Wagyu Beef Don

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Having read some good reviews, I decided to have lunch at DON and try this monstrosity of a rice bowl. Upon reaching, however, I realized that the price had since been raised from $28.90 to $38. Nevertheless, hungry and excited, I proceeded to order it and was told there was an expected waiting time of about 15-20 minutes.

Presentation wise, this humongous bowl would make a pretty addition to your aesthetic Instagram feed. The plethora of ingredients atop a generous bed of Japanese rice included:
- Thai green curry chicken & Garlic parm chicken 🐓: basically just (deep fried) karaage tossed in different sauces.
- Wagyu beef 🥩: thinly sliced and blowtorched, nothing spectacular
- Tempura 🍤: a light crispy batter encapsulating prawns, enoki mushrooms, long beans and soft-shell crab. Was not coated with any salted egg powder.
- Mentaiko salmon 🐟: was soft although slight fishy, blanketed in a mentaiko mayo that had a good char.
- Iberico pork belly 🐖: melt-in-the-mouth with crispy skin, arguably the best thing in this don.
- Sous vide egg 🥚: mix into the rice for best mouthfeel.

Overall, the Kyodai Don was palatable but not mind-blowing. It lacked depth of flavor and at $38 (from a previous $28), didn’t seem like value-for money.

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Beef was tender but not the most flavorful. Egg was runny, but not sure if the white is cooked enough. Like the pickles 3.75/5

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Back here over a year later; was unimpressed with their Wagyu Beef Don so I decided to settle for something else this time - the Iberico Pork Belly Don ($8.90).

The dish definitely stole my heart all thanks to the fatty pork belly that's not only super tender but pretty savoury as well! The sous vide egg is perfect with a beautiful lava yolk and the rice is drenched in a sauce that adds a nice touch of flavour to the dish overall, along with the pickled veggies and furikake.

There might still be one or two other dishes from here that I'm tempted to try, but to have this again next time would be even more tempting... 🤤


Located inside the coffee shop at 30 Foch Road. This place sell different kind of rice bowls at affordable price.


Wagyu beef + mentaiko salmon + Sio bak + Parmesan chicken + Korean chicken + sous vid egg😍


Kyudai Don ($28.90)

A voluminous bowl of rice topped with an onsen egg and six different ingredients - namely the Mentaiko Salmon, Wagyu Beef, Garlic Parmesan Chicken, Dak Gang Jeong, Sio Bak and Salted Egg Tempura. My favourite out of all has got to be the sous vide salmon! It was moist and flaky, and when paired with the torched mentaiko sauce, it simply melted in my mouth 🤤 The other ingredients did not pale in comparison as well, as all of them packed a punch and were incredibly tasty! My least favourite has got to be the salted egg tempura though; the vegetables (eggplant, enoki mushrooms, okra and sweet potato) were nicely fried in the tempura batter. However, the salted egg powder which was used to coat these tempura was not strong and flavourful enough and hence the tempura tasted a little boring on its own. It would have been ideal if they were to provide a dipping sauce for the tempura too.

This humongous sized bowl of don is good for sharing among two to four people. Overall, I would say that it is worth every single cent as not only is the portion generous, it's quality food that you're getting at a coffeeshop! 🙌🏼😋

Super cheap and good bowl of don located near Jalan Besar. The egg was perfect and the wagyu was tender and flavorful. All for just $12.90! Mentaiko salmon don was delicious as well and it doesn't have the fishy taste at all. (Coming from someone who absolutely hates fish)

Also tried the garlic parmesan chicken and literally no regrets! Chicken is crispy and juicy and generously coated with garlic and parmesan powder. Decent portion for only $6.

Will definitely be back to try the massive Kyodai Don!


Tried two stalls at one go. Ordered the fried porridge for 2 pax ($6) from Royal J's Seafood. It's my first time trying fried porridge. I liked that it was laced with tasty ingredients like shredded cuttlefish, diced yam, fried shallots and crispy pork lards with a certain amount of wok hei flavor in the porridge. Ordered the Wagyu Beef Don ($12.90) and Dragon Fries ($6) from Don which is just next to Royal J. I felt that the beef slices were slightly over cooked and was quite disappointed. Enjoyed the Dragon Fries which were charcoal fries served with truffle flakes. Would like to come back again and give the Mentaiko Salmon Don a try.

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~ The beef is Tender and chewy but needs more exterior Charredness $12.80 ~ next is the DRAGON fries ~ with Shredded Cheddar and dipped with Mayo and Truffle oil , love the Unique Black and White Presentation , Improvements would be awesome !! Will be back for more Tempuras ~Do try the Salmon Mentaiko Don too !! rating 4.1/5 #wagyu #beef #japanesefood #foodie #don #foodporn #dragonfries #yummy #burple