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From the Burpple community

Chilly weathers these days make it so fit for everything hot and soupy! Haven’t had that many fish head steamboats to compare, but this one from Jin Jue Seafood boasts a broth with distinct herbal notes, resulted from the addition of dang gui and goji berries - yummm. Fish slices are deliberately served separately to avoid them breaking up too quickly in the pot, and we loved how the refills are of the actual broth, not just water or the watered down version.

Other dishes they serve up are your popular zi char items, like Curry Fish Head, Black Pepper Crabs, etc!

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We recently discovered a good zi char restaurant Jin Jue Seafood in the Jalan Besar area! Here’s what we had:

~Red Snapper Signature Steamboat ($38)
~Shrimp Paste Chicken ($12)
~Salted Egg Pork Ribs ($18)
~Golden Crispy Tofu ($12)
~Stir Fried Kailan with Dried Scallops ($15)

The main highlight was the Red Snapper Signature Steamboat! The refillable broth was so rich and flavourful, and the fresh red snapper slices are served separately, so you can cook it as and when you want to eat it, and at your preferred doneness too! Other dishes we liked were the Shrimp Paste Chicken (crispy & juicy!), Salted Egg Pork Ribs (tender pork ribs coated in addictive salted egg yolk sauce!) and Stir Fried Kailan with Dried Scallops (first time having kailan cooked this way, and we found it interesting & yummy!).

Overall, I’d definitely recommend a visit to Jin Jue Seafood with your family or friends for a good zi char meal!

Cantonese Styled Seafood Cuisine from @jinjueseafood !

Featured here are the following items:
Chilli & black pepper crab ($57 for 2 crabs! This promo is in conjunction with Singapore’s 57th birthday and the promo ends on 31 Aug 2022! For dine in only.): The crabs were served pipping hot! Both the chilli and black pepper sauce were super spicy and shiok! The crab meat was fresh, sweet tasting and super meaty! Plastic gloves are provided for easy eating!

Steamboat with Red Snapper $38: This charcoal fish steamboat is super special! An entire fish is served, and they also have a separate plate of thinly sliced red snapper fish that is served shabu shabu style so that you can also have sliced fish without bones for easy eating! The soup was very flavourful and comes with yam too! Soup was refillable too. Thumbs up!

Lemongrass pork ribs $18: A very flavourful dish that was finger licking good! The meat tears off easily from the bone, very tender!

Handmade crispy stuffed chicken with sotong and prawn paste $18: Very unique item! Crispy fried on the outside and juicy on the inside! Goes well with the spicy sambal chilli sauce given!

Kailan with dried scallop $15: Stir fried crispy kai lan was so good! It is like crispy seaweed! Even non veg eaters will be converts for this dish!

Hotplate tofu $15: This came with egg tofu, minced meat, mushrooms, prawns and green peas. Super lots of ingredients!

All in all, every dish was super tasty! You can’t go wrong with this place! Great for family gatherings!

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Spicy and slightly sweet sauce, very shiok. The crab meat is fresh, quite meaty. We enjoyed it. Think it's about 500 to 600g. August promo is two crabs for $57. 2-3 can share!

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Very fresh, fish is separated so you can cook it when you are ready to to prevent overboiling.

Warm soup is shiok, a little bitter aftertaste due to the dang gui.

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