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From the Burpple community

Silky Eggs Rice with Char Siu & Pork Belly

(from Tai Cheong Bakery)

Quite surprise and unexpected can still able to get the price of $4.80 Chinese mixed rice in orchard area. The one in food opera is overpriced though!

Not too shabby, enjoyed this carrot cake! Added on extra egg as usual, and the sides were even crisped (despite the colour it wasn’t charred!). I liked the presence of caipohs, especially since my recent caitaokueh experiences didn’t have those😕. The kueh was soft but not too soft; and portion was quite generous so I don’t think I would be able to finish this entirely on my own. Chili was shiok and rather potent to me.


Black Friday became Black Weekend, and now even food court got sale. They had the noodle set as well as the fried rice set. Each only $5.50. Food court was super crowded even at 3pm.

Cutlet was as good as ever. Well marinated and crispy. The vege was not bad. Sauce was savory and flavorful.

Been eyeing this cutlet speciality stall for a while. And it didn’t disappoint. I must have gone at a good time, cos everything was freshly fried and hot. The cutlet was well marinated and extremely tender. The fried mushrooms, enoki and fish cake were excellent as well. The gravy for the noodle was delicious and flavorful. I give it 👍🏻👍🏻

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Loads of liao gave a very good first impression. Digging in further revealed ample gravy. The flavors were on the heavy side, which really suited me. Soup was too peppery. This was an excellent bowl of BCM. I walked past it for years and never knew what I was missing. Don’t be like me.