Back again to Chen's Mapo Tofu for a revisit after 4 years!

And again, I couldnt decide on which items to get so we got the half half dan dan mian and mapo tofu don ($14). Also got a calamansi drink ($3) and fried veg and chicken gyozas ($5 for 3 piece) to complete the meal! The prices are nett with no further svc charge or gst!

I recalled that the mapo tofu was SUPER SPICY MALA , not the kind that our singaporean taste buds are used to. and yep, it is still as mala spicy, even at level 1 spiciness! It is not the sweet mapo tofu that we typically get at tze char stalls, but just super mala, is more spicy mala than the malaxiangguo! be warned, not kids-friendly unless your kid can take spice well!

The dan dan mian was also slightly spicy, but peanut taste of the sauce was more pronounced! Fried gyoza was good with the mayo dip given!

i must say the prices have increased quite alot. based on my review for the visit 4 years ago, the same half half set (comes with drink) was only $10.80! (Hehe my historical food reviews help provide me with such useful insights lol)