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Duck Confit

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A play on french & asian fusion and I don't know what to think about it. Duck confit ($19.90++) was tender and flavourful. Kway tiao seems somewhat out of place though. Would say that the starters here definitely outshine the mains.

For mains, I had Duck Confit ($19.90) and I like that it is served with wok-hei infused horfun, mushrooms, a sprinkle of salted egg yolk and a drizzle of plum vinaigrette instead of the usual mash potatoes. The duck skin is fragrant and crisp and the meat is well seasoned and moist.

Waited patiently and changing my birthday lunch twice with the forever changing rules of Covid-19.

Thank you for bringing the restaurant I wanna go to my home Buddies 😍😘😍

Finally tried my CCCC pasta 😋 I love it!!
Totally love the food!!!!
I'd eat them again anytime seriously.
🍽️ Kueh pie tee with crabmeat
🍽️ Braised purple Cabbage, scallops, ikura, dashi blanc, prawn head butter
🍽️ Jerusalem Artichoke - miso butter
🍽️ C&C&C&C pasta - crabmeat, chorizo, caviar, confit lemon, lobster sauce
🍽️ Duck confit w/ wok hei noodle 😋
🍽️ Char siew Lamb rib w/mint sauce
🍽️ Octopus lobster porridge

Like how the fusion comes in the sense that hor fun is added to this dish

Love the fusion dishes here, and how the Masses team take the time to explain the concept of the dishes. Ps. Hope the below dishes will stay, as they rotate their menu every 4 months

Tender angus beef cheeks in claypot that comes with "bourguignon" which is essentially it's braised sauce with onions, carrots and thick slices of non-fatty bacon (thankfully), also it comes with creamy mash. All the flavours come together not in an overpowering salty way, but executed smoothly and slightly reminiscent of your chinese claypot styles - full of gems and tastes. ($24.90)

The duck confit deserves a shout out too, we wished there's more of the wokhey horfun, and that it comes piping hot (was slightly lukewarm), but matched with the salted egg and tender duck confit, simply irresistible. Also one of the rare dish where I felt the salted egg complement it well and wasn't too loud. ($19.90)

Was slightly sad that their Ochazuke was no longer on their menu!

made it for the lunch set ($26.90++) with a choice of main, starter and drink! got the duck confit and truffle fries which were both pretty good. also tried the popular C&C pasta (served cold) with caviar and crab meat 🤤 great ambience, worth a try 👍🏻

Duck confit ($18.90++)

Duck confit cames with "wok hey" rice noodles. The Horfun was quite nice but I didnt taste the wokhei. The base had mushrooms and salted egg York with plum sauce, which was an interesting combination and went well with the duck. Overall quite a good dining experience.

I mean, chef was ex-owner of saveur, so this was pretty much perfect.

The wok hey kway teow could do with more wok hey, while the cured egg yolk added a little texture

I finally tried the many Cs pasta. Tbh it was quite disappointing as the sauce was too overpowering and covered all the other ingredients. The duck confit was good but I didn't like the side of kway teow instead of the usual mash potatoes. The cheese dessert with yogurt was the best dish! The unique combination felt weird yet delightful at the same time


An entire duck leg which was drop-of-the-bone tender with duck fats enveloped beneath a crisp skin, and accompanied by.... wait for it... stir fried hor fun.. yes you read it right.. unexpected and interesting combination that works.