Medium Bowl

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2 scoops of poke, 4 add-ons and 1 base. A poke bowl of standard with fresh ingredients. Spicy salmon has kick. Would return again to try the other poke variations. Has #entertainer 1-1, #shopbackgo #favepay and #grabpay

1-1 DIY medium bowls using entertainer app. Great steal! Got to love the spicy salmon for that kick! Slightly disappointed that they do not offer sushi rice for base. Instead you can opt of brown rice, white rice, salad only or soba (with top up).

Some fun toppings made it pretty enjoyable like roasted pumpkin, inari strips!

Very much prefer Poke theory still for the options to get quinoa, better tasting rice and lastly the unlimited free toppings!!!!!

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I’m not a big fan of poke as some of the poke bowls I had in the past were too ‘salady’ for my liking, but the selection of ingredients at Poke Doke turned out to be pretty good and varied:)! I ordered the medium bowl ($14.90) which consists of 2 scoops of poke with 4 add-ons. I chose soba (+$1.50), original salmon and shitake tofu, beancurd skin, chuka wakame (Japanese seaweed), cherry tomato and roasted pumpkin.

The salmon was fresh and tasty. The shitake tofu was a little salty, so I will probably try another poke like tuna to go with the salmon next time. The add-ons complemented the poke well, especially the sweet beancurd skin (like the one used in inari sushi) and chuka wakame which added a nice Asian flavour to the Hawaiian poke. Overall, Poke Doke is generous in portion and the ingredients are fresh, tasty and refreshing - wouldn’t mind coming back again when I need a poke fix.

Medium Bowl - $14.90
2 Scoop of Poke & 4 add-ons
Picked Salad as base, Poke: Original Salmon + Seasonal Poke (Thai Chilli Cuttlefish). Added carrot, edamame, roasted pumpkins and flying fly roes. Definitely a tasty bowl, great for office ladies whom want to have a healthier meal
Poke Doke

I’m attracted to the Medium bowl (S$14.90) for the mere reason of having both salmon and tuna in my bowl. Other than that, there are also options to the carbohydrates and four other add-on ingredients to be added into the bowl, with some default greens lining the base.

To me, Poké bowls are just way better than conventional salads because of the chunks of marinated raw fish that “substitutes” the usual grilled seafood or poultry variances. However, if I have another chance to choose my Pokés (what they call the meats), I will most likely not choose the Original flavours, for the Shoyu sauce does gather at the base of the bowl, making the finishing mouthfuls a salty experience.


Had the medium bowl with 2 poke toppings- original salmon and wasabi tuna and 4 other assorted toppings. Love the fresh cuts of fish that was well marinated.
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2nd visit and the portion never disappoints! Medium bowl ($14.90 nett) comes with 1 Base + salad, 2 proteins and 4 toppings. Choose a premium topping like avocado, onsen egg or seasoned jellyfish @ $1.50.


Sit by and enjoy. In search for the best Poke Bowl. But anything with Salmon is good for me, its hard to make a comparison. I had the medium bowl (choice of 2poke and 4 toppings) with wasabi salmon and original soy salmon. 👍🏻4/5
✖️not much variety
✔️ i like the wasabi salmon, the spicy salmon and original 💲Damage: $14.90/ medium bowl

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😬 Always in the mood for a poké bowl.

Poke Doke's bowls come in 3 sizes ($12.50/$14.90/$18.90) - the only difference being the number of scoops of poké. Over a base of salad, I opted for the Medium bowl which gets me 2 scoops of poké and the standard of 4 add ons. I went with the spicy salmon and a seasonal poké for the day: mentai miso shrimp.

The poké was chunky but unfortunately not very generous scoops. Having said that, it was very nicely seasoned. The shrimp in particular had super umami powers and I wished there was more of it.


Located just in front of Starbucks, the newly opened Poke Doke has a minimalist layout. My first poke bowl and it was a pleasant experience! A medium bowl (comes with 1 base, 2 proteins and 4 toppings) is just right for a satisfying meal. I added a premium topping ($1.50) for the avocado. With the opening promotion, I only paid $12.30 (U.P $16.40) for this bowlful of wonders! Go for the wasabi tuna, it gives you a little kick.

As it is their opening week, Poke Doke is having a very value-for-money promotion! First 50 bowls each day are entitled to 25% discount and thereafter 15% off all day! Promotion is only until 12 Feb. If you are unsure of the different flavours, the friendly owners would offer to let you sample the various proteins available.