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Featuring Kok Sen Restaurant, May May, Manzoku, Ramen Bari-Uma (Tanglin), Hatched (Holland Village), Chikuwa Tei, Project Açaí (Holland Village), The Coconut Club, Whampoa Makan Place Block 90, Osteria Art
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“The Beef Cheek ($35) is one my favourite mains here” said @merissagoh
"Really?” I thought.

Amongst all the mains, it looked the most ordinary on the menu.

However, a bite later forced me to eat my words. The super creamy mashed potato paired with the decadently soft and flavorful braised beef cheek accented by the slight bite from the lardons and root vegetables was an explosion of flavor and texture.

It was truly one of those dishes where you want to keep eating but you want to also eat slowly to prolong the amazing gastronomic experience.

The caveat is that you HAVE to order this to share because it gets quite rich after a while. But more people also equates to more dishes being order so that’s isn’t really a problem anymore….

Thanks to @burpple and @bistroduvin for the invite and wonderful dining experience.

The salted egg everything craze is slowly dying but these chicken drumlets ($12) at Supply and Demand are still very much on point.

Crispy wings slathered with a generous amount of sweet and savory salted egg sauce and tossed with crispy curry leaves. Perfect with a beer, if that's your sorta thing cause it ain't mineee haha

Y’know that sense of gratification when you’re really enjoying your meal and your picky dining partner (finally) agrees with your opinion haha.🙄🎉
I got the sampling platter which consisted of ½ portions of both hot and cold udon.

I really like them both but it was the latter that really stood out to me. Maybe it was a hot day but the coolness of the udon and the sauce combined really well together. I also enjoyed the silkiness and bite which was naturally missing in the hot variant.

Definitely a good choice if you’re craving something simple but delicious.

Not exactly sure why my two friends came to a ramen shop and decided to order rice...

That being said, it was actually quite nice, as was the ramen.

Actually felt the portion could've been slightly bigger but it's definitely one of the better ones in Singapore. Super rich stock and chewy noodles😋😋. A great alternative to keisuke if you don't feel like lining up.

The grilled clams in sherry wine is definitely something worth ordering when you're at FOC Sentosa.

Fresh and packed with flavour, this goes perfectly with the Sentosa relaxed beach vibe.. now if only I had some crusty bread...😋

Thanks @burpple for the invite and @foc_sentosa for hosting!

The Strawberry cheesecake from Amiral Atelier is really something worth craving for.

Finding the ideal balance between the dense richness of a New York cheese cake and the pillowy texture of the Japanese variant, its the type that satisfies the craving without leaving you feeling sick.

Personally I found the crust a bitttt sweet but I don't have a massive sweet tooth so it's probably just me, besides it's just a thin layer so it was really no issue. The rest of the cake on the other hand was done to Japanese precision😋😋😋

Thanks @becseu for the fabulous recommendation!🤗 will be back.

My go to Nasi Lemak has always been Selera at Adam Road but recently,the name Coconut Club has been creeping up stealthily as well.

Perhaps a lot of it is due to its name which instantly transports you clear waters and pina coladas but it also serves up a mean plate of Nasi Lemak.

While I felt the rice should be a tad more “Lemak”, it marries the intensity and heat of the sambal nicely. The chicken was also a highlight. It’s difficult to mess up fried chicken but its also equally tough to make it memorable. Thankfully, the good folks here have come up with a formidable blend of herbs and spices which has elevated the humble chicken to the realm of it being the talking point of the entire meal.

Whoever thought Queenways shopping center was just about sneakers needs to think again.

What's one way to make fried chicken even more satisfying? When you douse the whole thing with a super thick and flavorful curry gravy ($5.50)

Get the big portion because this is so worth breaking your diet for.

Newly opened Greek restaurant in the heart of Tiong Bahru!

The food is bakalaki is pretty fantastic but their service is even better. We ordered a seafood platter for 2 ($119) that came with crispy calamari, prawns, their signature grilled octopus and a 400g grilled fish.

While they we're really flavourful, the fish was unfortunately a little on the cold side. Not thinking much of it we finished the entire platter anyways. As we were finishing up, the owner came by and asked us how the food was. Upon finding out about the platter, he immediately waived it off the menu despite our vehement protests saying that feedback was more important.

Woooooo. and that guys is how you earn a repeat customer 😄

It’s hard to believe that its only Tuesday.

Take me back to weekends with this shakshuka ($19) from Nosh – Two baked eggs, with the yolks still wiggling and ready to flow with the merest suggestion of contact with my fork., red peppers and tomato sauce, generously sprinkled with goats cheese and topped with several eggplant fritters.

Tom yum banmian ($4); one of my choices for the ultimate comfort food, even during the blazing afternoons.

This stall at Holland Village is unique in sense as the owner adds evaporated milk to the broth. According to the affable uncle, this adds an element of richness and also tempers out the spiciness of the soup.

The soup is super flavorful and ingredients generous. The noodles are also springy and cooked just right.