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For when you have spare cash to burn during special occasions ... or when you simply have too much money
Alicia Ho
Alicia Ho

Chef Angus Wagyu Sando has to be the highlight of the meal (since it's the most expensive one lol) and for good reason. The soft and buttery slab of wagyu beef is packed between 2 lightly toasted/fried slices of bread, topped with caviar before being showered with gold dust. Very boujee but thought it was lacking a little in terms of flavour.

Special shoutout to the Uni Chirashi which had me going gaga over. Despite how simple the components were, this was pretty exceptional and I wouldn't mind ordering it ala carte. Needless to say, I had an enjoyable time here though things were generally pretty fast paced. Given the quality of the seafood and the price point, I simply have no complaints and would recommend everyone to pay them a visit!

Have been wanting to give Kaunta a try but never found the time to, so I was really looking forward to my meal here when I finally made a reservation. The lunch sets here are extremely affordable and value for money, going for as low as $60. I went for the mid tier set as it was the only one with Uni chirashi which I was craving for. The sushis and sashimis here are mostly aged, which gives off more flavours as compared to the usual fare at the other omakase restaurants near the hood. Here’s what I had:

> Sakura Ebi Salad
> Meijina (small scale black fish)
> Ishigakidai (spotted knifejaw seabream)
> Houbou (blue sea robin fish)
> Sumi Ika (spineless squid)
> Mikan Tai (orange seabream)
> Chutoro (tuna belly)
> Hotate (scallops)
> Uni Chirashi
> Miso Soup
> Yuzu Sorbet

The star of the night has got to be their Florentina, a 900g T-bone charcoal grilled to a thrilling shade of rust and brown and placed on the table for us to worship. It's sliced up neatly and seasoned well - basically quality steak with tension and flavour. On top of the complimentary sauces, we also opt for the black truffle sauce and I love how buttery it was. The truffle was well balanced, nothing too overwhelming to cover the taste of the meat. We also got Brussel Sprouts and Mushrooms to pair with the steak. The brussel sprouts along with the smoked bacon and whole grain mustard was absolutely lovely!

Service here is impeccable, with the staff Iskandar being really thoughtful. He noticed I was cold and asked if I would like a shawl which was really sweet of him. Food wise, while it was good, it wasn't mind blowingly good though it still makes for a nice meal for a fancy occasion.

The Pan Seared Scallops with tomato jam and artichoke was pretty decent too! Fresh, fat scallops sitting upon some mint salsa verde which gave off the slightest herbaceous scent. My only qualm was that the scallops could be a tad softer though.

Started the meal with some Wagyu Steak Tartare, which comes with anchovies, quail egg yolk and fried capers, along with potato chips accompanying it. Gave it a good mix before using the chips as a shovel to scoop some tartare right into my eager mouth. It was a perfect blend of flavours and texture and I don't mind getting seconds for this!

Saw pretty outstanding reviews for this chic Italian restaurant and decided to give their Florentine style steaks a try. Restaurant's decor was right up my alley - the dimly lit, dark wood and leather chairs gives off a classy ambience which sets some expectations for their steak.

While waiting for our food, we munch on the bread served with what tastes like sundried tomato pesto sauce. It was a dollop of punchy loveliness and I tore apart the bread, trying to coat all surfaces with the sauce. Needless to say, it has worked up my appetite.

As a staunch fan of Japanese cuisine, I have found yet another place worthy of the calories I'm gaining and money I'm spending. Offering fine Japanese food at a steal, their lunch menu is extremely worth it - $100 for their Sushi & Sashimi Course which includes:

> Starter
> Chawanmushi
> Sashimi (Mackerel, Yellow Jack, Snapper, Octopus, Chutoro)
> 6 Piece Sushi Platter (Grouper, Snapper, Kapachi, Shimaji, Barracuda, Cuttlefish)
> Ikura & Uni Rice Bowl
> Negitoro Roll
> Miso Soup
> Dessert

Highlight of the day definitely have got to be the Ikura & Uni Rice bowl, basically my favourite ingredients drowning my rice though I would prefer if they gave a bigger bowl 😂 Place was quiet (as it should be) and I got the counter seats where I could see the master in action. Would come back again if there's an easier way of coming into apart from cabbing.

Ended the meal with a nice sorbet platter to clear our palates and to calm our nerves when we saw the bill amounted to ~$400. Splendid meal indeed, but I won't go back any time soon, unless my angbao money is decent 😨

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The sides are what you'd get at a typical American steakhouse. We ordered the Onion Rings and Lobster Mac & Cheese which were both good but nothing to shout about. Also, considering the price, it's something I could do without.

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Then came the star of the day - Porterhouse for 2. The steak arrived in a sizzling hot plate, where the oil was still happily bubbling away and we were warned not to touch the plate. Grilled to a thrilling shade of rust and brown, the steak is placed on the table for us to worship (hahaha I kid). I took a couple of quick shots while the staff patiently waited for me before she proceeded to place 2 pieces on my plate, all while describing their cut. Featuring the meatier loin and ridiculously soft tenderloin, it's clear which is my favourite. My knife easily sliced through the tenderloin like how butter would, evident of its tenderness and succulence. The pool of oil/butter went exceedingly well with the beef when the waiter spooned a couple of drops over it, enhancing the depths of its flavour.

Up next was their Lobster Bisque, which they have kindly offered to help us divide the portion accordingly. Upon serving, you can see how they have artfully and strategically placed bits of the lobster in the centre of the bowl, basking in the velvety goodness. Every bit rich and flavorful, they got the consistency right - neither too thick nor too watery, with every mouth of it seemingly gliding down your throat.

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