Healthy... Wealthy? 😋😋

Healthy... Wealthy? 😋😋

Salads and all the perceived as healthy in my world bahaha
timtam_tum ✨
timtam_tum ✨

I find a lot of joy when I bring loved ones to a favourite place and they love it them same.
Today I introduce mum to my current favourite sourdough pizza with stracciatella cheese. She was sold at first bite.
She also requested for a vegetarian meal so we opted for the grilled veggies which has green leafy (aka more nutritious) kale and broccolini, a mushroom steak and this ingenious bbq beetroot sauce. Also a sharing platter of avocado cream, pumpkin hummus, seeds praline served with pita bread and the marinated olives. We cannot bear to waste any bread here and the olives are divine. I tell her she needs to try the sourdough karaage next time.
I was glad the dinner had mum nodding in unanimous approval and she says she will bring the men, relishing in their EPL match and instant noodles at home, here soon.

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Call me a sucker for food fads but this vegan friendly, gluten free friendly was top on my wish list. Of course the knowledge that the bulk of the menu was on their natural wine listing was not the officially reason I had to be here 😉 (or was it)

Fast forward and I find myself here on a Thursday night having a flight of natural wines (a rose and 2 whites), accompanying the chef’s gluten free menu. A first proper taste of Pão de Queijo and I’m sold, there’s nothing not to love of these baked cheese pocket buns, and the sauces here are almost always delicious.

For the mains we had the Marinated Chicken Thigh Dosa with fermented chayote, cashew cultured cream; and Fermented Black Bean Falafel with carrot & lentil hummus, smoked baba ganoush. I adored how there were hints of Asian touches to the modern European- Brazilian dishes, for example chayote and what tasted like chicken rice chilli (!!) with the dosa. When you see the Brazilian born, paris trained chef dish out her food creations, to cater for a usually western audience that avoids gluten for health reasons (coeliac is the term I was told); and this in Singapore you know this ain’t any other restaurant.

Having dined at Garibaldi last November, I was excited about Burrata Joy & Gustavo Lapasta by Garibaldi at the neighbourhood we frequent over the weekends. We were looking for a light dinner on a Friday night and was glad to find ourselves here.
The fresh Burrata here speaks for itself and you shouldn’t make the mistake my mum did of ordering a salad without it. The portions here are well sized for a lady and gives you space for desserts which we did order. The tiramisu is a causal version of the iconic classic at Garibaldi, a pleasure to end your meal with!

Those beautifully placed ingredients in that iconic heart shaped wooden bowl were definitely aesthetics and effort that won me over. However without Burpplebeyond, the $9 salad bowl was for a lady appetite; and I’d have it every other day only if I had to pay $4.50 for each.

That said I saw every other table with a serving of the establishments’ signature Super Bowls which will be for my next visit ✌🏻


Pledge my allegiance...... as long as the salads and wraps never fail to satiate my desire for a healthy hearty meal. They look gr8 too don’t they 😎


Tried to have a healthy dessert for a change because the amount of sugar I ingested in 2018 could be illegal..... but I was pretty sure my açai bowl had artificial sweetness from maybe the coconut sorbet and granola? Other than that my choice of almond butter and fresh fruits should warrant minimal or natural sweetness.
Not a die hard açai enthusiast that eats a bowl every other day so I think I’m in no good position to comment on the açai here. But as an effort I found the bowl here hearty yet not tiring to finish (minus the generous granola- muesli grains) as a good dessert option; not every day but occasionally.


On this “episode” of #burpplebeyond. Hello amazingly tasty bowls that have made me return twice already.
2 generous proteins are a guaranteed minimum for the following signature bowls.
For the Korean take expect pork belly and chicken along with a ssamjang sauce and kimchi; while as for my Japanese rendition I got a large scoop of crabmeat mayo, grilled chicken thigh and pan seared tofu. Finding out that Urban Mix is the sister company of Vatos Urban Tacos made it almost an instant click to why these bowls were packed with flavour and so gooodddddd.


This growing food joint just got my vote of approval- my little salad san with an actually (lady) filling portion of cold soba was tasty, predictable japanese ingredients.
Nothing very house made here I presume but it was: flavour-full ingredients thrown together to make a legit meal quickly. No wonder, when I was surrounded by a patronising crowd around my age/ younger.

P.S: Hats off to the packaging design team at Makisan because the packaging rendered a “so pretty I wna take them home after I eat” from my dining companion.

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The many hued presentation (view the above for visual explanation) set me up for disappointment. The plated proteins were the deciding factor of the bowls and they were mediocre at best. Clearly the crispy goal of the pork belly was not met with hard crackling; the hot beef cheek was over-braised and lacked palatable tastiness.

That said the fibres were all well sautéed and/or seasoned/pickled; onsen egg was also faultlessly runny.


Asked if I could switch my soup for a Japanese miso but got advised against it by the server as my bread carb was said to complement the western mushroom soup cousin. This is a scenario where listening to experience works cause I was spotted polishing my mushroom soup with 2 of the bread rolls.
A tasty balanced meal indeed with protein (onsen eggs and minced chicken), fiber (salmon salad) and carbohydrates (bread rolls, soup).


Succulent juicy chicken thigh meets a bed of greens, this was a memorable chicken salad with that remarkable chicken thigh #try it to believe it.
Otherwise they serve decent generous bowls of Bara Chirashi don 😋


Eat to live, live to eat. Alternating between the 2 all day err day?

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