I vote this the sexiest egg you can slide into your mouth in one fluid movement.
Let’s break it down à la the slow-mo sequences in John Woo movies:
First,, it stuns with some serious come-hither power. You simply can’t look away from those glistening, glossy tan and black curves.
As it is transported up on its sleek silver eggmobile, anticipation builds, reaching screaming pitch when you feel the cold steel graze your lips.
In slides the whole petite perfection. A split second later, your senses hit the roof.
While the caviar’s cold, tiny balloons of briny creaminess pop, the warm egg explodes. Out gushes thick liquid richness perfumed with an intense smokiness. This simultaneous act is the climax. It’s understandable if you let slip small (or not-so-small) sounds of pleasure.