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Word has it thatt he beef stock soup base purportedly comes from a gigantic pot which has been boiling for months with a fresh top up with new batch of bones, and other condiments on a daily basis. Truth or not, the soup is hella robust and full of flavor. The Australian beef used is simmered till it reaches the optimum melt in the mouth consistency while the noodles still retain a much welcomed texture.

To avoid the queues, come during off peak periods and you can get a seat almost instantly, otherwise you’re gonna wait for at least 15 minutes. #gastrologyintaipei

Like Haidilao and Beauty in a pot here, your chances of getting a walk-in table at Elixer are close to zero.

There’s only two types of broth, Mala and Soy. And trust me you wanna get both. Elixir prides itself on making soul comforting food. So you get none of that gut wrenching heat that mala is commonly associated with but a broth that’s super drinkable and addictive. The pork and chicken mala base came with potpourri of star anise, bay leaves, licorice, cayenne pepper, white sesame and wolfberry amongst others. The Tofu soup was invigorating thanks to a hodgepodge of fresh ginseng, nutmeg, jujube, burdock, pearl barley, oat, dangshen root, lotus seed, tsaoko. And while herbal soups are sometimes lost on me, this was sublime on a winter’s night, especially with the endless refill of complementary fried beancurd and pigs blood.

Service is impeccable here. At the end of every fulfilled requests, the waitresses bowed a full 90 degrees and at the end they told us if we would like to take the rest of the food away, they’d refill the broth with the original ingredients at no additional cost.

Amazing. #gastrologyintaipei

I daresay even better than Ahzong.

A literal hole in the wall in the Wanhua district in old Taipei, it was populated with locals with no tourists in sight.

The piping hot broth was more balanced and didn’t have such a strong bonito flavor as Ah Zong, but the noodles had a better bite and it came with over a dozen plump juicy oysters. They also serve up fresh basil as a topping which adds another twist to the experience.

If you’re not an oyster or intestine person, they also serve a plain version for 35 NTD whereas a regular bowl cost around 55NTD #gastrologyintaipei

Served with salty cured pig intestines, this gloopy dish comes with extremely silky noodles, and a strong bonito flavored gravy hits you like a train. Adding the condiments (pureed garlic, chili sauce, and vinegar) gives it a whole new dimension of flavor.

For 65 NTD, it’s the perfect way to warm up on cool winters day.

Placed on lighted platforns, the vivid contrast of colors are beautifully illuminated. Tbh, there are really quite the sight to behold.. but they also taste quite remarkably average.. definitely not anything life changing😅

Served in claypots of different sizes, this elixer of liquid gold is lovingly made with chicken and pork trotters for maximum collagen.

During lunch, they have sets for 500NTD where you get this soup, two meat choices and either rice or noodles. #gastrologyintaipei

the name sounds like it came about because the owners were out of ideas. But that's seriously the most appreciate name for this place.

The mushroom burger (210NTW) was ridiculously amazing. Thick, juicy all beef patty done to a perfect medium, sauteed buttered mushrooms dripping in it's juices topped with a slice of all American processed cheese encased in a toasted bun. The fries were also not a mere afterthought as they stayed crispy throughout the meal

A little trek from City Hall station, this hole in the wall joint totally lives up to it's name and is a MUST visit in Taipei #gastrologyintaipei

Their sashini moriwase ($142 for 4) is pretty damn good as well.

4 slices of 7 different types (Canadian Aka Uni, hirame, salmon belly, otoro, hamaji belly, tai, shima aji) of raw fish sourced from various oceans in the world made it a dish to remember.

While pricey, it's also absolutely bang on amazing.

Canadian Aka uni, Tobiko roe and Tamago mixed in their secret sauce is served on top of a shredded snow crab and cucumber sushi roll. The ratio of rice to topping was ridic and left me sighing contently multiple times.

Shoutouts to @burpple and @theprsalon for the love and hospitality

At 3 week old uni gallery, seafood generally comes every 2 days so you can be sure you're getting the best stuff.

Protip: come during lunch cause a portion this size only costs $28.90. 😳😳😳 if that isnt ridiculously value for money, I don't know what is.

Massive love to @burpple and Frederic from @theprsalon for the invitation and hospitality

Oven baked to perfection, these were well seasoned and not dry at all. The rosemary perfumed the chicken and lent a aroma that only sought to whet the appetite •
A simple yet delicious starter, this is proof that sometimes happiness can be so easily attained :)

This was a hosted eatup courtesy of @burpple and @peperonipizzeria