Swedish Meatballs

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Meatballs are always better in bulk. Lol. Thanks to the colleague who bought this!

Ask them for how many meatballs they can give you. The menu only listed 16 and 20 meatballs, but they managed to give me a plate with just 12. The meatballs and covered in gravy, with lingonberry jam, mashed potatoes and broccoli on the side. The meatballs are meaty and soft. Quite fatty to be honest, I prefer leaner, firmer meatballs, so might try the plant balls next time!

Ever since I have been working nearby, I have been wanting to at least try once their salmon and meatball. However, before I could do so, the Circuit Breaker hits and IKEA restaurant was closed for more than 2 months.

Finally when they announced they would be opened on the 29 Jun, I was elated to open one month before my work contract end. I went on a weekday lunch so it wasn't crowded but still have some people there.

I ordered their Meatball which is what most people buy and their Salmon which I have never tried before.

The Salmon fillet is served with potato patty and broccoli. The potato patty is mixed with broccoli which is a unique combination and taste good. However, the broccoli taste mushy. The portion of the Salmon is big too. I would say it is not bad for a family restaurant and it is at an affordable price of $9.90.

Next, I had the 16pcs Swedish Meatballs ($12.50) (2 main dish for myself cause I'm damn hungry haha). The meatball chewy and moist. However, I think it is just alright and I wouldn't come IKEA just for their meatball.

Overall, I feel that being a canteen style family restaurant, it is very good and hope that they introduce more item back in the menu for me to try before my work contract end.

When coming to IKEA for a meal, these are your staple must try dishes.

These will never go wrong here. The chicken wings are huge and crispy.

Meatballs texture is just right.

And don't forget about the free flow drinks. Drink to your hearts desire.

Swedish Meatballs (12pc $8.5)
Tbe famous swedish meatballs, there's not much I can say reallly about thid since most would know how it tastes like. the meatballs is good, a bit chewy and soft. But the attract point is their mushroom sauce, it's soo good! They also give some raspberry/strawberry jam, not sure what it is, but I don't know why they add it. It doesn't match anything on my plate, the taste itself is unique and clash with everything else. Maybe it will be better to add the jam to plain white bread, and not on meatballs!

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Mildly sourish tomato base sauce poured over penne pasta cooked al dente and topped it off with swedish meatballs. Meatball is juicy and tender as before but smaller in size.

Standard is very consistent!! Absolute love IKEA wings and meatballs

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My must have whenever we visit IKEA for furniture shopping!