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Featuring Kok Sen Restaurant, Manzoku, Ramen Bari-Uma (Tanglin), Hatched (Holland Village), Nook & Cranny, Chikuwa Tei, The Coconut Club, Project Açaí (Holland Village), LUKA, Whampoa Makan Place Block 90
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Whenever I’m feeling nostalgic, I head down to Whampoa market.

Growing up, whampoa was the market of choice for my mom and despite the early mornings, I often tagged along.

One of my favourite haunts at the market is the the Teochew fishball noodles. It’s been there for years and evident by the snaking queues, has thankfully maintained their high standards.

Choose the $4 portion and you get a generous portion of noodles (I like a mix of yellow noodles and kway teow!) and a myriad of ingredients tossed in an aromatic blend of chili, onion oil and lard. Handmade fishcake and mini fish balls along with fresh shrimp take it to new heights. Truly comfort food at its finest #burpplemajulahmakan

There are some things that make you go why the heck didn’t I think of that?

The Har Cheong Pork Belly ($14) served at Holy Crab is one of those things that make you go “why the heck didn’t I think of that?”

A nutritionist's nightmare, thick slices of pork belly are marinated in prawn paste and deep fried to a supernal crisp. Ridiculously unhealthy but also potentially more addictive than crack. It was served with a chilli sauce x soy sauce mix but honestly, I preferred it on its own.

Thanks @burpple and holy crab for the invite and hospitality!

Amo, the 3 month old Italian restaurant concept by the ilLido Group is the latest restaurant to join good company at Hong Kong Street.

Check out the Tagliatelle with beef shank, mushrooms and orange salmoriglio sauce ($28). This was rustic italian. The noodles are thin and floppy, ephemeral but with enough of a pronounced bite to stand up to the long-simmered beef ragu. The sauce is thick, and a medley of flavours, coming from a dozen different directions. Thankfully they knit into a single, vibrant chord of beef, tomato and red wine. The richness is contrasted with the acidic salmoriglio which ultimately make it as nice as you imagine it to be.

When the queue for curry noodles at Hong Lim Food Center become unbearable, one of my go tos is the noodles from Ji Ji Wanton Noodles.

While there is a line, it moves briskly.

Not for the health conscious, the noodles are oily and come topped with parcels of deep fried wantons. However fat always equates to flavour right?? And this wonder bowl of noodles comes generously topped with braised chicken wings and slightly fatty char siu which add a punch of flavour. Their chili is quite potent, so be lightly less liberal with your “加辣椒” requests. #burpplemajulahmakan

Set in the cozy enclave within HilV2, iO is run by the same team behind Etna.

However unlike Etna’s posh setting, iO is more casual and laid back, perfect for a simple fuss free meal. However, don’t equate simplicity to lackadaisical. The food is hearty, comforting and delicious.

If you had to get one appetizer, I’d definitely recommend the porchetta. Coming in two sizes, (small is pictured, $9) the baked pork belly is stuffed with the aromatic wild fennel and served with spicy English mustard. The skin is crispy and the meat, delicious and well seasoned.

The only regret I had was that I didn’t order the larger portion😔

Garganelli with lamb ragout ($19).

If you can't decide what pasta to get at io Italian osteria, this is definitely a good choice.

Swimming in all sorts of deliciousness, the al dente pasta was hearty, super comforting and packed with flavor, perfect amidst the stormy weather yesterday.

They were a bit heavy handed with the parmesan but def not a big deal. Will definitely reorder it again👌

ABC Brickworks in Bukit Merah might be better known for their charsiu thanks to Fatty Cheong and Ah Er Soup which recently got featured in the Michelin bib gourmand but tucked in the middle is a purveyor of one of the best penang prawn noodles I’ve had in a long time.

The bowl at Jason Penang Cuisine was an affordable $6 and it came piping hot with tender fall off the bone pork ribs and fresh prawns, the soup was robust and full of flavor. Perfect for a rainy day like today.

There was hardly a line which was surprising as a queue is often a reliable indicator to good food.

I also spied the friendly uncle frying char kway teow over a roaring flame, definitely worth a revisit. #burppleMajulahMakan

Prized for its artisanal dark chocolate made with single origin cacao, the 80% dark chocolate ice cream that accompanied the fluffy waffles at the dark gallery was a true winner.

Rich without being not too overtly sweet, it was a perfect foil to the vanilla ice cream. That being said, I’ve read raving reviews about their chocolate rhapsody so that’s definitely something I’m eyeing to try next time.😋😋

Conveniently located at millennia walk, its definitely a good choice for dessert if you’re in the area.

We decided to forgo HDL for Da Miao hotpot last Friday when their response of a two hour waiting time never changed despite us already waiting for an hour.

While the experience at Da Miao definitely could not compare to HDL, at least we had food in our tummies.

One of my favourite things there however, was not the hot pot but their deep fried mantou that you can dunk in condensed milk. Fried fluffy dough pillows that you can greedily dredge in a pool of liquid heaven. In the spirit of all things communal at a hotpot joint, double dipping is greatly encouraged.

The idea is absurd but I wish ramen connoisseurship was a thing.

Sanpoutei is one of my favourite haunts in Holland village. While they’re popular for their shoyu ramen, a mainstay of niigata, I really really enjoy enjoy their tonkutsu. Definitely one of the hard-core bowls in town, the noodles are thick and slithery and the broth has been reduced to such a consistency I wondered if its part of their mission to imbue as much pork as possible into the bowl.

The eggs have the hue similar to a golden sun are flavorful and beautifully marinated. Served along thick slabs of pork, this definitely satisfies all kinds of cravings, and then some.

It can get pretty warm inside due to poor ventilation but it’s worthwhile trade off for entry into tonkutsu heaven.

There’s something magical at Maxwell Hawker Centre and its not the usual suspects of chicken rice and fish soup but beautiful smoky roast meats.

Fu Shun Roasted Meat Specialist has one of the best roast pork I’ve tried recently. Super crispy skin and a beautiful fat to meat ratio. The charsiu is also really really good. Beautifully caramelized with a sweet and smoky finish, the melt in the mouth factor was off the charts.

Shoutouts to @burpple for the great invite to the 2017 Singapore Hawker Spotlight!

Headed back out to the east today for some teochew meepok.

With the typical teochew confidence, the owner told me proudly the secret to his success freshness of his ingredients. I totally agree. The $6 portion came with shrimp was firm and sweet and his chili was fiery with that perfect amount of kick. If you aren't a fan of spice, they also do a nonspicy ketchup version.

Located in a small coffee shop, expect about a 20 minute wait for happiness.