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Dessert(last Course) Of 4 Course Lunch Set

Homemade balsamic strawberry jam, fresh strawberry cubes, lavender panna cotta, lemon ice cream

I have to admit the whole table was rather apprehensive about the lemon ice cream but NO. The lemon ice cream totally blew our socks off and was in fact our favourite element in the dessert, not to say the others werent enjoyable. It was creamy, fresh and definitely not overly sour. Come down and try it to believe it! Lavender panna cotta seemed slightly out of place despite it being very aromatic but the chef has expressed that he only thought of adding it recently so he's still experimenting with getting various elements to gel. Once again kudos to his adventurous spirit and u can be sure the dishes are only going to get tastier.

Soft launch 40% off total receipt ends on 23rd april, sunday, but the chef is considering the soft launch so stay tuned!!! Hope everyone is as excited as i am :)

Main Of Lunch Set

Duck with cranberry quinoa and beetroot textures

Duck was perfect as previously reviewed, and im really sorry i didnt take a picture of the insane sear on the duck skin as the plating was just too pretty.

Cranberry quinoa with citrus flavours as well as pickled beetroots and beetroot powder definitely complemented the duck better than the previous rendition of carrot curry puree. The chef's cooking just keeps evolving and getting better. This was his original idea and would have been on the lunch menu last week if not for supply problems. What a pleasure to try the duck again!

Entree Of 27+ Lunch Set

Clams, mussels, stingray, barley, seaweed, mushroom

Topped with dehydrated enoki. Barley provided a nice chew and the stingray was super flaky. All in all an unexpectedly strong umami bomb that stuns u from dish 2.

Starter Of 4 Course Lunch Set

Lunch set changes everyday so dont be surprised if you dont find what you went tor as the chef only confirms the menu early in the morning. That being said, u can count on the food to be good so just place and reservation and go for it

First time this is served here. Charred broccoli gazpacho with raw broccoli stems and dehydrated broccoli chips. Variety of textures and the gazpacho has a really deep flavour due to the charring. Great starter and perfect portion to serve its purpose of whetting the appetite

Dessert (Final Course Of 5 Course Dinner)

As the dinner draws to a close, i couldnt help but think whats not to love abt this restaurant. They keep improving the recipes as can be seen from this dish. After feedback that the lemon panna cotta was too sour, they changed the dessert to mango, coconut, CORN.

The corn's sweetness definitely help offset the mango's sourness and create a balanced dessert. The restaurant is still young tho so apparently they ran out of ice cream after the lunch set and had to make a new batch after lunch ended which means it didnt completely set when dinner started. Flavour wise it's spot on. I know of some places that makes a coconut sorbet and doesnt use coconut milk but this establishment doesnt shy away from the coconut milk. The coconut ice cream was super creamy and its really impressive considering it's homemade. Moreover they dont add stabilisers so eat fast before it melts.

Mango was rather sour and works well with the sweet and rich ice cream. Blowtorching the mango for a smokey finish was a great idea but it was more subtle than the chef had hoped for so i guess they're still tweak that in the future.

Kudos to the spirit of excellence and striving to improve their craft. I'm sure they will only get better from here on out.

Meanwhile if u havent reserved a seat before 23rd april u really shld drop everything and make time for this. Run out their ingredients as many times as needed haha

Main(Fourth Course)

Not gonna lie i came here for MEAT! unfortunately the highly raved ribeye was too popz and ran out during lunch so this is actually the first time duck came out on brine's menu.

And i have to admit im actually happy they ran out of ribeye cos this is the best duck ive had in my life. Now before anyone freaks out im gonna explain my case. Not only was the duck was super bouncy, it was flavourful and theres no gameyness at all. And while the inside was juicy, the skin was so beautifully seared and the maillard reaction imparted such depth.

The duck was so perfect on its own that the sides seems out of place haha. Pickled carrots(in sherry vinegar) were pungent but the chef is still in the middle of adjusting the recipe, and this combination is temporary until stocks come in so stay tuned!!

The "curry carrot" puree also felt out of sorts and is actually the only thing i didnt finish today.

Then again the duck is so perfect i would order the dish again just for the duck!

Guess What This Is Lol

Third course: mushroom risotto with dehydrated enoki and shiitake dust

Let's be honest, mushroom risottos are ubiquitous nowadays. However the chef managed to impose his creativity to make this dish uniquely his. First off the risotto itself was of a perfect texture with the grains so close to melding with the gravy. Some places have their grains too hard/chewy. The truffle oil was also cooked into the risotto so it wasnt overpoweringly aromatic. Secondly the shiitake dust was super super fragrant, and the dehydrated enoki also stood out by itself(unfortunately it was completely overshadowed when mixed into the risotto). Overall definitely a unique creative take on a classic mushroom risotto thats a success in my eyes

Second Course Of 5 Course Meal

Dont really take raw food and am allergic to shellfish, so couldnt have either of the normal second courses. The chef generously did sth on the spot for me.(feels like an omakase hehe)

Seaweed crusted sous vide salmon with burnt eggplant. Felt totally spur of the moment as seaweed was nowhere to be found on the dinner menu, and he used the eggplant as well as a sous vide salmon from the fourth course. (which means i sort of got to taste both mains lucky me) salmon was beautifully done but the burnt eggplant puree didnt have much flavour at all apart from adding a very very subtle bitterness.

Starter Of 5 Course Dinner(35++)

Cos of soft launch 40% discount until 23rd april, i actually paid less than 25 for the 5 course meal. What a steal

Butterhead lettuce with parmesan espuma(foam) and furikake. A super light starter and the parmesan flavour really shone through despite it being a foam.

Complimentary Starter

By now everyone should have heard of the insane soft launch right? 40% off WOWZ

A stunner right from the start. Bread was crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside. Simply perfect. The dip tho (basil oil and homemade blueberry yoghurt) was really creative and well thought out. Apparently the chef actually went thru many many trials before finally deciding on this combination. Right from the complimentary starter u can tell the immense effort and ingenuity that goes into the whole restaurant.

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