Bacon & Cheese Burger

$6.50 · 12 Reviews

Very satisfying meal below $10. Portions are not huge but for the price, it's worth it. The bun was soft, meat patty was juicy and I loved the crunchy bacon bits. Only wished that there wasn't so much watery sauce which kept dripping out, making it rather messy to eat. But i would definitely return again. P.S. their truffle fries are pretty good! Normal fries are average

Can't help it got to check it out their 🍔. OMG 😱 it super delicious 😋 super juicy. 😍 their bun with their initial on it. Value for $$. Try their "MUST TRY"🤩🥰😋 #classiccheeseburger

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Handcrafted beef patty, smoked beef bacon, homemade BBQ sauce and American cheese.

A popular Halal eatery within Golden Mile Food Centre that serves great gourmet burgers at really affordable prices.
Every ingredient that made up this burger worked in perfect harmony. The brioche bun, seared with the Burgs’ logo was toasted to a light crisp round the edges, and the grilled beef patty was still juicy despite being cooked to medium-well doneness.
I think crispy bacon strips might be better, no?
Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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A halal burger stall serves handcrafted beef patty burger topped with a slice of smoked turkey bacon, BBQ sauce and melted american cheese. Their handcrafted beef patty was tasty, tender and quite juicy. However, their hand-cut fries were decent and taste like typical fast-food fries.


This stall is the epitome of value for money. Delicious, cheap and good. One of the best burger stalls in Singapore.

Go early no queue. I reach there 1125am just in time to be 2nd in the queue. It is as what other customers raved about. Their beef patty is tender, love their sauce too. Im not a fan of fries thus I swap it with salad at no extra cost. Its a delight to eat. 👍 thumbs up.


Being recognised as Burpple’s HOT 100 Hawkers, I was glad that the queue was still somewhat manageable on a Saturday afternoon.

I had a go for their Bacon and Cheese Burger (S$6.50), and the first thing that I was happy with was that the burger was served with fries (read: I love fries too!). However, my enthusiasm dropped a little bit when I saw that the slice of cheese was halved. Or is it that they will give a full slice if I order a double patty instead of a single?

Taste-wise, the burger was definitely satisfying because of a juicy patty as well as a slightly spicy BBQ sauce. And at the end of it, I wondered why I had not ordered a double patty. In short, it’s worth a return visit.


Good and halal-certified burgers!

I was browsing Golden Mile Food Centre and I noticed the long queue snaking from Burgs, a Muslim-owned stall selling burgers. The kiasuness in me told me to join the queue not knowing what I was getting into.

I had ordered the double version Burgs’ bacon & cheese burger. I was set back by 30 minutes from the queueing and waiting for collection. My friends had all finished their respective meals by the time I got my food. So was it worth the wait?

Now both the beef patties were perfect and extremely juicy. Almost impossible not to make a mess. The large strips of beef bacon were a blessing atop the melted American cheese and BBQ sauce. It was a really beautiful burger. But was it worth 30 minutes? Not really. You’re better off trying many other great options around the food centre but I must say that Burgs is still a must-try.

Burgs’ Bacon & Cheese Burger ($6.50)
Burgs by @ProjectWarung is a halal burger joint run by young hawkers at Golden Mile Food Centre. The incessant queues are testament to the the popularity of this stall and they typically sell out by dinner. Since it’s my first time trying, went for the signature Bacon & Cheese Burger which comprises a juicy handcrafted beef patty cooked to perfection, thick slices of smokey beef bacon topped with bbq sauce and cheese. I added the sunny side up (+$0.50) for the dramatic effect. The fries were lacklustre but the burger is shiok and you’ll definitely get your hands dirty for this one! This burger joint is definitely on my priority list if i’m in search of my next meal at Golden Mile!