3 Temasek Boulevard
#01-361 Suntec City
Singapore 038983

09:00am - 10:00pm

09:00am - 10:00pm

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But how cute is it to have sushi-looking Gudetama sponge and cheesecake on rice pops served with a side of “wasabi” matcha and “soy sauce” syrup. Just don’t expect it to taste anything more than meh.

//📸: TA-MA-GO

Bring me back to the carefree life where I can eat and get fat and be happy. 😌 Ok la I happy now too.

Nua & Just Tuck in anyway! ... ~
Big NUA Breakfast - $25.9
Hearty Portion of Bacons, spicy pork bratwurst, sautéed mushrooms, baked beans and Gudetama on buttery brioche toast
Gudetama Cafe

Meet with friends to have dinner here. The food are really cute with the gudetama expression on it. And it tastes not bad too. Their fries is really good though. We ordered the family platter to share among us. It's just nice for us. My friends bought back some desserts and I bought their tissue box lols! Because it's too kawaii ! They have the promotion for it. But I have to say that the price and charges from this cafe is really pricey. Food added service charge and tax. The products that I bought are also with tax. 😒 but just for a one time try, this is good. 😊

The presentation is too cute!! Looking like a sunny side up on a pan, the "egg yolk" is the lemon curd while the "egg white" is the meringue. And the "pan" is actually a tart coated with chocolate ganache, totally edible!!! This dish scored on both the presentation and taste, worth a try!

Yep. I wasn't expecting the food to be the main focus anyway xD Price was high, so lucky the portions weren't minuscule if not... 🤣 Taste of the lobster bisque and eggs Ben with Yuzu hollandaise sauce is normal... I'm sorry but I only chose these 'cause Gude Hyung looks most photogenic in them. They honoured my note in the Chope reservation for a inner seat and I'm really glad for it :)

The Gudetama Café had been in the local themed restaurant scene last year, but it's only up till now that I have come here for a meal. It's definitely not as crowded as I had imagined it to be, but still attracts customers to come by and make that Instagram-worthy shot on their egg-based food items.

The Eggcited Cajun Chicken with Waffles (S$23.80) is pitched as the main course that is combined with the desserts. All you need to do is to use the maple syrup and fresh cream on any of the food to give it a sweet touch. Even though the waffles turned out to be cold, the cajun chicken thigh was adequately spiced up, and yes it does go well with the waffles with syrup and cream.

Here during off-peak means I didn't have to queue to get a table. Warm brownie served with lightly roasted marshmallows, ice cream, caramelised bananas and cut fruits. Serving was just nice for 3 pax. 🍦🍦🍦

Burger ($27.50)
Toasted brioche bun with double prime juicy beef patties, melted cheese, bacon & lots of fried😋Sunny side up was being requested for double side frying & gone was the yellowy yolk😜

Here are 12 Japanese Restaurants & Cafes At Suntec City @sunteccity, To Dine Like You Are In Nippon.

Gudetama Café, Eat At Seven (that’s 7 restaurants), Ginza Lion, Hoshino Coffee, Ramen Dining Keisuke Tokyo, Kuishin Bo, KURO Izakaya, Monster Curry Café & Bar, Shabu Sai, Sumiya, Sushi Goshin by Akashi, and umisushi.

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Vegetarian option's available too!
This totally matches my mood today because that's exactly how I'm feeling right now otw to the 8.30am class (woke up at 5.45am). Can someone grant me a break? Need like infinity hours of sleep 💤

Just had lunch at restaurant. The restaurant is inflexible when it comes to the menu they have. E.g. when I tried to order one of the main course & request to change the side dishes which is the veggies to fries, I was told that that cannot be done because they can't customize it. Which restaurant doesn't let the customer change the side dishes???
They also served the drinks to the wrong table when my friend said the other drink is mine the waiter sent it to another table beside us.
The food taste so so... Not fantastic.
Overall experience is bad... Don't think I'll come again.

Crispy bread skin, soft bread meat. The soup has a strong lobster taste! 😄

Lazily resting in a perfectly adraoe position on their delectable mashed avocado brioche toast, this huge pan also came along with tater tots, mushrooms & seasonal greens.A fair amount of aromatic truffle presence was detected in the overall dish as well.
More than pure aesthetics, this has genuinely far exceeded my expectations for food from theme cafes (my previous experience from one at Orchard last year really gave me trauma). Even if it's not for the adorable factor, I'd still order this exact dish with the same recipe from other places (perhaps at a range from $16-18, after deducting the licensing fees & novelty). So yes, this has earned my thumbs up, anytime. Oh, & I enjoyed the murder scene 🙊
P.S. Special day in February & I'm showing to the world that I'm on a long term permanent relationship with food. Admit that I'm way behind time (but hey I've been abroad for awhile!), so glad to be finally catching up with time 😂 Hope everyone have a great day with lots of love! 💕

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