Oyster Cake – (#01-05) Maxwell Fuzhou Oyster Cake

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An addictive snack, here is a decent alternative.

Filled with meat & celery, these puff has crispy crust as well, oyster being the only option. Love eating it with the sour chilli sauce.

#01-05 Maxwell Fuzhou Oyster Cake
9am-8pm (except Sunday)

Oyster Cake $2

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Oyster cake ($2.00)
Location : Maxwell Fuzhou Oyster Cake, 1 Kadayanallur Street, #01-05.
Maxwell Food Centre, Singapore, 069184.
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Maxwell has the majority of typical Singapore dishes - Hainanese as well as Malay (ayam penyet) chicken rice, Nasi lemak, carrot cake, fish soup, peranakan, laksa, porridge, etc. Even western salads or ramen for unadventurous tourists. That’s why both ang moh (tipped by tourist guide books or travel websites) come here. Prices are reasonable, not cutthroat as in tourist ghettos like Newton Circus. Of course, Singapore street food being so plentiful, many dishes are not represented, eg. fish head curry, prawn mee, biryani, claypot rice, sup tulang, etc. My favs are Tian Tian chicken rice, China Fritters, and Fuzhou oyster cake (see reviews).

(from Maxwell Fuzhou Oyster Cake)

Munching on one of my favourite childhood snacks - UFO (that was how I termed it when I was a kid) @ Maxwell Food Centre.


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Starting with our favourite Fuzhou fried oyster cake, stuffed with chives, meat and oysters. The goreng pisang gotta be one of our best sweet creations, simple yet good. Lastly, for either sweet or savoury, the iconic Hum Jin Peng stall at Maxwell would be no stranger to many for those freshly fried fritters. Put together, these local fried snacks were economical yet enjoyable.


Finally got down to trying the sinful oyster cake ($2) which made me feel guilty all over. Oyster mixed with mixed meat and chives, then deep fried in a pocket. The resultant 'snack' was an umami, meaty, juicy cake (cough, oil, cough). That said, it's so flavourful, half of it made me satisfied, yet the whole piece just made me feel guilty. Take my advice, share it.

Left from sg, right from tw. #blueblackwhiteeats

Fuzhou Oyster Cake (福州蠔餅). I love this! Used to buy from the stall at Bugis Village when they were still selling 1 for S$1.50. (The last I ate, it's S$2.50). When I saw it yesterday at Maxwell, I knew I have to get it! Maxwell's version is S$2 for 1 but it's worth every penny and calorie! Oyster, prawns, minced pork & chives encased in a thin batter that is crispy on the outside, moist and soft bursting with flavours inside. A must try @ Maxwell Food Centre! I prefer this to the one at Bugis Village! (Maxwell Fuzhou Oyster Cake/洪家福州蠔餅, Maxwell Food Centre, Stall 5, #01-05, close on Sundays).