Mapo Don

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Mapo Don - $10.80
Chen’s Mapo Tofu was awarded Michelin Bib Gourmand for 2019 / 2021. Upon tasting I can understand why. Ordered their Chen’s signature mapo tofu and savoury minced meat. I can’t take spice that well, so I only ordered spicy level 1, which has a nice level of kick. The dish is a balance of spicy, savoury and fragrant. The numbness will slowly kick in and it’s rather addictive! Go try it yourself
Chen’s Mapo Tofu

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Back again to Chen's Mapo Tofu for a revisit after 4 years!

And again, I couldnt decide on which items to get so we got the half half dan dan mian and mapo tofu don ($14). Also got a calamansi drink ($3) and fried veg and chicken gyozas ($5 for 3 piece) to complete the meal! The prices are nett with no further svc charge or gst!

I recalled that the mapo tofu was SUPER SPICY MALA , not the kind that our singaporean taste buds are used to. and yep, it is still as mala spicy, even at level 1 spiciness! It is not the sweet mapo tofu that we typically get at tze char stalls, but just super mala, is more spicy mala than the malaxiangguo! be warned, not kids-friendly unless your kid can take spice well!

The dan dan mian was also slightly spicy, but peanut taste of the sauce was more pronounced! Fried gyoza was good with the mayo dip given!

i must say the prices have increased quite alot. based on my review for the visit 4 years ago, the same half half set (comes with drink) was only $10.80! (Hehe my historical food reviews help provide me with such useful insights lol)

waaaa if you are someone that can’t handle spice; maybe you shd skip this or prep a drink to go w it HAHAHA

it’s nice but the spice slowly kicks in. this is only level 1 spice level

The mapo don is bomb, soup is bomb, even the veg is bomb too!!!! Would defo come back again

I think one of the effects of CB is that it makes you crave for food that is not easily found in your heartland neighbourhood.

Would love to have a bowl of steaming hot rice topped with the silk smooth tofu coupled with fiery red Szechuan chilli sauce!

📌Chen’s Mopo Tofu ・ Signature Combo (1/2 Mapo Don, Dan Dan Mien (dry) $12.8 China and Tonpolo Don Set $18.8 Brown Sugar Fresh Milk With Pearls $5.6 ・ ミシュラン2つ星の四川飯店3代目陳健太郎シェフが手掛ける、ミシュランビブグルマン2019を獲得したお店。 ずっと気になっていたけど行ったことがなかったお店の一つ。 Island-wideデリバリーをやっているではあ〜りませんか〜。 今がチャン〜ス!! 初めてなので、麻婆豆腐と坦々麺のコンボは外せない。 坦々麺はドライとスープから選べます。 麻婆豆腐は山椒がピリっと効いててクセになる味!こりゃうまい!! 坦々麺はお店で食べたら絶対もっと美味しいんだろうけど、デリバリーでも十分に美味しいのがわかる。 子供用には辛くない中華丼と豚の角煮丼のセットを。 そしてコラボ中のゴンチャのオーダーも忘れずに。 ゴンチャはデリバリーのみ対応です。 テイクアウトはできません。 サイズはLサイズのみ、シュガーレベルや氷の量は各ドリンクによって予め設定されていて変更はできません。 今回黒糖タピオカを頼んだんですが、タピオカが切れてるそうで代わりにホワイトパールを使ったものが届きました。 タピオカだと固くなっちゃうから冷蔵庫に入れられないけど、ホワイトパールなら一度で飲み切れなくても冷蔵庫に入れられるから返ってよかったかも。 デリバリーFeeは距離に寄るんですが、郊外の我が家までは$16。 しかーし!! 注文金額によって使えるクーポンがあって・・・ $◯以上の注文で$□ OFFというクーポンが4種類あるのですが、注文金額が$120を超えていたので、$80以上で使えるのと$40以上で使えるのにチェック入れてみたら、なんと2枚とも適用されて$18 OFFになり、デリバリーが無料になったどころか、さらに$2 OFFに。 すんごくお得にオーダーすることができました! オーダーはウェブサイトからできます。 (クーポンもウェブサイトからの注文で適用されます。) ピリっ!に飢えてる人におススメです。 詳細はブログにも書く予定ですので、気になる方は覗いてみてくださいね。 #chensmapotofu @chensmapotofu #陳健太郎 #bibgourmand2019 #michelinguidesg #シンガポールグルメ #シンガポール生活 #シンガポールライフ #シンガポール #シンガポール在住 #シンガポール旅行 #ビブグルマン #シンガポール観光 #singaporelife #travelsingapore #singaporetrip #sginstagram #igsg #visitsingapore #sgfood #sgeats #sgfoodies #burpple 【Michelin Bib Gourmand Singapore 2019 食べたお店リスト (リストに載ってる番号)】 1、4、12、15、25、26、28、30、32、50 計10店(残り48店) ミシュラン巡りはまだまだ続く。。。(笑) #みどミシュラン巡り隊 2020年も隊員募集中!  CB明けたら一緒に巡りましょう!

Initially, I was a little hesitant when I saw the menu as I’m not sure of their standard of spiciness. In any case, I shared the value meal with my colleague and ordered dry Dan Dan Mian of which the soup version on the menu looks spicy🔥
Though it’s a pity that the noodles aren’t cooked to al dente, I was glad that it was only a little spicy. Topping it off with crispy popcorn chicken just makes it perfect! Also had a nibble of the Mapo tofu and it’s legit SPICY🥵
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decided to change up my routine and get the eggplant don instead of my usual mapo tofu! It was decently good but I’m a little bummed about the lack of soup. The bowl of soup that usually accompanied the mapo tofu don was so good! Would stick to mapo tofu in future ✌🏼 ⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣

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At Chen’s their mapo tofu don ($8.80) isnt super bold and strong but somewhat mellower and subdued, so it was a surprise when i encountered a really sear-my-tongue off spicy one when i visited chen’s recently. Maybe it was a heavy-handed chef or just a tweak to a recipe but wew, it definitely packed a punch. That was said, it was still hella flavorful and paired really well with their japanese rice…Just be sure to have some water on standby.


Spice is a big thing here: i got the value set dry dandanmian, mapo rice bowl, sichuan popcorn chicken, and luohanguo herbal tea ($16.80 for those who wants the best of everything). The mapo tofu is the heat inducing kind of spice which takes some time to set in, making the rest non-spicy in contrast.

I would come back here for their soup dandan mian (more delish!) and wanton soup. Overall, queues are <5mins during lunch time. Fast kitchen service though i find slightly pricey for simple fare.

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