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Spring court is one of the oldest restaurant in Singapore. It first opened in 1929 at great world amusement Park, back then, it was called "Wing Chun Yuen". A nostalgic place to bring the parents.

* Please remember to make a reservation, I came here the Sunday before and it was full house.

Burrple 1for1: take note 1for1 is only for meat/poultry, soup, vegetables

Popiah here is damn ex. But plenty of liao inside. Popiah is not included in the 1for1.


Spring Court Traditional Popiah

Being the oldest family run Chinese restaurant in 🇸🇬, @springcourtsg 詠春园 has been around since 1929! In collaboration with their 92nd Anniversary Celebration, we are giving away 2X $100 dining voucher to our followers. YAYYY!

Featured are the dishes we enjoyed that night...
👉Roasted Whole Suckling Pig
👉Roasted Chicken Stuffed with Minced Prawns
👉Crispy Roasted Duck
👉Yam Ring with Mixed Vegetables and Prawns
👉Spring Court Hokkien Style Popiah
👉Cold Cut Platter
👉Stir Fried Mee Sua with Seafood
👉Braised Chinese Cabbage with Dried Scallops
👉Double Boiled Chicken Soup with Cordyceps & Conches
👉Lamb Brisket in Claypot

It was truly an unforgettable dining experience... Try it to believe it.

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Do check out their website for their latest promotion.
🎉Celebrating 92nd Anniversary Promotions
🎉Year-long Citibank Promotions Complimentary $50 Return Voucher
🎉April Promo* Buy 1 get 1 FREE Selected Mains
🎉May Promo* 56% discount OFF Roasted Boneless Whole Duck
🎉June Promo* 56% discount OFF Coffee Pork Ribs
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💌Thanks @laoniangagency for the awesome invite and Renee @springcourtsg for having me!

📍Spring Court
52-56 Upper Cross Street, S058348
Opening Hours: Daily (11AM - 3PM, 6PM - 10.30PM)


Yeah it's pretty big, about double the size of normal. It tastes quite different from the norm and is a bit more satisfying with the addition of some kind of protein. Do ask for it to be spicy

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This is done Fujian style, and is large enough to rival a burrito in size.
The medium thick dough wrapper of the popiah is generously filled with fresh ingredients, including lettuce, jicama braised in seafood stock, shrimp, egg, string beans, dried tofu beancurd strips, and flaked wolf-herring fish.
Has a light crunchy chewy texture, with lovely fresh vegetal sweet savoury flavour.
Probably the priciest, but also the most hefty, filling, and extravagant popiah version in Singapore.
Spring Court Restaurant
More details in profile & blog

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Ordered the signature dishes Traditional Popiah ($7.80), Stir Fried Hor Fun with Omelette and Prawns ($22) and Roasted Chicken Stuffed With Minced Prawns ($24 for half). The popiah is a thick fat roll busting with fresh ingredients and is amongst the best I have tasted. The popiah is freshly prepared at a kiosk near the cashier. The hor fun is a unique rendition of the traditional stir fried flat rice noodle dish with the omelette piled atop and served with crunchy prawns. I thoroughly relished the chicken dish which was flattened and roasted till it is crispy. The minced prawns at the bottom of the chicken added to the flavour quotient of the entire dish. I would definitely order this dish again at Spring Court. Oh and the popiah too.

Currently with their instagram promo, these are buy one get one free. The popiah was very full and unlike others, this is like 2X the size ! As a popiah lover , i can vouch for this!! Not too dry and very shiok to eat. Available for dinner too

This is the founder's heirloom dish, which came at a price tag of $7.50. The popiah counter is located at level 1, which allows us to watch the making! A very generous amount of fillings are included in the roll, and the aunty doesn't seem to care about the looks of this popiah but just want to put in as much ingredients as she can!! You can taste the crunchy peanuts, sweetness of the prawns & juicy turnips. I would recommend the non-spicy one as the chilli had a kick but took away the taste of the popiah.


Popiah Good. People Gobbled.