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Served with radish, ponzu and a wedge of lemon, the hamachi kama is one of my favorite things to order at a Japanese restaurant. And this didn't disappoint. It was nicely charred and the meat was sweet, tender and full of rich flavor.

An exercise in patience, this requires some dexterity with chopsticks, otherwise you can be brash and use your hands.

The middle tier out of the three different chirashis, the chirashi kou ($35) was well enjoyed. Vinegared sushi rice comes topped with two to three slices of relatively premium ingredients, think swordfish, scallops, shrimp, salmon, fatty tuna and fish roe •
Aside from the swordfish which were roughly sliced, The fish was fresh and there was a near perfect ratio of toppings to rice. I do wish the portions were a wee bit bigger, but all in all, worth coming back.

He also pretty much summed up this amazing bowl of Nagoya style mazesoba ($12.80) with his review. Chewy al dente ramen topped with tasty minced pork as well as a bed of spring onions so generous doctors would be proud.

While it reminded me of Taiwanese zhajiang mian, it was taken to another level with the addition of an onsen egg. The egg yolk blended and binded all the flavors together nicely leading to a very nice alternative to the usual soupy ramen.

Those #foreverbulking have the option of upsizing the noodles but the standard amount was perfect for me.

With the base already filled with the traditional ice kachang ingredients, its taken to another level with the topped red beans, a generous dusting of milo powder, gula melaka and chocolate sauce.

I’d rather have their cheng tng which comes with a chockful of ingredients, but if you really want to try this, please have it to share to avoid bouncing off the walls for hours to come. #burppletiongbahrumarket

Their miso sesame brittle is a great mix of sweet and salty. Unlike salted caramel which are both very intense on the flavor spectrum, the miso lends a very mild contrast to the sweet, nutty sesame. Also love the specks of seeds scattered throughout the ice cream.

The pasta was cooked well with just the right amount of bite and was generously served with a copious amount fresh crab meat. The chili sauce was flavorful and came with a pretty spicy kick.

I would've ideally preferred the pasta to be a tagliatelle or fettuccine to allow a greater surface area for the sauce but it's still something I would order again when I next visit.

Thanks @burpple for the invite and @nassimhillbakery for the hospitality!!

One bite of it and you can understand why.

Everything seems to be a cut above the rest. The rice cake seems bouncier but isn’t too starchy, the chye por (preserved turnip) is sinfully oily, smells super fragrant and tastes really appetizing. And the chili has a great kick but doesn’t leave you gasping for air and grasping for water.

The lines can be long but its most definitely worth the wait. #burppletiongbahrumarket

Crispy yet chewy, fluffy yet substantial, these are a great way to end any meal. Their vanilla ice cream is also very much on point, with specks of vanilla swirled in.

This was a eat up courtesy of @burpple and @nassimhillbakery

but does it come #burpproved?

Hmm. Okay lah haha. Their USP are the shark nuggets that are generously scattered across the bowl but.. they tasted like normal fish nuggets? but maybe that’s cause I wasn’t sure what to expect. I also felt that because the shark nuggets are meant to steal the show, the other ingredients were also of a so-so quality. It was still a decent bowl of Lor Mee although it’s not something I’d line up 15 minutes for.

Note that only the $4 portion gets you shark nuggets. And this cost 5 dollars #burppletiongbahrumarket

After going through a dozen dishes (literally), there were many who thoroughly enjoyed the assorted fishballs from Tiong Bahru Fishballs (#02-20), myself included.

Costing from 50 cents to $4 and founded since 1962, the Teochew hawkers use fresh Ikan Parang (Wolf Herring) in their fish paste and you can immediately tell that it’s not just some run of the mill factory made fish balls. Everything was fried on the spot, served steaming hot and you don’t have any “re-used oil” fragrance. They served a piquant chili sauce as an accompaniment, however, I personally preferred having it on its own.

While obviously not the most balanced thing to have as a meal, it’s a great snack when feeling peckish. #burppletiongbahrumarket

The good folks at Zhong Yu Yuan Wei Wanton Noodles at Tiong Bahru market serve up wanton noodles ($6 or $11) with fat slices of this prized cut. It’s so popular that it’s generally about a 30 minute line up and wait to get your noodles (thanks @gigglesandjiggles !!

I've been wanting to visit tea lounge at @regentsingapore for the LONGEST time and I'm finally glad I did.

Not only was the company great, the king prawn scallop congee served at the weekend high tea buffet ($61) was the bomb diggity.

Entirely homemade, the porridge had an incredible seafood flavor, and reined in nicely with the addition of Goji berries. Each serving comes with an entire meaty king prawn and several pieces of fresh scallops. So good that I had multiple bowls. 🤤