Leek, Hazelnut & Brown Butter

$18.00 · 15 Reviews

Never tasted leek this beautifully charred before and the element of hazelnut + black truffle just adds more texture and crunch to this dish. You can omit the truffle for a lower price tag :)

I vote this the sexiest egg you can slide into your mouth in one fluid movement.
Let’s break it down à la the slow-mo sequences in John Woo movies:
First,, it stuns with some serious come-hither power. You simply can’t look away from those glistening, glossy tan and black curves.
As it is transported up on its sleek silver eggmobile, anticipation builds, reaching screaming pitch when you feel the cold steel graze your lips.
In slides the whole petite perfection. A split second later, your senses hit the roof.
While the caviar’s cold, tiny balloons of briny creaminess pop, the warm egg explodes. Out gushes thick liquid richness perfumed with an intense smokiness. This simultaneous act is the climax. It’s understandable if you let slip small (or not-so-small) sounds of pleasure.


Midway through dinner the other day, and the immediate response to my IG Stories from Veronica and Marvin was "Have you ordered the leek?"

All I can say is THANK YOU for the heads up! 😛Beautifully charred and moist, you get layers upon layers of that soft leek. And dat brown butter sauce, holy shizzzzz! It's a little sweet, which took a bit of getting used to but hot damn, when you hit the salted parts... You know what, just get this! 😉


Leek ($16)
This otherwise seemingly uninteresting dish on @burntends_sg ‘s menu came strongly recommended so we added this midway pronto! Yet another sensational dish. The leak is first cooked in their charcoal oven till completely burnt on the outside but wow, once peeled open, you get this really moist and soft leek drizzled generously with brown butter sauce and topped with roasted hazelnuts. Everything was perfect and I loved the crunch and aroma of those hazelnuts.


Such a simple sounding dish, but once you take your first bite... you know that this dish has been iterated over and over again for it to get to this point. The brown butter sauce is simply amazing and so rich that it elevates the simple leek along with the perfect crunch of the roasted hazelnuts. Simply divine!


Even though the truffle taste wasn't strong enough and tasted more like bonito flakes, this is a plate of greens I'd happily devour.

Grilled to a complete black before stripping down its outer layer to unveil the juicy insides of the leek, you can't miss this at Burnt Ends. The leek is then drenched with a warm brown butter sauce and hazelnuts, for a buttery, sweet and crunchy taste experience!


Amazingly rich. Hazelnuts soaked in brown butter led to such a flavourful, nutty sauce! Every mouthful was accompanied by such a fragrant whiff of creamy butter that I couldn't stop complimenting the dish!!!

"Eat your vegetables", my mum always said, and this is a plate of greens I'd happily devour (in small portions).

A stalk of grilled till tender leek, its tips attaining that desirably slightly charred finish, is doused in brown butter and topped with coarsely chopped hazelnut.

The first few mouthfuls are enjoyable but subsequent bites get a little too oily and salty for my liking.

Taste: 3/5