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The  Food Compendium
The Food Compendium

Is it more ex than before? New year new me old prata, this year I'm trying to be kinder so I guess their prata is crispy at first and when you wait 60 seconds, it becomes fluffy (if you catch my drift)

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PSA this branch don't have first gourmet member rewards. This branch's electronic systems seriously suck, they messed up CHOPE reservation before, and after so many months from opening they still don't have the membership

Food review:
It's the chettinad chili ckn in their absolutely lovely briyani rice(seriously intoxicating, the rice has a nice bite and depth on its own)

The ckn doesn't impart it's flavour to the rice tho, plus there's not much gravy for the ckn inside. I'd advise you to get the chettinad ckn ala carte and briyani rice ala carte

Utterly impressive. Super strong marination on the exterior w mad fragrance, and the thin batter had a good crunch too. The textures worked perfectly

Must try

Well executed, there's a slight crunch at some parts and reasonably tender too

Maybe the mildest side here, it's not very spiced at all.

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Still the same, despite the well charred look it loses crisp within 2-3 bites, plus the wait time is still damn long due to some people taking away 10pcs at once

Both this and tandoori roti are made w wheat flour, but this is layered while the roti isn't

I don't like wheat but this was masterfully cooked so I didn't mind it at all. Well charred and super crispy yet not burnt anywhere. Excellent execution

Must try

You know I was impressed the first time I came here but I didn't expect to be mindblown the second time. WOW

Incredible stuff. The chicken wasn't super tender on its own but coated w the sauce, it's texture was still solid. The flavours were bomb, it's super deep and satisfying, while having some spice as well as a little bit of heat. Not to mention the portion is generous

Must try, too good to describe properly

Absolutely smashing. There's great depth in the rice, you can taste the umami of prawns and the full-bodied flavour. Spices were on point, it's really hard to just stop eating the rice.

Chicken curry was great too, it's more like a chicken stew w spices in some sense, cos I really taste the essence of chicken soups.

Must try

Delicious. The fruitiness was sufficient and the yoghurt was very thick, not overly sour, and overall it's well balanced yet unabashed in flavours.

Quality stuff, one of the best I've had


Smashing stuff

Tender lamb shank, well spiced rice that's good on its own yet perfect as a backdrop, tomatoey curry.

Pleasantly surprised by the quality, book cos there's a queue on weekends


So the briyani for mutton u have a choice between boneless chunks and bone in.

I wanted to know the diff so I bought this ala carte. It's decent but not as good as the boneless ones, as it's more dry

The curry is actl v good on its own. There's this heavines to it due to the spices even tho it's not viscous at all. But somehow tgt w the mutton it doesn't come through very strongly

Only the most annoyingly accurate, the most painfully truthful reviews.

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