Tanjong Pagar

Tanjong Pagar

Featuring Maxwell Food Centre, Teppei Japanese Restaurant (Orchid Hotel), Rakki Bowl, Meatsmith (Telok Ayer), Ryo Sushi (Orchid Hotel), SBCD Korean Tofu House (Guoco Tower), Kuro Maguro (Guoco Tower), Miznon Singapore, Takayama, Torasho Ramen & Charcoal Bar
Jessica imSOHhungry
Jessica imSOHhungry

Omakase Aoi $60++

From my first visit to @kauntasg. They specialised in aged sushi. The fishes were stripped of moisture, bringing out flavours as well as the dense & firm texture.

In-House Smoked Salmon
Squid w/ Seaweed Miso
Shima Aji
Seabream w/ Red Wine Miso
Maguro, aged 10 days
Spanish Mackerel, aged 12 days
Chutoro, aged 10 days

Hot Dish

Hot dish was excellent, the unassuming prawn ball was unlike any out there. The named-printed & truffle-infused Tamago was a fitting end to the intensive flavoured meal.

The second time I went, about 3/8 sushi were different. I like that the fishes used were not fixed, giving the element of surprise despite not being the first visit.

Sweater weather is ending, but here is a cozy Tofu Stew that warmed me up.

Each stew set comes with banchan (side dishes) and rice. The banchan I received includes deep fried yellow fish, fermented squid (which I absolutely love, swipe to see), kimchi & seaweed. Requested for extra fermented squid multiple times because I like it so much.

Can’t wait to be back!


Y’all already know, this is my favourite restaurant.

So, let’s keep this short. 3 different cut of Maguro; O-toro, Chutoro & Akami. Thick & succulent slices of sashimi on the bed well prepared rice.

Dinner set has 1 more item than lunch, which is the Chicken Karaage(slide to see). The chicken karaage was made to perfection. Crispy and well marinated, eat it before it turns cold!

Sanshoku Meishi Set $34.80++

Yuzu Pepper 🥟 Ginger Paste 🥟 Sambal Belacan

What comes to mind when someone says, “Ramen’s side dish”?
It’s Gyoza for me.

Not only was these gyoza good, the side toppings incorporated interesting flavour to them. I would say my favourite is Yuzu Pepper. But honestly, Ginger Paste & Sambal Belacan were not far from it.


Rich & Creamy. A mouthful of bliss that remains in my mouth long after swallowing. Uni laid on a bed of Nori Tempura, topped with Truffle Kombu and Shiso Flower.


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This is just so good. I’m lost for words. No surprise that it won Chope Diners’ Choice 2020 — New Restaurant of The Year award.

The ramen texture was soft yet firm to the bite, just amazing.

I was looking forward to explore the taste with Vinegar & Chilli Oil. However, the original taste was so good, I forgot about the sauces until the very last mouth. Little regret right there, which leads me to make my next reservation.

Can’t wait for my next visit!

Truffle & Wagyu Dry Ramen $20

Only available until 26 December 2020

I love it when they release special menu on jpassport like this. This time, they released a Festive Special Donburi which consisted of A5 Wagyu & Seared Toro.

Extremely fatty and rich in taste, blissful moment with their almost melt-in-your-mouth texture andbyou just want to slowly savour every moment.

A5 Wagyu x Seared Toro Don $39.80++

My bf said, “Taste like ocean”. I couldn’t agree more.

Consisting of these fresh ingredients:

This is item an from their Dinner Menu but I couldn’t resist to order it during lunch as well. I usually give it a light mix before eating to enjoy the bowlful of ocean goodness.

Swipe to see the Anago Nigiri that I would always claim for Free with 10 J Points. Perks of jpassport!

Ocean Delicacy Meshi $42.80

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Okay, guess the price for this? Uh-uh, no cheating. Guess first, price will be revealed at the bottom of this post.

The lunch here always leave me with a satisfied belly. Menu is slightly confusing so I would usually go with their weekly special or whatever special that day.

This bowl here contains:
Bara Chirashi
Prawn Sashimi
King Crab
Sushi Rice

Prawn was GIANT. I was seriously shocked by the size of the prawn, I could hardly hold the head with chopstick. The rest of the ingredients were fresh and satisfying, nothing that I did not enjoy here. The rice was decently portioned. Even the wasabi is good.

The meal comes with appetiser and drinks as well, I didn’t take photo but they were 👍🏻 Honestly, such a good deal.

$24.80 nett

First time trying pita & I was quite pleased by how puffy and slightly chewy it was.

Had Abu Kebab which was stuffed with the following:
Lamb & Beef Meatball

Plate are provided upon request but I enjoy eating with the pita in my hands. The next time I am there, perhaps I will try their Folded Cheeseburger.

Note that I went during off peak hour on a Friday, it was quite crowded.


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Apparently, I am not done talking about Meat Smith. 😃

Ordered delivery from them multiple times, really enjoying the $5 flat delivery fee. This time, I have decided to try their pulled pork burger.

Just look at the burger! It’s so packed with meat, topped with mustard and sandwiched between the pillowy bun. I love it so much!

Love a sinful Cheeseburger 🍔

A cheeseburger that just hits the right spot. I want to say more but I really can’t describe how much I love it.

Available for both dine-in & takeaway, delivery fee of just $5 for islandwide!

MS Cheeseburger $15++

Documenting food that I would eat again My friends use me as a food directory 👇🏻 30% off Beyond

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