Contemporary Cuisine

Contemporary Cuisine

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The  Food Compendium
The Food Compendium

Served w pineapple compote. Honestly it's basically blitzed pineapple but it works well

The scarmoza was rlly lovely. It's very meaty almost, esp when served beside the pineapple compote. There's crisp on the surface, it's got the most pleasant soft chew and sufficient bite, and smoky too.

The only problem is the price. Otherwise I have no reservations about branding it a must try. Still tho, I'm really glad I didn't have to share this, this was very satisfying to chew on 3 massive chunks of scarmoza

Koji marinated iberico secreto, the funk wasn't too strong and the umami is present. Quite tender too, esp because of the thin cut. I would prefer a thicker cut tho, and it wasn't crisped up enough

The braised cabbage is tough to cut, it spreads out cos the knife isn't sharp enough. Your classic sour cabbage

The black vinegar sauce was rlly good. There's umami from ckn jus, so the sourness played second fiddle

Overall pretty good, but very overpriced

The sourdough was lovely. Crispy, light, with nice bite.

I'm sure people have heard about their kombu butter. To be honest you don't taste exactly kombu but it's more of just umami. This will be a theme throughout the meal.

It was very good tho, this is a must try if you're here

This is a lot more normal. Meringue, yuzu ice, strawberry jam


They keep telling us to play and mix around but honestly the portions are so tiny I can't rlly fathom how one would do that. Plus idg what's supposed to happen when you mix. Also the wait for the dessert was 45mins, that really overwhelmed every other experience we had, if not for that the meal would have taken 1.5hrs tops. I was more impressed by Marcy, esp for the price

Earl grey pudding was weak compared to the intense sencha tuile which was stronger than almost everything else but since it was good, there's no complaints at all

Not bad

Served on sago, with onion foam

The duck flavour was strong and this was quite nice

The pork was fine, cauliflower puree was sweet like a candy, but the blueberry sauce had some crazy herbs that's ridiculously strong and weird tasting

Maitake wasnt flavourful, first time having it in a restaurant. the beef short ribs doesn't have a good texture, it's somewhat chewy and even tho it's what they're shooting for, I believe everyone likes melt in your mouth short ribs more. The beefiness is strong tho, they bring it out using miso

Carrot puree was surprisingly not as tame as you would expect, the sauce is very mild

Overall meh

Baked Garlic and sth chips to scoop up the rest of the piquillo sauce. They're alright

The mushroom sauce and the veggie doesn't come thru but the texture of the baked hashbrown was divine.

The piquillo sauce it's served with was incredible, very prominent natural fruity flavours

The rye bread is quite dense, I don't like

The house made butter is mixed with ckn oil so it's very light and really good

The mackerel has a great texture, however the thick sauce which is sour is quite strong and doesn't rlly work particularly well with the mackerel. The tarragon oil is quite sour also? And doesn't rlly come thru

Overall it's fine

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