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The  Food Compendium
The Food Compendium

The thickness gives it a substantial bite, the crisp stays for a while but it's abit confusing because it's sweet inside yet because the sugar was applied randomly, some parts aren't sweet. Yet it's served with curry

I guess you either eat it plain or just have curry with every bite, the curry overwhelms the sugar anyway.

Minced mutton isn't as good as their shredded mutton, murtabak has a nice crisp but it doesn't last long, basically turns soggy around the time you're done with one quarter

Pictured is half portion, they split it for us.

Maybe my first time having this. There's this darkness to the taste and it's less sweet than just milo. The coffee doesn't come through too strongly, it's just a hint

Not many Chinese are familiar w this dish, it's basically chopped up and stir fried prata. In fact I rarely even see this on the menu normally, so I'm glad I found it here

Their mutton is good as ever. It's abit unfortunate that their prata texture isn't the best for kothu prata, it's somewhat soggy when stir fried. However the combination of eggs and spices still made this quite enjoyable

Beef shank were numerous, huge and passably tender. It's smoked I believe because there's almost a ham like taste, and its quite strong. The thick gravy was mild and there's this underlying slightly floral aroma to it.

Too unadventurous for me, plus there's no bone marrow that I could taste

Overall their curries were pretty good but very oily though, literally a layer of oil appears as you let the curry settle over the meal


For a wholemeal bread this was very fluffy, there's good crisp and there's flavour as well. I guess the texture is more fluffy than traditional but no complaints, recommended

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A little bit of crisp and the naan was thick and fluffy but the mozz was a mistake because it made it too thick and it doesn't
absorb sauce as well, so there's always a plain portion in your mouth that the sauce cannot mingle with.

Don't get cheese naans here

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There's mint and other spices which takes it taste quite green and rather bright for a stew. Decent but the flavour profile was less stunning

Also the curries have sleeper portions, it doesn't look like there's a lot of meat cos it's hidden under the thick gravy, but one bread and one curry is per pax is good enough for most couples, don't over order

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I believe the achari literally comes from achar

Because the profile and description are aligned, it really has an underlying complex sourness but even though that is pronounced, it's proper comfort food with the thickness and the heartiness coming through the most instead of sourness. Mutton was tender

Not bad, would recommend for something abit more interesting

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Lousy. Astringent and no body, way too hot too

I'm aware this should go under Pakistani food but honestly, that's too rare for it to be a single category

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Tender jackfruit which is basically almost exactly the same as that of your typical permanent jackfruit curry honestly, but with a hint of spice and in their briyani rice

It's a weekend special I think

Only the most annoyingly accurate, the most painfully truthful reviews.

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