Call me a sucker for food fads but this vegan friendly, gluten free friendly was top on my wish list. Of course the knowledge that the bulk of the menu was on their natural wine listing was not the officially reason I had to be here 😉 (or was it)

Fast forward and I find myself here on a Thursday night having a flight of natural wines (a rose and 2 whites), accompanying the chef’s gluten free menu. A first proper taste of Pão de Queijo and I’m sold, there’s nothing not to love of these baked cheese pocket buns, and the sauces here are almost always delicious.

For the mains we had the Marinated Chicken Thigh Dosa with fermented chayote, cashew cultured cream; and Fermented Black Bean Falafel with carrot & lentil hummus, smoked baba ganoush. I adored how there were hints of Asian touches to the modern European- Brazilian dishes, for example chayote and what tasted like chicken rice chilli (!!) with the dosa. When you see the Brazilian born, paris trained chef dish out her food creations, to cater for a usually western audience that avoids gluten for health reasons (coeliac is the term I was told); and this in Singapore you know this ain’t any other restaurant.