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Xinyi Lim
Xinyi Lim

Really good deal with the Burpple 1-for-1. You get to pick a main (battered fish, chicken chop etc) with 2 sides. There's an assortment of fries as well (sweet potato, truffle fries etc). I thought this was impressive for hawker fare, fish was juicy and I appreciated the little crunches of batter they offered at the side. Not to mention, staff was very friendly too.

A good place to go for affordable seafood (and Halal too!) Meat was packed full of flavour, the sauce made it very very savoury. Good if you like a variety of seafood (prawns, crab, fish, sotong, etc) and you happen to go with a group.

Probably the signature dish of BSK, the beef wellington at $80++ is pricey but worth a try. Good for 1-2 people, if 2 then i'd suggest buying additional food items to share.

The beef was cooked perfectly, juicy and tender, and I'm very impressed with the side dishes as well. Just look at the glazed carrots, and the mashed potato was so smooth. The pastry surrounding the beef wasn't so crusty, more of the soft thin kind. Personally, I feel it's a good combination. A bit pricey, but definitely worth the experience.

Overall the Shackburger (the signature item) is not bad, it's nicer than your typical Macs cheeseburger, but not very worth the price in my opinion. It's the "once is enough" kind of feeling. Get the Double Shackburger so the ratio of meat to bun (and other toppings) is just nice. Also, it would be much better if the meat patty was juicier, or if there was a crunch and bite to the texture.

Which is why I preferred the Shroom Burger, which doesn't contain meat but is nicer than the Shackburger. The mushroom was very juicy (the juice squirted out with every bite, and with the cheese pull, when eaten hot it was very delicious). And there was crunchy fried bits added as well, so in my opinion, this was the better item.

Very satisfying meal below $10. Portions are not huge but for the price, it's worth it. The bun was soft, meat patty was juicy and I loved the crunchy bacon bits. Only wished that there wasn't so much watery sauce which kept dripping out, making it rather messy to eat. But i would definitely return again. P.S. their truffle fries are pretty good! Normal fries are average

Steak served with tarragon bearnaise and hand-cut chips. Worth the money especially with the lunch set. Steak was beautifully cooked, chips were nice, not too oily but might be better if they were crispier. But overall still a very good meal

Crackled Belly Pork, with savoy cabbage, clove & apple sauce, roasting juices. The pork was well-roasted, full of flavour. Wished there was a bit more veg, or sides to go with the pork, but otherwise, a very tasty meal.

Not many burgers available in the 1-for-1 promo, left with the lamb burger and cheese burger (this one), but it's fine as it's one of their popular items anyway. The service staff was helpful and friendly. As for the burger, I was very pleased with the bun (crispy on the outside and soft on the inside), as well as the fries. Overall this dish wasn't particularly outstanding but for the price I'd definitely be back one day. Plus, it's halal!

Definitely worth the money, hands down, especially with Burpple's 1-for-1. The chicken was juicy and tender and fried to a nice crisp. A very good pairing with the syrup and waffles although I found the waffes to be a little dry. Overall it was a very pleasant and filling meal and the staff were very friendly as well.

Old school. Just by stepping into the place itself and seeing the signboards, the swingy rotating chairs, was enough to give me the old sku vibes. Their fried chicken and waffles was really nice and comforting and even their burger, the buns tasted old school (not a very helpful description but it really was like that). Would definitely be back.

At $10.90 it's probably one of the cheapest impossible burgers in SG so it's a good place to try. The patty REALLY tastes like meat it's amazing. Overall the burger was pretty good, I have no complaints, the bun was fragrant. May not be enough for huge eaters though! You could "fatten" your meal by making a set however I felt that it wasn't very value for money, given the price of the set add-on. Overall a good experience, would recommend :)

Not a bad place overall, the sauce was rich but the chicken could have more flavour. Fries, bun, coleslaw were good though. I'd recommend coming here anyway because the ambience is very nice, spacious and dimly lit and good for conversations or just chilling out

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