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Contemporary Cuisine

Contemporary Cuisine

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Wuu Yyiizzhhoouu
Wuu Yyiizzhhoouu
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When it goes into your mouth and you chew it, it tastes exactly how you would expect it to if the prawn dashi was liquid lol

After denying us the recipe to their frontier chicken, the lovable chef graciously treated us to this creme brulee(snap up the counter seats for a chance to interact with the friendly chefs with great sense of humour)

What a brilliant idea to have 3 flavours of creme brulee instead of the usual one so customers can taste variety but more importantly, this specific flavour had never been correctly guessed before. Without revealing too much so that we can all enjoy the mystery, I can safely say the only way to get it correct is to hazard a guess because the ingredient melds so well into creme brulee, lending a touch of creaminess and saltiness. Unexpected that it goes so well w creme brulee but definitely works if you're not fixated in how a normal creme brulee should taste.

Overall it is just a tad pricey but rather worth it for the whole experience and ingenuity. Some have said that fusion for the sake of fusion doesn't work, but they not only execute the dishes well and actually not many dishes are fusion dishes, they just do many different dishes from different Asian countries well.

Honey cake was crumbly, not soft and fluffy.
Bitter caramelised jackfruit sauce was really really bitter and not pleasant at all. No one liked it despite the chef saying it's supposed to be bitter caramel.
Jackfruit candy(preserved jackfruit) was actually quite okay being sweet and chewy.
Jackfruit marmalade(spreaded on the plate) was quite bad with a weird funkiness.
Homemade nougat was really good and can really tell that it's better than store bought ones.
Didnt quite catch what the coconut ice cream is called but it had a really strong kick from the alcohol which works.

Overall this place doesnt live up to the expectations which the price sets and the prices are really jacked up due to nearly everything being handmade and very limited number of customers. Also the small plate idea means the portions are really small so all the more u have to fork out money to fill up ur tummy.
Also i get that they're flaunting their creativity but you cant just served a dish only because it's creative. It has to be creative and good. Esp after multiple feedback that some components arent good, i think it's important to swop out the elements and refine them so they can boast of creative and tasty food instead of just wildly creative food. Could be because they are understaffed since so much is handmade, but while the food is good(hits and misses, for the hits) it really isnt significantly better enough to warrant that much more effort and price rather than time spent innovating and improving current recipes.

P.S. its really hard to get to and walking under the sun really doesnt help the dining experience so do cab if possible

Rather overpriced as well imo.

But despite the look it's really light and refreshing? almost because of the filling. Hard to pinpoint whats inside (theres wasabi) but it makes for a superb starter. The thickness of the filling means that as a one biter, it doesnt work very well because the flavour of the savoury toppings(duck prosciutto and smoked crab) gets completely overwhelmed.

When they said small plate they werent kidding. Thats rlly small (about 100gm of meat?) and so not very worth it.

Plus points to the sauce tho not sure what makes it special but it really surpasses normal run of the mill char siew sauces. The pork was also pretty decent but i really cant tell the difference between normal and kurobuta pork. Isit really better though?

Finally the fermented pineapple was an absolute disaster. Rather salty, not sweet enough as u would expect from a pineapple puree, and the funkiness of the ferment really didnt work well with anything else on the plate really. They know that the customers dislike this so i dont understand why they insist on including this just for the "sour component"(in their own words)

Squid ink risotto had a great bite and the octopus was smoky, soft and thinly sliced. We alrd added octopus yet it still felt like the risotto to octopus ratio was too high. The salted egg yolk sauce isnt the normal salted egg yolk flavoured sauce, this is actual liquified salted egg yolk and really doesnt work well with the savoury risotto at all

The duck was so soft!! Probably the softest duck i ever had damn. Why do chickens even exist if ducks can be made this soft. Simply amazing and a wonderful surprise considering we didnt even plan to order this at first(apparently ume sake beef wasnt available during lunch).

Other than that the somen and the herbal duck broth was super addictive as well, and even the veggies added to the dish with the complexity of flavour produced in conjunction with the broth. Overall a dark horse dish which impressed but the portion might be small for a full meal

P.s. u dont get to choose for the lunch set since they're on rotational basis

Pretty expensive for some comfort food. While the cilantro habanero was certainly praiseworthy, and formed a good combo with the sour cream, each element was satisfying but not impactful enough to demand the price imo

Really soft pancake which isnt memorable but damn the chili sauce is so good, particularly with the raw bok choy

The prawns were juicy and bouncy but they were smaller than expected when u read "sri lankan tiger prawns on the menu". Wonderfully smoky and well accompanied by the umami sauce, this would have been a winner if they used the usual large tiger prawns. The fluffy daikon cake was also excellent on the side

For 24++ and 3 average sized prawns its rather expensive tho

Sorry for the bad camera angle but else i wouldnt be able to capture the bottom 2 layers.

Lemon ice cream, gold dust, basil oil, balsamic strawberries, milk curd

Apparently you're supposed to eat it like a jar cake(which i didnt realise until the end) as the lemon ice cream is sour and the milk curd is rather tasteless in comparison so they were supposed to balance each other out.

Anyways i preferred the previous rendition of the lemon ice cream where it wasnt so sour but the chef tweaked the recipe and added more lemon as there were many people who feedbacked that the previous version wasnt sour enough. Guess im not "most people" then lol

Balsamic strawberries were thoroughly enjoyable and reviewed in my previous post.

The basil oil actually melts when it reaches the mouth from body temperature so there's a slight fragrance. Ingenious idea from the chef to start and end with a same ingredient. It really etches the restaurant in your mind and brings forth association since basil oil isn't a very common ingredient.

Also eating gold dust was a thrill only the second time of my life. It's tasteless but pretty to look at(much like some celebrities nowadays).

Overall do come and check this place out esp with the lunch set which is a steal(w or w/o the burpple deal actually). The dishes just keep evolving with feedback from customers and the chef is so particular about the freshness of the ingredients(he rejected entire batches of ingredients if he doesnt deem it fresh enough). It's so much of a steal they actually lost money during the soft launch >

Super lucky to try this. Apparently they ran out of barramundi for the lunch set so they offered to replace it with the fjord trout(which is from the dinner menu). If u didnt know what fjord trout is, it's basically a better salmon haha. Super super buttery thanks to a sous vide(which the restaurant had to test many times to perfect, kudos to them), i only used a fork throughout the whole course. The chef mentioned that there's only one source for this trout during this time of the year so i guess it's pretty precious haha.

Mini ikura provided extra brininess for the fish and the salmon bone reduction was intense. The elements dont seem to meld on paper but the dish was actually really harmonious.