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Contemporary Cuisine

Contemporary Cuisine

Featuring Pollen, Brine, Labyrinth, Morsels, Coriander Leaf
Wuu Yyiizzhhoouu
Wuu Yyiizzhhoouu
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Fennel chocolate and calamansi chocolate

Fennel was actually rather agreeable(the molten centre helps) and the calamansi chocolate was simply alluring with the slight sweetness and sourness. Great end to the meal

Second part of the dessert which was fresh(rather sour cherries) with cherry dragon breath(without the smoke) as well as cherry juice. Rather difficult to eat as the parfait was quite hard but otherwise it taste like what u expect

Even though it's 5 courses the dessert is actl split into 3 parts.

The milk ice cream was pretty good but the theatrics lie in the citrus English tea which quickly solidified to become a jelly.

Poached duck was really soft but had some connective tissue attached. Roasted duck had great flavour but it was chewy at some parts. The duck jus however made up for the lack of flavour in the poached duck and I would certainly have preferred more of it

Soft and succulent beef cheek with herbal "tea"(beef consommé). Given the name it's not hard to guess that the dish was inspired by bkt

Crab meat king salmon and crab bisque. Soft and flaky king salmon just cooked enough to still be pink and the crab bisque just ties together the seafood umami. Favourite dish of the night

The bagna cauda ice cream was really good and it's rather different from just a cold anchovy sauce. But otherwise the veggies weren't particularly impressive by any means

Kale crisp, some form of ham and it's gel(don't quote me on this I didnt catch what they said lol) and scallops. A very unique taste thats surprisingly familiar but can't quite put a finger on it

Redolent of an Indian potato dish in terms of texture and spices but the popcorn wasnt crunchy enough

Very very rich and a great surprise. What a cheeky rendition of a great dish :D
If I say anymore it's gonna ruin the surprise haha