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This was my friends' favourite. Tender mutton with potatoes and a rather moreish gravy. However while this was filled with spices it's rather mild.

Overall i guess this is a good introduction to Indian cuisine if you're afraid of something with heat yet want to try Indian cuisine. Since even the "spicy" option was very mild I guess anything on the menu is pretty safe. Also they mentioned everything is made fresh so that's laudable as well. But please please please remember to use the burpple deal else it's very overpriced.

Tbh I forgot which one was which between the mutton vindaloo and lamb roganjosh. However, those two curries were the only passable ones. They aren't anywhere near spicy so don't expect that when u read spicy on the menu. It's so mild it's literally drinkable. Then again I guess they tune their food to suit the "public" taste so that's why they are so raved about? I can't say I don't understand but when I visit a place w Indian curries I expect an authentic fiery mess with lots of spice.

Either ways this was rather flavourful. Had a good deal of the lamb umami and was thick and savoury

This was most definitely not the normal butter chicken lol. I can't even begin to point out the differences. It's really sweet and lacks savouriness. I guess it's fine if you don't come in expecting butter chicken. If you have an open mind you might actually appreciate it. It's so frustrating I can't decide whether I like it or hate it since it really deviates from normal butter chicken but still I had many spoonfuls of this

Consisting of butter plain herb and garlic by right but we got butter plain peshwari and the last one had both cilantro and garlic so I'm not sure if it was supposed to be garlic or herb.

Anyways it was rather thin but dense so it wasn't very good at moping up the curry. The only redeeming point was the slightly crisp surface

Again rather expensive for such a small portion. While it was flavourful, well marinated and rather tender, this was more of a snack for one.

I don't understand why this place is so raved about as a hidden gem. It's rather overpriced esp without the promotion.

First off the mango lassi portion was not only small for $5 but it also didn't taste very good. Had much better ones elsewhere. The mango taste is sorely lacking

Okay first of all, I wanna say that this place is extremely underrated!! Everytime when we dine here, we are pretty much the only customers (with a few delivery orders). Anyway, from the left, we ordered Aloo Gobi (maybe about $8/9). This dish is actually off the menu, u can just say the cauliflower dish and they would understand! It's basically cauliflower fried with potatoes and spices. This is our all time favourite dish! A definitely must order. Next (middle) was Chicken Tikka Masala ($11), taste like butter chicken, which is excellent everywhere, just a little sweeter. They are very generous with the big and tender chicken chunks and the gravy goes rly well with the naans ($2-4). Lastly, we ordered the Lamb Biryani ($11). Very tasty with many lamb pieces. While you're there please order the mango lassi ($4) πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ. All potions might look small but they are very filling! For these 3 dishes with naan, it was just nice for 3 persons. One of my favourite restaurants in Singapore! Please go give it a try everyone! πŸ’—

Had the chicken tikka with briyani, lamb vindaloo and plain naan!

The chicken tikka was well marinated, and remained juicy and flavourful! The rice was cooked with a variety of spices and tasted amazing as well, however I find it a tad too oily. It went well with the small tub of yogurt provided!

The lamb vindaloo was well cooked with chunky pieces of lamb and potatoes. The portion looks small, but is perfectly enough for two servings of naan!

Chicken Tikka Masala - creamy, powerful in flavour from the fragrant roasted or sautΓ©ed onions and spices, with tender chicken chunks. Naan could be more crisp but the portion was big enough for me to wipe the bowl clean literally, otherwise I may have to ditch the decorum.

πŸ˜‹ @indline does not offer typical Indian food that we find along Little India. Located along Keong Saik Road, it fits into the place with their hip and contemporary Indian cookery concept. πŸ‘ŒπŸ».
During lunch they offer a Indbox concept, where you can customize your own meal from the various choices! .
If you have the time, seat in and take a look at their extensive menu! Surely, you'll be able to find something for yourself!πŸ˜‰

Malai kulfi is an Indian cuisine ice cream, hand made from milk together with ground pistachios and almonds which gave a nice dimension of granularity with each mouthful. The saffron and other spices added to the ice cream also carried a lovely fragrance and before we realised it, it was gone!

The layered pudina (mint) lachcha paratha was well-made with intricate pattern. The dal tadka was seasoned well and very tasty. Aloo methi (potato woth fenugreek leaves) was a good combination with this set. Good Indian food at this joint.

Some hot Tandoor Rotis along with Paneer Makhani (cottage cheese cubes) soaked in a delicious gravy. This newly opened Indian restaurant is worth checking out for authentic Indian food and wallet-friendly prices.

Boneless chicken that were marinated with spices and yogurt before being baked in a Tandoor oven, we enjoyed the tenderness and succulence of the meat. Served on a hotplate, it was sizzling hot and fragrance was in the air! Perfect as a starter to share with friends, it would go really well with a pint of beer while you wait for the savoury mains.

This time it's at @indline at Keong Saik Road just beside Banana Tree! This place serves up really affordable and authentic Indian fare within a hipster interior. Pretty rare for an Indian place I'd say!

Go for the Chicken tikka ($11) - 5 pieces of tender and succulent protein, oh so flavorful and you just can't help but finish all 5 on your own. HAHA! While I'm not a huge fan of lamb, the highly recommended Lamb Vindaloo ($11) - boneless lamb in brown gravy was SO tender, and the best part? There was no GAMEY LAMBEY TASTE AT ALL! Don't be fooled by the size of the bowl though, the portions of lamb in there were more than generous!

Their mains with meat ranges from $8 to $12! Pretty affordable for the quality and portions I would say, and can someone bring me back to India already? I miss everything there!! Maybe except for the polluted air!

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