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the prawns were so good!!! super fresh and the shell had this subtle sweet and charred taste to it.


first time at this hotpot joint.
we tried 3 different soup bases - tomato, pork bone and the mala.

overall, food was not bad for its quality and pricing. majority liked the frog leg, beef cubes and the pork belly. the tomato and pork bone soup can be drank but the mala soup base was way too oily to be drank. we only used it to cook the ingredients
6 pax around $240

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too little ingredients for $10
taste wise, there’s a slightly ‘ma’ taste to it

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Even though this was taken away, the texture of the SJB wasn’t compromised greatly. the base of it still had that burnt crispy crunch while the meat inside remained juicy. no weird pork taste too.

XLB was not bad, normal la

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my fave appetizer!!!
tofu was super soft with a thinly battered coating on the surface. you can’t stop at one

portion of the peking duck was q a lot. the unique thing about this restaurant is that they serve 5 different kind of sauces - seafood, black pepper, original, sth with wasabi and can’t rmb the last one. even the wraps came in diff colours and flavours but i honestly couldn’t taste the diff between them. this dish also came with this crispy beancurd roll which you are supposed to wrap it tgt w the peking duck for that extra crunch. not bad!

oh and with the remaining duck meat, we choose to fry it with the salt and pepper. nicee

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Fried rice was damn nice !! went for several servings. v little hint of spice.

Salted egg yolk fish was good too. wanted sweet sour fish initially but they said that it’s no longer on their menu

felt that their quality improved?? not too sure about their porridge as we ordered everything other than their porridge and every dish was good. even their claypot chicken rice was shiok

service was prompt and portions were huge.
gravy was thick enough and coated the fish well.
oh ya and the watery egg flows when being cut into!
love the addition of the cracker that helps cuts through the jerlatness

the mala stall launched a new item recently which is the fish in various gravy such as lemon, tomato, green chilli etc.

we went w the tomato one which came w a bowl
of rice as well. priced at 8.80, i think this was pretty good. didn’t know that we could add ingredients to it… shall take note next time.

the tomato gravy had a tangy flavour to it which super kai wei.

mala was pretty good as well. now their meat and veggies are priced the same.


pork chop was tender and well marinated. fried rice had a subtle wok hey to it. portion big enough for 2!!

uhm where’s the truffle ?!?
seems pretty non existent.

had quite high hopes for this dish since i love truffle but sad to say, this was pretty bland and one dimensional


Went to the newly opened Fufu pot located at plaza sing!!

Love that it’s a single pot concept so individuals can also satisfy their hot pot cravings.

There’s a total of 8 soup bases to choose from, of which the white curry, army stew and collagen were the ones i’m drawn towards. Each pot is pre customized with a set of ingredients and you can choose to add on additional.

The collagen soup was pretty tasty, with the saltiness expected from the broth. Ingredients wise, there were seafood - clams, prawns, scallops, some pork, vegetables and shrimp bf pork balls. Overall, it was a satisfying meal.

c n

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i love pastas and pizzas!

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