. Wanted to try on my last week in NTU as would only be back to NTU in 1st semester of 2023.

I like there any 4 meats (sausage/sirloin steak/ dory fish & chicken chop).
Sausage is just frozen hotdog which is nothing special.
Dory fish is very disappointing. It just mushy with no flavour of sort.
Chicken Chop was alright.
The star was the sirloin steak. It very tender and chewy which is delicious.
I felt that the $1.50 trade up to spaghetti is kind of expensive. I wouldn't mind if it is an add up but as an additional charges for the "premium" side is expensive for me.
Overall, didn't really like my meal this time round.

Sex on the Beach ($10) & Long Island Tea ($12) during happy hour.
They put it on a glass cup which was more than I expect.

We also order the mentaiko and cheese fries ($12) each. Fries was crispy and sauce was great.

Wouldn't mind coming again

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